Monday, April 30, 2018

Breaking News From Amway IBO! Bush Is An Ambot!

It's just incredible the lies Amway cult leaders tell to their followers. And when it comes to Amway scamming poor victims in 3rd world countries, the cult leaders rely that people are too poor to be able to access current news events or check on the lies they're being brainwashed with.

An Ambot from India comes to the defense of our claims that Amway is a scam:

and if it is a scam, Mr. George W Bush will not even dare to join AMWAY BUSINESS and share about it all around the world and WHITE HOUSE will not use this products if it's NOT GOOD!

First off this Indian doesn't know that Bush hasn't been in the White House for years. Jump into this decade! I don't know if news stories in India are that many years behind or if Amway cult leaders are bullshitting about who the current President is. Amway cult leaders forbid their followers to watch TV and news outlets and instead get their news from the cult leaders at Amway meetings. Or their twisted version or lack of it. The Amway cult leaders want to control outside news sources over their ambots.

And then things become laughable. Can anyone imagine George Bush knocking on the door of the White House and announcing that he has become an Amway salesman! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! And then he asks Trump “Would you like to buy some of my shitty overpriced Scamway products? How about 100 cases of XS Cat Piss Drinks? LOL!

Like what kind of bullshit are the Amway cult leaders in India shoveling! LOL!

We all know that Amway Ambots are the biggest fucking liars around but you can't pick on public figures whose business ventures are public knowledge and expect people in America not to know the truth about what they're up to when it comes to employment or public appearances. Can you imagine all the jokes the late night TV hosts would be making about Bush's new occupation! LOL! David Letterman would be coming back to late night TV just to be the first on this joke. Top 10 Things George Bush Does As An Amway Salesman! LOL! LOL! LOL! I mean talk about fodder for the comedians!

And this dumb fuck Amway Ambot is so fucking stupid to leave that comment here like its some kind of breaking news story. You got to choose someone who hasn't been a well publicized political figure you dumb fuck! And maybe in India a lie like that would be hard to verify. 3rd world countries have weird sources for their news and I'm not just talking Amway cult leaders and their twisted news stories.

And here's another breaking news story for the dumb fuck Amway Ambot from India. The White House and the US government in general buys a lot of “good” stuff. You see those stories in the news frequently. Well maybe not in 3rd world countries where they still haven't announced the 2008 USA Presidential results when Bush left office. Not to mention 2016 either! LOL!

These Amway cult followers are being brainwashed that former US Presidents are so hard up for cash they have to lower themselves to being Amway salesmen. Here's a news flash. A real one. Not a lie you hear from the Amway cult leaders. Former presidents get a pension of about $200,000/year. That's about $50k more than Amway's literature says a Diamond makes. In addition to the pension most former presidents get paid for speaking engagements, public appearances, consulting, and writing books adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their annual income. And before becoming President, they were probably already millionaires. What the fuck does a former US President want with a skimpy commissioned salesperson salary from Scamway Amway?

It's just incredible the whoppers of lies these Amway Ambots tell. They just end up making themselves look like a bunch of fucking assholes.

The next breaking news story that fucking lying scamming Amway asshole is going to foist off on us is the Queen of England has become an Amway IBO. Fake it till you make it.


  1. The Bush family is immensely rich, not just from government service and speaking engagements, but because of their connections to Texas oil money.

    The idea that President Bush, elder or younger, would be involved in a crummy nickel-and-dime pyramid scheme like Amway is INSANE.

    1. Anonymous- it is really insane the lies Amway losers spout off like they’re a wealth of knowledge. And then Ambots show up here and lie about how the fucking assholes in their Amway Upline are the most honest people with the highest integrity. LOL! Fucking Amway losers!

  2. I'm still processing what happened while in Amway/WWDB....although it was fucked up and shoke up my faith in humanity a bit (a lot), the upside was it was really interesting from a psychological perspective (studied psych in university). I actually saw a counsellor the other day to process some of it. The fortunate thing is I didn't get in "too deep" to be severely burned monetarily or emotionally. When I joined last year someone said "I hate network marketing" and I was like why, it seems like a reasonable idea, now I understand now what he was talking about lol.

    1. Hi Anonymous. It sounds like you were truly fortunate to escape the Amway cult before really being fucked up financially and emotionally! Others have to go through deprogramming and many people have lost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to the Amway scam. You know network marketing in some contexts might be a reasonable idea but due to the antics of people like Amway Ambots its got a bad name. And more often than not network marketing only serves to make those at the top of the pyramid rich and the little guys at the bottom get burned.

  3. Cults (even business cults, the lowest kind of cult-life) can be interesting in what they tell us about the deep unconscious need in people TO BELIEVE SOMETHING, even if it is palpably stupid.

    Deep inside the human heart is a little voice crying "I must HOPE! I must BELIEVE! I must DREAM! I must ASPIRE!" This little voice is what makes things like WWDB and all the other Amway subsystems work.

    1. Anonymous - there are some people who study psychology and have gone to an Amway meeting, observed what you’ve described and written about it. To an outsider there is that fascination that a bunch of dumb fucks worship the Great Amway God and believe the lies and bullshit spouted by the cult leaders. To those of us living the horror inside the Amway cult and not buying into the bullshit it’s sheer terror how Amway rips lives apart.

  4. Anna, this particular Ambot must be the dumbest,stupidest and most retarded Ambot in the history or ambots(I'm sure he had smoked something funny to claim Bush is an Amway salesperson lol).
    However,you seem to have some very wrong notions about India. Yes, India is a third-world country but is not as bad as you might think. The news here is very much updated and we just as abreast about world events as people in the so-called first world countries. A good percentage of us are well-educated, earn well and are honest, hard-working people. I'm Sure you have no clue about how politicians in your country twist the news to have you believe that 9/11 was caused by Muslims and that you actually landed on the moon. But I digress.

    I love your blog and as a former Ambot, I believe your blog is spot-on , but I suggest you limit the blog to trashing Amway and making fun of ambots, and not venture into stuff you have no knowledge about or exposure to.

    Love from India! Cheers!

    1. Hi QuitAmway - whether or not it's information control by Amway cult leaders, the Indian goverment, or lack of venues such as the Internet to verify news sources, I can't tell you. Either way someone in India is making a double fool out of their country and Amway and is pretty much fair game for poking fun at. No different than Theo the triple executive diamond who is an illegal alien from Colombia making it big in America thanks to Amway LOL!

      Ambots make it too easy to poke fun of but most of the Amway losers we make fun of are right here in the states.

      And I'm pretty sure I've seen where NASA faked the moon landing but that's a topic for a different blog!

    2. Lack of internet? Haha! our television, print media and internet is just as updated as those in the western world.Don't make a fool of yourself by venturing into stuff you have no clue about.Its the uplines who make these ridiculous claims in hopes that they may recruit more ambots. Ambots fall for these claims in the states just as they do in India.

      Theo an illegal alien(no clue who Theo is)?Just because Colombia is a mafia-infested country doesn't make him illegal. Even if he is illegal, then may be the immigration officials at your airports are dumb enough to let him in, not to mention the Ambots who joined his group in numbers large enough to make him a triple executive Diamond! Lolz

      American dream indeed!

      Love from India! Cheers!

    3. Hi QuitAmway. I would think priority for people living in poverty would be food, water and shelter over TV, media and Internet! No matter where they live. Most countries have these things and even electricity and indoor plumbing but not everyone can afford these luxuries. I think its just criminal that Amway shows up in impoverished countries to bring more misery. Its bad enough Amway has done it to their fellow country men and women. Bunch of scammers without morals.

      There was an Ambot from Salt Lake City, Utah who showed up and left a few comments mostly trying to convince us that SLC isn't in Utah! LOL! I must have missed that breaking news story that Salt Lake City had relocated to another state. It's just amazing what Ambots will lie about.


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