Thursday, March 15, 2018

Learn How To Trade Hours For Pennies In The Amway Scam

“What are you doing working a J.O.B.? You’re trading hours for dollars!”

I’ve heard that phrase sneered at the audience countless times from the speakers at Amway meetings. Platinum or Diamond they all put down anyone who works for someone else.

Trading hours for dollars = holding down a job. The Amway cult leaders say job is a 4 letter word - the bastards can’t even count! 3 letters boys. Count ’em again. 3!

In one way or another we all trade hours for dollars.

Except in Amway where we trade hours for pennies and still end up in the hole.

Ambot spent approximately 100 hours a month in Amway related shit. This would include 3 or 4 board plans in living rooms each week, countless hours studying Amway literature and products on their website, 2 or 3 Amway events a month where a Diamond came to town, a day long rally once a month, not to mention all the time spent trying to recruit new IBO’s or finding suckers to buy the overpriced shitty Amway products. What about countless phone calls and text messages each day from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline where he was expected to drop whatever he was doing to give them his undivided attention for an hour or more?

What about my hours? And here I probably put in the required 10 to 15 hours a week. So combined we put in between 140 to 160 hours a month. Wasted time that we'll never get back.

OK to make the calculations easy lets knock off my time and focus on Ambot's time and call it 100 hours a month. In return if we did 100PV that would be a check from Amway for the month of about $10. So Ambot is earning .10 cents an hour.

Ambot is trading hours for pennies. Like everyone else stuck in the Amway scam who can meet that minimum 100PV purchase each month to qualify for a measly commission check.

Lets not even get into the cost of tools, attending functions, and their related costs (travel, hotel, food) because he’s now in the hole hundreds of dollars each month.

So how about that $10/hour cashier job compared to an Amway income? The cashier earns the same amount in 1 hour working a job as Ambot does after trading 100 hours on useless Amway bullshit.

If the cult leaders were telling the truth they’d call it trading dollars for pennies but that doesn’t sound so good when they’re insulting prospective recruits into the Amway cult.

Any business owner trades hours for dollars but hopefully most business owners have a legitimate business earning them real money and they’re not settling for a paltry Amway income that isn’t even a wage one could live on in a 3rd world country. That’s something to think about. A worker in a 3rd world country is trading hours for dollars and still making more than most North American Amway IBO’s.

If I had to make a choice about going back to work or going back to Amway, I’d rather trade hours for dollars working for a legitimate employer than working more hours being a Scamway IBO and scamming others to lose their money chasing hopeless dreams.



  1. One of the major requirements of being an Amway freak is to be absolutely incompetent in mathematics.

    Getting paid ten cents an hour, and thinking that you are therefore a bigshot Independent Business Owner, only proves that you can't add or subtract.

    I am truly amazed at how fundamentally stupid these Amway assholes are.

    1. Anonymous- being an idiot in basic math is certainly an Amway job requirement. It is amazing how these Amway losers think going into debt and not making a profit makes them hot shot big shot business owners. Bunch of Amway losers.


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