Thursday, March 8, 2018

Look Inside An Amway Cult Meeting

A reader responds to a negative Amway ambot who left the typical Amspeak response to one of the posts on this blog but is a good post in itself about what one can expect when getting involved with Amway. The Amway cult sect mentioned is WWDB aka World Wide Destructive Bastards and I’ve never met a group of more negative nasty vicious motherfucking shitheads who fling insults and threats. In person and online. There’s all kinds of reasons for not getting involved in Amway but the horrible, awful evil people you have to put up with is as good a reason as any to stay the hell away from Amway.

I thought WWDB was a supposed christian based group? I don't think anything you said in your comment god would be proud of. In less I missed that day in Sunday school about insulting others,judging others and the threats of physical harm.I am not particularly religious but I do believe in good people helping others and this is not something I saw with WWDB (Amway).

My husband and I got pressured into attending one of the functions last weekend. I have never experienced such negativity.. these "mentors" broke people down, forced them to continue even if it meant getting broke in the process for this greater end result that will never happen. They tell you to stop speaking to friends and even family that cant understand the "plan". This "leadership training" was three days long, my husband and I were over it by day two and got out of there as fast as we could. I didn't understand why no one else could see that it was the same thing over and over.. not telling you anything of any importance. They were just bragging about their cars and houses. I didn't hear one diamond talk about donating, volunteering, going to Africa to feed people or build houses. They went to Africa on WWDB (first class) to vacation.. for their own personal benefit. I couldn't understand how they could promote this as a christian people helping group when all they promote is greed and materialism.

I also didn't get how everyone there could just blindly believe that these millionaire diamonds could get there by following the "plan". It states in the plan that diamonds made around 150,000 a year not the millions that they were claiming. Obliviously they are making money with these cds, books and functions.. even though everyone claimed that no one was paying them to be there they just wanted you to get rich. How could they believe this? This plan doesn't add up, why would a legit business want to keep you in room for 16 hours and they want you to come to night owls? And contuine this for three days? Because if you don't your weak or unmotivated not because its easier to brainwash you when your tired. When I looked at the Platinums in their reserved spots.. they looked so tired, their face was empty. There are so many platinums and only about 12 diamonds, this doesn't make since if this only takes 3-5 years why haven't they become diamonds already? Because they only want people who can motivate without telling you any details, they want someone who can manipulate and avoid questions. They don't want a bunch of diamonds, they only need a few great speakers to draw you in to make you commit. These Diamonds know you will fail so they break you down from the start saying if you quit you are a loser manipulating you in to staying even though you cant afford to.

They do not care about you!


  1. Great post! Whoever this reader is, come check out my blog "The Financial Jonestown." My earliest blog posts deal with my weekend CONference horror stories as well. I enjoy reading other people's stories about what they experienced. It was terrible. Blessings to you and congratulations on getting out!

    1. Hi URASucker. I hope they come check out your blog. See the link on the right in the Blog List!

  2. The Platinums (what used to be called "Direct Distributors") are the ones who do most of the hard work in Amway. At the functions they are responsible for most of the arrangements, and in day-to-day operations they handle most of the weekly and nightly meetings of down-line. The Diamonds (who are few in number, actually) are basically parasites who show up to collect speaking fees and divide up the cash from the "Tools" racket.

    Diamonds don't make "millions." That is pure Amway propaganda, designed to draw in suckers.

    1. Anonymous- most of the Amway cult meetings we attended were run by the sack of shit Platinum. Some scammers have to work harder than other scammers. The whole obedience and disobedience and scoldings followed by we still love you we’re all dished out by the fucking Platinum to the Amway cult followers. Occasionally the Diamonds would get bitchy at Amway cult meetings if they weren’t getting enough $$ but normally the sack of shit Platinum was in charge of abuse.


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