Monday, January 8, 2018

Woman Dating Amway Ambot

I've heard from a reader who got the old Amway pitch when she thought she was going out on a date. She's smart enough not to throw any money at a scheme drawn up on a napkin. Her date is the typical arrogant Amway asshole. Sneering at her because she's going to school instead of signing up for the much cheaper Amway University and automatically getting her teaching degree. And in typical Amway asshole fashion sneers at people who work J.O.B.s and insults teacher's pay. Like an Amway Ambot's pay of around $10/month is anything to brag about. And none of us really think this lying Amway bastard is really making 100k! LOL! There's no end to creepy shit that Amway Ambots pull off. Trolling online dating sites for prospects to suck into the Amway cult just doesn't seem shocking once you know all the bullshit these scammers pull off.

Hi Anna- first off, let me say I love your blog. Second, I was propositioned by an "ambot" for the first time on Saturday. What made it so strange was that the pitch occurred DURING A FIRST DATE.

I feel compelled by pride to state up front that I am a pretty girl. I watch what eat, I dress well, and I have great hair. It's important that I point that out, otherwise the whole story has a very sad "lonely lady" feel to it. I'm in my late 20s and like most singles I have an online dating profile. About 2 weeks ago I got a message from a guy on the site; he was cute and my age and sent a very flattering and detailed message to me. I responded back, and for about a week and a half we messaged a bit. Looking back there were some red flags; his profile said he was self employed and listed his income as $100k. That in itself is unusual; people rarely if ever list their personal income for obvious reasons. Also, when I told him I was a grad student he was like "well, that's good for you...I'm more of an independent ambitious type of guy so I could never work for someone else". Again- big red flag (because I'm in grad school for education, and he's the first person I've ever met to kinda scoff at teaching). But....he was cute. So when he asked me out for coffee I didn't think twice about going.

I get to the coffee shop on Sat afternoon, and the first thing I notice is he's dressed up. Like, he's wearing a tie. It's Sat afternoon in a coffee shop in Buffalo NY- no one wears a tie. So we started talking; at first light getting to know you chit chat but quickly it gets very focused on me. On my financial situation- how am I paying for grad school? Do I find the need to take out loans? Do I have to work a job on the side? And then he started saying things about teaching; about how hard it is to get a teaching job, about how little they get paid, etc. I actually started feeling a little shitty; teachers DONT get paid that much. Then he laid down his line; it was something to the effect of he didn't normally do this but he thought I was super cute and he liked me a lot, so he'd be willing to cut me in on this great business opportunity. Then he went into a pitch; he actually drew a profit to loss graph on a napkin. Ummmm....I may not be an MBA but I know enough about investing to never invest money for a scheme someone draws on a napkin.

He went on for about 15 min; I don't think I ever said a word. I figured out what was going on pretty quick- but I just could not believe this guys audacity. And also, his cluelessness. Because it's pretty audacious to say to yourself "Girls think I'm kinda sexy, so I'm going to hunt some down on OKCupid and scam them into a MLM". But it's also SO clueless. Here's this guy who's really good looking, he was charming and engaging....if he really wanted to dedicate himself to building a serious business, or working as a salesman in a well paying sales position (say at an auto dealership), he could do it. He's been blessed with the gifts of charm, attractiveness, and boldness and in other businesses he'd thrive. Instead, he's running a scam on 28 year old ladies- and the scam doesn't even work. I didn't sign up, he's still broke, and he didn't even get laid (which probably wouldn't have happened on Sat anyways, but at least he had a shot before he started the Amway shit)


  1. Wow, this story should be published far and wide, as proof of how utterly stupid guys in Amway are!

    Anybody with half a brain would know that a woman registered on a dating site is NOT interested in hearing about an MLM business scheme! What kind of a moron assumes that a pretty girl goes out on a date in order to listen to the Amway "Plan"?

    Besides this, the guy insults her by denigrating her graduate school studies, and bad-mouthing her possible choice of the teaching profession. That's really going to get her sympathy.

    Then he does the utterly classless thing of questioning her about her personal finances! What a stupid jerk! No sane man would dream or doing this on a first date, even if he had the ulterior motive of getting her into Amway.

    Let me also add that the guy was certainly lying when he posted his income as $100,000 per annum. That is complete bullshit. If he were really making that kind of cash, he wouldn't be desperately attempting to recruit strangers at a coffee shop. The man is a pathetic loser.

    The only things this man has going for him are his good looks and his charm. He certainly doesn't have any native intelligence.

    1. Anonymous - Amway scammers aren't the only scammers out there looking for women on dating sites. That being said women on dating sites are interested in dating and looking for dates. Not friends. Not business opportunities. Not scammers out to steal their money. Etc.

      All Amway Ambots insult people because of their jobs or their school or because they're not "business owners". But yeah insulting a woman you've just met who might be interested in more dates with you is just a bad idea guys! Whether or not you're an Amway loser. LOL!

      Same with asking about her finances on the first date because automatically a woman thinks this loser wants to borrow money or scam her.


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