Thursday, April 5, 2018

Get Rich Quick In Amway?….. Uhhhhhhhh…… Better Make That Get Poor Quick In Amway!

At Amway meetings I attended the speaker was very careful not to use the words “get rich quick”. Those particular words make most people wary that’s it’s a scam. The old saying about how if it sounds too good to be true comes to mind.

The Platinum or Diamond speaker avoids saying the actual words “get rich quick” but everything else they say implies that a person will get rich in Amway fairly quickly.

Take a popular phrase at Amway meetings “two to five years”. What can happen in two to five years? Why - you can go Diamond of course! The Diamonds show all these videos at Amway functions with mansions, sports cars, private jets, and exotic vacations. The message is that in two to five years that’s the lifestyle all the IBO’s in the audience will be living. Anyone remember that TV show called “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? That’s the perception we’re getting with the Diamond’s videos. That type of lifestyle. The people that Robin Leach was interviewing were earning millions of dollars a year to sustain that lifestyle. The same lifestyle that Amway Diamonds show that they’re living even though Amway literature says average Diamond income is about $150K/year. Its not easy to lead a multi millionaire lifestyle on a low 6 figure income. Its a lot cheaper to rent a house, cars, airplane, etc for a few days for a movie shoot than to actually own the stuff. I have no way of verifying one way or the other that the things the Diamonds are jumping all over in their videos are actually owned and fully paid for by them or staged for the video.

Is two to five years a long time? Or is that a reasonably quick time to be earning millions of dollars a year?

OK I’m going to pick on Nicolas Cage here. And not in a mean way. Only because he’s been in the news. I like him as an actor. I’ve seen a lot of his movies. “Gone in Sixty Seconds” he made $20 million dollars. The “National Treasure” movies he made $20 million each. Here’s a guy who works lets say maybe a year on a movie and he earns millions of dollars. That sounds pretty “get rich quick” to me. On the other hand this man has lost 2 homes - probably mansions - in New Orleans to foreclosure and his Las Vegas home to foreclosure. He’s having all kinds of money problems. He can’t even sustain an Amway Diamond lifestyle and he earns millions of dollars a year more than those Diamonds. I think Nicolas Cage better make another National Treasure sequel before he gets prospected by some Amway IBO!

Our sack of shit Platinum says if you are CORE then in 6 months you’ll be earning more than $75,000/year, usually the numbers went up the longer he talked so $80,000 or $100,000 or $125,000 was tossed around a lot. Although that might not be “rich”, 6 months is still a reasonably “quick” time to make $75k plus. Our Platinum also said if you get 20 friends to buy $25/ month from Amway you’d be earning $1000/month. Hunh? Let’s do the math. Amway is earning $500 from those 20 friends spending $25 each. How the hell can the lowly commissioned salesperson IBO earn $1000/month from that??? That sounds pretty good to me too. Earning double what Amway takes in. Who wouldn’t want to jump on that deal? Just more lies to scam in new prospects. Our Platinum claimed he worked less than 10 hours a week and earned over $100K a year so that means he’s another fucking lying Amway asshole or he’s including income from other sources plus the shit pay from Amway. To a person working a cash register for minimum wage 40 hours a week, I would say working 10 hours a week to earn $100 thousand a year sounds like “get rich quick”. And its even lower than the Amway threshold of 10 to 15 hours a week. Amway is all about juggling the numbers to confuse people and scam them into the cult.

I realize its all about perception. Some people out there will think $75 or $100 or $125 thousand a year is dog chow while someone else will think they’ve hit pay dirt.

Perception. Illusions. Smoke and mirrors. Its all part of the Amway scheme.


  1. Anna, when you speak of "a person working a cash register for a minimum wage 40 hours a week," you're describing precisely the sort of person that Amway tries to suck in with its "Plan."

    Amway offers the dream of big money to people who are unlikely ever to get big money. But that is the entire evil idea behind Amway and all MLMs. Hook the losers, the weak, the unskilled, the not-too-bright, the financially desperate, and turn them into mindless down-line who can be exploited by the smarter and slicker up-line types who know the real truth about Amway.

    Look at the typical Platinum or Diamond in Amway. He's basically a sharp con-man who knows how to talk and schmooze. He's familiar with all the propaganda and tricks that rope less intelligent people into a scheme, and the more sophisticated tricks and propaganda to keep them in it. He knows very well that 99% of IBOs will not make a dime of profit in the Amway racket, but he's perfectly willing to exploit their hopes and dreams to milk them of money month after month, and year after year.

    The Amway Corporation and the vicious little subsystems that it sponsors to do its dirty work are profoundly corrupt.

    1. Hey Anonymous. I like this:

      "Amway offers the dream of big money to people who are unlikely ever to get big money. But that is the entire evil idea behind Amway and all MLMs. Hook the losers, the weak, the unskilled, the not-too-bright, the financially desperate, and turn them into mindless down-line who can be exploited by the smarter and slicker up-line types who know the real truth about Amway."

      That's the REAL Amway business plan!

      And as you also said some sharp con men who can trick others into the Amway pyramid scheme might make a little money at this scam.

      Amway and it's fleet of Ambots are dirty corrupt bastards.

  2. Anna,

    That Devoss family are a pack of bullies as they used their money in Michigan to destroy the unions that gave good wages to the destruction of its public schools as you are a looser if your kid is in a public school!

    At those Amway rallies that is all one heard and of course that "evil" govt and of course I prey that that evil govt will get off its ass and shut that pig of a company down and jail its leaders like Devoss and Yeager...

    Jail and to be molested in prison is what those fucks deserve and my dear Anna you are on a roll!


    1. Hi KMB. Nothing surprises me about those Amway motherfuckers. Love to see them in jail except they manager to pay huge fines instead. That would be the owners. There's lots of stories online about scamming Ambots that end up jail. These ones don't limit their fraud to just Amway!

  3. Hi Anna. Greetings from India! I was in Amway for the better part of a year. I was initially excited, invited a couple of friends to a home meeting(they made fun of the bald speaker lol) who didnt join. I attended the (brainwashing) functions,made a few pity sales to friends and relatives(who never placed a repeat order,as expected),I lost quite a bit of money, made practically zero, and then finally got the fuck out! Everything you talk about in your blog is 100% true and I've experienced it first-hand.
    I only recently learnt that uplines make money from tool sales. This angered me. No wonder ambots are forced to attend meetings, buy CDs and get on standing order. The CDs are pure crap! Not one bit of useful business information. Same shit different speakers.
    I was shocked to see my upline's cupboards filled with Amway products top to bottom! The sight of hundreds of artistry bottles stocked up almost made me throw up. That was a major red flag for me. No way in hell was I going to stock up just so some upline loser could achieve a certain pin.

    Literally everything an upline says is a lie.

    Your blog is very entertaining as well as informative! The stories about marriages breaking up, families getting destroyed because of the cult are heart breaking.

    My upline lady is a total bitch! She tried selling Amway junk to people at a funeral. I'm not kidding. She would probably sleep with men if they promised to buy products.

    Amway has a really crappy reputation here in India. Its been here for only 20 years as opposed to 59 years in the US and yet in that time, it has managed to get such a poor reputation. When I used to make calls to 'prospects' to invite them to a meeting,they would smell Amway and hang up.

    Love from India! Great work Anna!

    1. Hi QuitAmway. I'm glad to hear you saw the light and wanted to get your life back on track financially and got out of Amway. Everything about Amway is pure crap not just the CDs! And everyone in Amway is a liar. Yup Amway is all about same shit different speakers. They all have to change their stores slightly to entertain the audience who paid big bucks for tickets to hear the Amway cult leaders speak.

      Here's the thing I don't understand about Amway in India and if you come back maybe you can explain it. Amway shitty products all come with a huge price tag. Maybe 3 or 4 times higher than a similar product you can buy at the grocery store. We've all seen the news reports about India. There's a lot of poor people living there. How can these people afford Amway's high prices? It's just one of these things I don't understand when Amway's news releases say sales are down in America but up in India.

    2. Yes,there is a lot of poverty in India but people are doing quite well in big cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore etc, and the major Chunk of IBOs come from these cities. Most of these IBOs are well educated and earn good salaries at their jobs. And as we all know, ambots are forced to stock up on product. Many of my uplines have cupboards full of amjunk. So that would explain why sales are up in India.

    3. Hi QuitAmway. That sort of makes sense but when you consider those Ambots are preying on people who live in poverty by telling them Amway is the answer to bettering their lifestyle it’s really lousy. Lying scamming Amway assholes out there selling the hope.

  4. The Amway Masturbator currently posting from Ravelna, South Carolina and seems to have gone back to is now using IP and this time is pretending to be willty and claims to make $600k. That’s right about 5 times more than Amway’s brochures say a Diamond makes. Who’d ever thought jacking off into a box of SA8 would pay so well?! LOL!

  5. The Amway Masturbator from Charleston South Carolina came by to jerk off. He’s used this AT&T IP before but in the past has used Bell South Net.


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