Thursday, January 11, 2018

Selling Amway Products On Amazon

I was surprised to see Amway products for sale on Amazon - totally discovered that by accident.

First of all I’m pretty sure that Amway has some rule saying you can’t flog your Amway shit online cause it competes with their online sales.

That said a lot of former IBO’s got to get rid of that overpriced shit somehow and I’ve seen it sold on eBay and I’m sure IBO’s are hitting Craigslist too.

But Amazon? I know its hard for me to grasp the concept that Amazon sells things but books. Here its important to note that Amazon the company is not selling Amway products but its individual sellers who have accounts with Amazon. But still I thought people with Amazon accounts were selling their used books not household items.

OK so maybe some former IBO’s are trying to flog their inventory. If they’re not active IBO’s they wouldn’t give a shit about breaking Amway’s rules. The problem with selling vitamins and energy drinks is that they all have expiry dates. Who’s to know that date hasn’t come and gone?

Amway shipped us expired protein shakes once. And then refused to refund our money when we complained about it. I ended up chucking them in the garbage.

I’m not so certain that these are inactive IBO’s flogging Amway shit on Amazon. I think active IBO's are loading up on inventory (another violation) to get their PV up there and then selling it on Amazon so they can cover their financial losses. Someone named Totalbeautyzone was selling 188 items when I checked it out - most appear to be Amway products. I don’t know. That seems a little excessive stock for an IBO quitting the business. I have to go with professional liar theory on this seller. Also the prices quoted are from when this article first appeared on the blog.

I decided to do some comparing. Totalbeautyzone is flogging XS Energy Drinks on Amazon. Cranberry Grape Blast in particular for $38.88. He/she has 4 in stock. Amway’s price is $26.88.

This makes a lot of sense. NOT! If someone was really craving the cat piss beverage they could buy it from Amway or find an IBO rather than spending an extra $12 to buy it from Totalbeautyzone. Like we need any further proof that IBO’s are out to rip us off!

Then Totalbeautyzone is offering a better deal on the Tropical Blast flavor - $36.88. I checked Amway. $26.88. Only ripping off customers by $10 on that flavor and he/she has 2 cases left in stock.

Now what’s up with the Naranja Blast? Totalbeautyzone has a price tag of $42.88 and 2 in stock. What does Amway say about this flavor? $38.88. Holy fuck I thought all those nasty piss waters had the same price. Rip off! Rip off! Amway sticks a foreign word on the can so it can slap a higher price tag on it? Come on! We all took Spanish in high school. Naranja = orange. Save money and buy the Citrus Blast for $26.88. So one could say Totalbeautyzone is giving a slightly better deal by only ripping off customers by $4 over Amway's price.

I know Amazon charges a commission for items sold through their store so I imagine Totalbeautyzone has tacked on the cost of doing business with Amazon to the prices.

I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t ban Amway products from their website other than it doesn’t cost them anything to let people have a marketplace storefront. Amazon is earning money off Amway.

Interesting when at every board plan meeting Amazon is mentioned as a comparison to Amway - except of course Amazon sucks when compared to Amway - at least in the brainwashed minds of the speakers.


  1. I wonder if any of the products were actually sold?

    In any case, it's against Amway rules to sell products on Amazon or ebay or Craigslist.

    1. Hi Joecool. Amway has a really restrictive agreement that IBO's have to sign so a rule about not competing against Amway on online sales sounds about right to me.

      It's also a violation of the IBO contract to leave comments on blogs like this and get into online arguments with others who have opposing views against Amway but that won't stop an Ambot. They're pretty comfortable breaking Amway's rules. If Amway went around firing all the Ambots who violated their contract - there'd be no one left! LOL!

  2. Exactly Anna, nobody cares. We have a record of a diamond saying that buying monthly volume and making points this way is essential condition for any new IBO and guess what, this diamond is still a diamond. Funny thing is, they actually fired one IBO, who started to sell his own educational MLM infoproduct. By this he interfered with good old diamonds business, as in my country there is one diamond having several companies which only purpose is to translate books and CDs and sell it to the Ambots. And of course, this diamond was at the beginning of the Amway here, so he does not allow some new IBO to have a cut, but when it is about the Amway rules and no diamonds money are at stake, nobody cares.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. If there’s one thing that Amway cult leaders hate doing its sharing their slice of greed pie.

  3. When Amway products are being sold on Amazon or ebay or Craigslist, it simply means that they are being dumped by an ex-IBO who couldn't sell them in the normal way, to non-Amway customers.

    All the on-line services do is provide a much wider potential customer base. But the point is this: if the ex-IBO couldn't sell the products himself, on a face-to-face basis, why should he have any more luck selling them on-line?

    The plain fact is that nobody wants the shit. The products are nothing but a cover for the Amway racket, which is why your up-line tells you that "the best way to sell Amway products is to sell the Plan."

    When you see a red flag like that, you know that you aren't in a real business, but in a scheme.

    1. Hi Anonymous. It's my guess that it's mostly former IBOs who are trying to unload the Amway shit they stockpiled on Amazon and ebay and Craigslist. Plus some current IBOs. After all they got their old PV up there and made the fucking assholes in their Amway upline happy.

      Nobody wants to buy Amway's overpriced shitty products except for Ambots.

      Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap. And when you understand that you know it's a scheme.

  4. Has anyone heared about Ambit Energy? It's another MLM but it sells electricity and gas. Promises to charge less than Com Ed and claims to refund the difference at the end of the year if it's over (doubt it, but that's what they claim)

    My room mate is having meetings every week ��

    1. Hi Ghost in the mist. Stay away from anything that sounds remotely like Amway or Ambot!

      Most of those companies promising to charge less for any kind of utility are usually scammers. There'll never be a refund except maybe the first year to get those suckers to reel in more suckers. Can anyone say ponzi scheme?


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