Thursday, January 4, 2018

What Kind Of Car Does An Amway Ambot Get?

A recent searcher ended up at this blog after searching on Google for what kind of car does an Amway Diamond get.

Don’t forget to read the post about theclunker brigade.

Many IBO’s in our LOS were driving rust bucket Cadillacs, Lincolns and BMW’s from the 70’s and 80’s for the bragging rights that they own that model of car. Yeah I really want to drive an ugly old car that’s always breaking down.

As far as I know an Amway Diamond doesn’t “get” a car for reaching that level. Its not like Mary Kay where you get a leased pink Cadillac for a year for reaching some level.

I’ve been to enough functions where a video is played showing Diamonds with their fleet of cars and other toys on wheels. You name the high end car, we’ve probably seen it on a video. The thing we don’t know the answer to is how many are leased, how many were purchased with cash, and how many were financed. Or more likely - how many were borrowed or rented for the purpose of shooting the video of the Diamond lifestyle.

There’s a certain image that has to be projected in Amway. The image of success. Fake it till you make it. Our Platinum and Emerald didn’t drive anything that screamed success though they drove newer model cars, probably manufactured within the last 10 years. Might have been financed maybe leased but I don’t know for sure. I know when the Platinum sack of shit got his $20,000 bonus check for being a Platinum he was all talk about buying an SUV, sorry the name escapes me. Does Cadillac manufacture SUV’s? Maybe that. Furthermore he was going to buy it by using the service of a car hunter (?) - I’m not sure what the term is for a person who you give your criteria to and they search for the best deals. Anyway that was all the bastard ever yapped about but he didn’t buy a new - or new to him - car. Probably had to use the money to pay off debt.

So - what kind of car does an Amway Diamond get? Whatever car gives them the most flash for the buck. And that buck came from scamming thousands of IBO’s only too willing to shell out their hard earned cash to make their upline richer.


  1. There's a strange contradiction going on in the Amway attitude towards the kind of car an IBO should drive.

    On the one hand, they want you to have an "impressive" car that will tell others how successful you are. That's why they urge you to drive a BMW or a Cadillac or some other fancy-name vehicle. But on the other hand, they don't want you to have a REALLY nice car that surpasses in quality whatever your up-line is driving.

    So that's why you get this conflicted policy: have a Cadillac or a BMW, but make sure it's old and a bit run down and rusty. This way you can tell prospective recruits that you drive a high-end car, but you won't show up your fat-assed Platinum up-line by driving a car that is visibly better than his.

    The main point is this: any business that tries to tell you what kind of car you can drive isn't a business at all. It's a fucking cult.

    1. Anonymous - yeah I get it. The fucking assholes in the Amway upline don't want any lowly Ambot beneath them driving a nicer car.

      If your Amway leaders tell you what kind of car to drive or anything else to do with your private life - CULT!

  2. Once we hit direct, we were encouraged to buy a Cadillac. And it had to be certain colors (no brown) and have 4 doors because at that point you started to get the privilege of driving speakers to and from major functions. I remember one function in NOLA where my husband never saw a minute of the function because he was driving the entire weekend. Yet they still made him buy a function ticket. What a scam! Our upline diamond, Billy Florence, had a couple of houses, a motorhome, a Harley (that he couldn't even ride), a couple planes, a houseboat, a yacht and various automobiles that included a Rolls Royce convertible. That's on top of the Rolex watches and big diamond rings. It was all conspicuous consumption. And when the hammer fell on our diamond and he was kicked out, I think a lot of that got sold off.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. And LOL that the Amway upline even tells you what colors to buy? Why not a brown car? Are Amway cult leaders racist against brown cars? So your husband had the "privilege" of driving the fucking Amway cult leaders around. You'd be surprised how many Ambots love that "privilege". Yeah wear and tear and gas on my car. Where do I sign up.

      I guess that former Diamond would have to sell off all that shit he bought as bragging rights so the Ambots would think he's rich. Probably part of a bankruptcy filing or credit counselling.


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