Monday, January 1, 2018

Amway Ambot New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s hits and all of a sudden we're getting a ton of people showing up here after googling “Freedom flush that stinking job.” The ambot’s New Year’s resolution chant! Its all part of the attitude the assholes in the Amway upline teach their cult followers about hating their job and being disrespectful about their job, their boss, and their coworkers. Fuck its all about being disrespectful and insulting to anyone and anything that isn’t part of Amway!

I don’t remember hearing “Freedom! Flush that stinking job!” at any cult meetings I attended. Not saying it wasn’t chanted. I just don’t remember. If the assholes in our Amway upline wanted the cult followers to do this chant I didn’t participate so that might be why I don’t remember. The only time for sure I remember hearing the phrase “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” was during the NBC Dateline story about Amway. For anyone looking for those links, its on Youtube:

Part 1
Part 2

And don’t all those morons look like they’re in a trance while they’re chanting? Brainwashed Amway Ambots - worshippers of the Great Amway God.

Even more disturbing is what legitimate business operates in this manner? Amway the corporation tries to convince themselves and everyone else that they’re a legitimate business and for sure their ambots try their damnedest to convince everyone that Amway is not a scam but then you see a video like this. It screams CULT! It screams SCAM! I’ve been to a few business meetings over the years and never have I witnessed anything like that with any legitimate company.

To the best of my recollection I never heard that chant at any Amway meetings I attended. Could be another line of sponsorship that gets the cult followers to scream out that chant or perhaps the cult leaders decided to lay off the chanting for awhile following the Dateline story.

In the documentary Amway cult leaders stand on the stage and get their followers fired up leading them in the chant “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!”. The unfortunate reality for the cult followers are that they won’t find freedom and they won’t flush their stinking job. Amway is a scam! The only people in the arena who have the freedom to flush their stinking job are the cult leaders on the stage. They are ripping off their cult followers charging them big bucks to come into the arena and listen to their bullshit motivational speeches. The cult leaders are peddling dreams that won’t come true for their followers.

Don’t flush that stinking job! You need it to pay for Amway functions and make your cult leaders rich!

“Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” That’s the New Year’s resolution battle cry of Amway warriors.

Those ambots need to stop chanting and get a clue about what really stinks around here.


  1. I'll just drop this right here. Anna, were you ever told that other brands and products were satanic or otherwise bad in some way? I know the spiel about Amway = better, but this article seems to indicate that it's more than that.

    1. Anonymous - the thing with Ambots is they're brainwashed to believe that because they're in the Amway cult that makes them better than everyone else and also makes them above the law so in addition to being liars Amway Ambots are comfortable breaking the law, all in the name of showing their love and devotion to the Great Amway God. However when they're sitting in a jail cell or get hit with a huge fine they get the shock of their lives when no one from the Amway corporation bails them out. Amway's stand is they're not responsible for what their employees say and do, as I experienced first hand when calling in to complain about the lying bastards in our upline. Karma.

  2. Despite many denials, Amway is up to its ears in evangelical revivalist religion, and many Ambots are just as fanatical as Billy Sunday when it comes to that crackpot kind of fake Christianity.

    So quite naturally, it's easy for them to think that any competing product is "satanic" or "a tool of the devil." After all, if you're on the side of true religion (Amway), then anybody or anything that stands in your way as competition or criticism has to be demonic.

    In order to be taken in by the Amway racket, you have to be simple-minded to some degree.

    1. That's right Anonymous. Every Amway cult meeting is peppered with their twisted religious babblings.

      Ambots are simple minded. Gullible. Dumb asses for thinking they'll get rich in this scam.


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