Sunday, April 1, 2018

How Many Amway Losers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Who is seeking an answer to that burning question?

How many Amway Ambots does it take to change a lightbulb?
The entire “team”!

A lowly newly recruited IBO who still has enough room on his credit card to buy an overpriced piece of shit Amway lightbulb.

Another lowly newly recruited IBO who will be sent up the ladder first to wash down the area. Free IBO slave labor!

Another lowly newly recruited IBO who has been assigned to provide refreshments - XS cat piss water and shitty Amway food bars.

5 IBOs who have been assigned to be a committee to figure out what to do with the old lightbulb.

Another 5 IBO’s who have been assigned to pray that the spirit of darkness has not descended upon this home to spread negativity.

The Eagle who asks permission from the Platinum if they are allowed to change the lightbulb.

Someone from crossline who is a specialist in changing lightbulbs but first permission must be granted from the Emerald for him to fraternize with the crossline enemy team.

The crossline’s Platinum who is only showing up to ensure no MLM espionage is going on here.

The ambot’s Platinum who shows up to whine and bitch that he could be spending time with his family and instead he is here to “help” his downline and “bless” the lightbulb once its installed.

The Emerald who shows up to tell all of them he doesn’t believe in change.

The Diamond shows up to sell motivational books on how to get it done.

One negative dream stealer who claims its a mathematical probability that it can’t be done.

You know all they had to do was find one woman who could do the work of 20 men. Who would then point out the blatantly obvious that the light isn’t even burned out it just needed to be screwed into its socket a little tighter! And then point out the even more blatantly obvious that there were already extra lightbulbs in the cupboard that were stocked up the last time there was a sale at Lowe’s so they didn’t even need to go out and buy those expensive shitty bulbs from Amway!


  1. Amway has light bulbs?

    They should stick them up their bums at one of their gay sex parties and let the women who are not in Amway run the show!

    Sheesh what a fucking joke Anna as I thought I heard it all!



    1. LOL KMB!

      Not sure if Amway sells light bulbs or not but we like to post this one on April 1. Forgot last year...

  2. It’s incredibly late where I am so I’ll have to read this post later, but just wanted to comment that I love your content, writing style and openness. Very relatable! Thank goodness for blogs like yours. I was in the middle of my college studies and degrees when even I fell so hard into this Amway bs, like a total moron honestly (in hindsight, at least I learned a lot). I’m certain if I’d have come across this blog earlier, I wouldn’t have lost the nearly $1K that I did. So embarrassing. Anyway, sorry for rambling! Just wanted to express my gratitude. I’m still so angry about my naivety and experience with Amway that I can’t help but to read all your posts whenever I have spare time and feel a little better after haha.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Glad you found us! And at your age you’re prime pickings for the Amway cult cause you’re too young to heard of this scam. Should have checked with your parents or grandparents!

      Consider yourself lucky you only lost $1000 to Scamway. Most victims lose thousands if not tens of thousands.

      You’re in college. You know all education comes with a price tag. Just look at the Amway scam as an education. Cost you some money but you learned never to get involved with another pyramid scheme and to do some online search first before throwing your money away at a scam.

      You’re young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. Good luck to you as you move on!

    2. Awe, thank you so much! You’re right. And sadly, my parents are immigrants who work constantly and grandparents are far in Asia (basically, none had heard of Amway either or thought giant scams were common here). They were super excited for me. I’m just glad I know all about it now, and really hope people will research hard into anything they involve themselves with in the future. For me, I didn’t even know the company name (my uplines always got around it somehow) until I was at the first big speech and impressed by all the professional suits and talk of success. So cringey, at least I’m past it now! Thanks again and I completely agree.

    3. One more thing to add, which is so insane. One of my colleagues got involved as well (separately from me and with a different upline). She actually dropped out of college for Amway. She got so swept up in it and kept talking about how we’re going to end up working pointlessly at a job forever and that she’d rather be earning risidual income through Amway. It’s so crazy that her education has been compromised for something so... just blows my mind. I dodged a bullet for sure. :(

    4. Hi Anonymous. Amway Ambots prey on those who can least afford to lose money. Well who can afford to lose money to any scam! Immigrants, people in debt, single low income mothers, people on disability or welfare, and students are all prime pickings for the Amway cult. You fit into more than one profile.

      The A word shall never be spoken unless absolutely necessary and Ambots must lie and deny that they have anything to do with Amway. I've been to Amway meetings where the cult leader never says the A word. Just refers to it as "the business" and if Amway is mentioned it's probably 2 hours into the cult meeting and maybe only if the attendees are all Ambots. Not if a new prospect is there.

      Of course your friend dropped out of college if she was convinced to do so by the assholes in here Amway upline who said why spend all that money on tuition when you could be spending it on your "business". A spokesperson for Amway said on their website years ago that Ambots are not allowed to promise residual income cause it's not true. However Ambots have no problem violating Amway's rules of conduct and lie about how after 2 to 5 years bazillions of dollars in residual income will be rolling in every month from Amway. Hell! Even Amway's head office says that residual income won't be happening.

      The other thing the Amway upline says why go to college when you can attend Amway University instead and that means you have a degree in just about everything under the sun. As a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a banker, a marriage counselor, what have you. Who knew you could save all that money on a formal education and just go to Amway University! LOL! It's not funny when you consider these Amway quacks are dispensing medical advice and telling people with terminal illnesses to take Amway vitamins and drink Amway water and they'll be cured.

      Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap.

      The best advice I can give you is to take the money you'd otherwise be wasting buying shitty overpriced Amway products and invest it in a stock that provides monthly dividends and reinvest them. And keeping investing your savings and by the time you're in your 40s or 50s you'll have half a million maybe more saved for your retirement. It beats being a broke Amway loser!

  3. I'm glad that this young guy got out quickly. I'm utterly appalled to read that there are some benighted persons who have been in Amway for up to 25 or even 40 years.

    1. Anonymous - me too! Especially when not so long ago someone dropped by to say he's recently retired with a nice pension and retirement savings and his friend has been in Amway since the 70s and is still broke.

  4. I think the following should be carved on a granite mountainside, or at least posted on huge billboards all over the nation:


    1. Right? So many people would have different lives if they had realized that! I know I would have had a really different summer. I spent it working and saving to pay for college, only to blow it off on this false BS right before classes started.

    2. Anonymous - good luck convincing a brainwashed Amway Ambot of that! LOL!

      The truth carved in granite on the mountainside versus a lying scamming fucking Amway asshole.

      We all know which one a brainwashed Ambot will believe! LOL!

  5. Beautifully said, Anna. It’s sharp people like you who better the world bit by bit.

    1. Aw thanks Anonymous. Except leave out the word "sharp" because that's how Amway losers describe each other! LOL!

  6. Hey, just stumbled on your blog and its awesome. I am trying to talk my best friend out of doing this fucking amway bullshit. Do you have advice or can link me to previous posts with advice on this? he is with World wide destitute backstabbers, and I am concerned enough to spend hours of my time doing research to back up my theories and deflect any of the attacks the ambots may have armed him with, hopefully at the end helping him see the fucking light of the bullshit that is amway/WWDB.

    I run my own business, and hes also a smart guy, so I am hoping to use any ammo you give me to talk him out of this poor decision. hes already going to conferences and trying to prospect my network of friends. its getting out of hand.

    1. Show them links to the hard facts, right off Amway’s website (like how 0.03 of IBOs ever make it large, or how Amway has been massively losing net profit -many millions- for the past few years). JoeCool, another blogger, made a post on this recently too. Anyway, good luck. Those hard facts on the fine print are what personally saved me.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found us!

      On the right side of this page under more information about Amway is a free ebook you can download called Merchants of Deception. Read it. This true life Amway horror story will keep you up late at night reading!

      Then good luck getting your Ambot friend to read it.

      A brainwashed Amway Ambot will reject all information that doesn't come from an Amway cult leader.

      The "conference" you're referring to this month run by WWDB Amway is called Spring Leadership. It's just another Amway cult meeting where Amway cult leaders stand on the stage and show slide shows of their riches and taunt the audience if we can do it so can you. There is never any business advice or training or leadership skills at any Amway function. The sole purpose is to make the Diamonds richer from ticket sales to chumps like your friend.


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