Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You Get What You Pay For?

(Rerunning an old post when Blogger was having maintenance issues….)

Anyone can sign up with and get a free account to write a blog. This month has seen some service issues. Blogger was down for a few hours here and there for maintenance and then again for about 24 hours. It was on read only status so we could not post new blogs nor could any readers post comments. A few comments in moderation went missing but showed up a week later for approval.

This week (again this was a few years ago!) has been more issues with blogger. Seems to have something to do with interacting between Google and Blogger. I could sign in and out of Google OK and in the past that would also sign in/out of Blogger. However I was unable to sign out of Blogger. In their help forums bloggers are complaining they can not sign out of their blog. Others are saying they can not log in to post comments to blogs. It defaults to Anonymous, then when they try to sign in, it takes them back to the Blogger page where they’re already signed in and its a never ending circle.

Some people can post comments to some blogs but not to others.

Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. Everyone uses different web browser programs. Some say clearing the cache and cookies work, others say it doesn’t.

We get Blogger accounts for free so some might say we’re getting what we paid for. If I was paying money for this blog I’d be pissed off.

So then I started thinking about the comparisons to Amway and do we get what we pay for.

I paid around $20 for a box of Amway’s dishwasher soap pucks. After I finished doing a load of dishes I would have to check them over before putting them away. Sometimes up to half the load would be dishwasher uglies – hit that reject button! This meant extra work for me because I know had to wash them by hand using Amway’s Dish Drops which I didn’t like because the suds didn’t last very long. Today I buy a bag of Wal-Mart’s dishwasher packs for less than $10 and the load comes out clean. I maybe get one or two items in a month that the dishwasher doesn’t get clean enough with the Wal-Mart soap and I have to redo by hand. Huge savings! And better results. So that would be a big NO I don’t get what I pay for when it comes to Amway’s dishwasher soap.

What about Amway’s Perfect Water? A case of 24 bottles costs around $50. I was in Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago and they had 24 packs of a popular water on sale for just over $3. I bought 2. I should have bought more. I went back a few days ago and they’re nearly $5 now! Even at $5 its a much better deal than Amway’s water. So once again that would be a big NO I don’t get what I pay for at Amway.

I can go on and on about every Amway product out there and the answer would be the same - NO I don’t get what I pay for.

What about Amway “tools”? The upline makes you buy books and CD’s from them. Some of these books are not distributed anywhere else but through Amway but there are others that can be purchased from Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist. Same with the CD’s and tapes. I checked Ebay and someone has a lot of over 60 CD’s and actually has one bid of $100. Other sellers have various CDs for $5 each. Like get real! That's what they cost to buy them from your upline! A Google search will find sellers of Amway CD’s for various prices. There are a lot of former IBO’s out there who want to unload that shit. The trash works too but perhaps they want to try to recover some of their losses.

What about Amway functions? Are they worth it? Now that’s a laugh! Although I enjoy road trips, staying in hotels, and eating out, it kind of wrecks the vacation when you have to add anything Amway into the equation! Functions are only held to earn the Diamond speakers money. The real money they make as Diamonds comes from tools particularly speaking at functions. They don't call it the Amway tool scam for nothing! The Diamonds yap about their lives - wife was usually a waitress and the husband did menial labor and now look at them - and try to motivate the audience not to quit Amway. Another waste of money. One of the best motivational speakers I ever heard (obviously had NOTHING to do with Scamway and was nowhere near an Amway cult meeting!)  travelled to us - we didn’t travel to him - and he spoke for free! Though he did ask for donations to help cover the cost of lunch that was catered in, sandwiches, cookies, and juice sort of thing. Fair enough. So I would say for that motivational speaker I really got my money’s worth! Add up all the Amway speakers and they collectively didn’t do a fraction of the goodwill that he did. So that would be another big NO for getting my money’s worth at Amway functions.

So hang in there everyone who is having problems with Blogger and logging on. They’re working on it. We’re getting our money’s worth!

Free! A word that shall never be spoken by an Amway cult leader. Unless of course it’s chanting “Freedom! Flush that Stinking J.O.B.!”

Yeah Fuck Amway and all their fucking Ambot losers.

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