Thursday, March 29, 2018

Only Ambots Want Amway Sex

Can you believe Amway Ambots search for Amway sex by the thousands and end up on this blog?

I bet this blog is about to get a whole lot more hits with a topic about sex!

I remembered Eric Scheibeler bringing sex up in his book Merchants of Deception in describing how the upline controlled that too, so I took a look at my copy and searched out some passages to refresh my memory and am sharing them here.

Here are some passages written about the Yagers:

The most bizarre of Dexter’s teachings, in my opinion, were his sex talks. Remember, as you read this, that neither the general public nor the average distributor were ever made aware of what went on at these leadership meetings. By the time people got to these meetings, they had been well indoctrinated. Also, remember that these meetings were normally started with a prayer. At one of our first few high-level leadership level meetings, very late at night, Dexter decided to share a business secret that a woman Diamond had passed on, regarding the success she and her husband enjoyed. The advice he passed on to the ladies present concerned how to relate to their husbands. The advice was to “screw their brains out.” People were actually taking notes!

On another occasion, we were with Dexter in a large, Italian restaurant that had many other people, besides the near thirty in our entourage. We ordered and all of us that were present huddled close to Dexter to hear whatever wisdom he was going to share. Now, picture how odd this must have looked! We were sitting in a restaurant, and we were huddled around Dexter, and the other patrons were trying to figure out who he was and hear what he was saying. He must have looked like a celebrity! He was wearing enough diamond and gold jewelry to look like a short, white Mr. T. There was a hush in the room. For this sex analogy, he chose an attractive, young, Emerald woman sitting near him. He asked her what her name was, and if the guy with her was her husband. She responded to both questions. He looked her right in the eye and asked her if she really enjoyed sex. Then he explained how sex is an important thing and went on and on about some point that I can’t even recall.

At the last Go Diamond Seminar we attended, it seemed that nearly the entire function revolved around sex. At one point, the women were brought to a separate room and given specific direction, but there were many speakers that addressed the entire group on this topic. Dexter had had a stroke and felt it was important to advise us that it had occurred on a night when Birdie had refused him sex. (I cannot remember what the point was that time.)

Oh goody. An Amway meeting that is all about sex. Now everybody knows what they have to look forward to if they stick around long enough and throw enough money at this scheme.

Here’s a passage that I’m guessing is discussed at “men only” meetings.

“Scientific surveys have documented that your wife is peaking sexually at about 1:00 p.m., and you missed it by being at work. Had you been a retired Emerald or Diamond, you would have been home more often to capitalize on this scientific phenomenon.”

I didn’t spend a lot of time on the Internet searching for that one but you’d think I could have found at least one scientific study to back it up if it was true so I think I’ll just write that off as another whopper told by the Amway professional liars. Like we need any further proof that’s all men ever have on their minds!!!???? Whether or not its lie is secondary to the real message that they’re insulting their downline because they haven’t reached a level where they can be lazing around the house all day instead of being at work.

Here’s another passage from Eric’s book:

I did not know the other advice that the ladies were given until years later. The women in our organization were told what they needed to do to become Diamond ladies was support their husband and be a good Proverbs woman. Each woman was told never to refuse her husband sex, for any reason. These women were even told to dress up and put on fresh make-up to greet their husbands when they would come home at one or two o’clock in the morning. At two different meetings, a member of our upline told the women that they were to always look good, as they were their husband’s “best ornament.” This offended all those women who still had the capacity to think clearly–but what could they say?

AAACCCKKK!!!!!! Have those male chauvinist pigs been watching The Stepford Wives a few times too many? Yeppers - that offends all women who have not been brainwashed by the cult. Their brainwashed husbands would look at that passage and say, so what’s wrong with that.

One last passage to back up how the upline fuckers (in more ways than one!) demanded to know every detail about their downline’s life. Now we all know the reason why people have so much difficulty sponsoring IBO’s. It has nothing to do with prospects who are not interested in getting involved with Amway. It has to do with the sex lives of the IBO’s!

There seemed to be no level at which they would stop invading your personal life. A fellow Emerald told Kathy and an Emerald in our group that she and her husband would ask a couple they were counseling how many times a week they were having sex. A couple needed to really have a good relationship to sponsor effectively. Privately, Molly told Kathy that if Zack came home at three in the morning and wanted sex, he was going to get it. After all, look how he provided for them. It sounded far too much like a business deal when Kathy later revealed this to me. At the same time that the women were getting this advice, Zack was holding a men’s leadership meeting and advising that he did not know how a woman could want to have sex with a ‘wimp.’ A ‘wimp’ was defined as someone not doing all he could to further his Amway business and financial future. One Diamond jabbed the crowd at a large seminar by saying in a half-joking manner, “You may not really love your wife if you don’t go Diamond.”

To download a free copy of Merchantsof Deception, click this link.

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