Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Amway Ambot Employee Mentality

One of the things we used to hear at Amway meetings is the only reason people aren’t in Amway is because they have an “employee mentality” or a “job mentality” or some other similar phrase. Usually punctuated with J.O.B. = Just Over Broke and that’s all they’ll ever be.

I can say Just Over Broke is all most people will be for as long as they stick it out with Amway!

Just another way of brainwashing the IBO’s into thinking they’re better than everyone else because they’re with Amway and they own their own business and don’t have an employee mentality.

So when did we hear the “employee mentality” sneer? Usually when we’ve told our upline about potential prospects who weren’t interested in coming to a meeting. The Platinum would put them down in his usual way dismissing them with bullshit about how they’ll always have employee mentality.

The other time we heard it was when an IBO had dropped out. The sack of shit Platinum would rant about how the escapee’s “dream wasn’t big enough”, “employee mentality”, “broke loser”, etc, etc.

Do any of these bastards ever sit back for a minute and think about what’s so bad about having an employee mentality?

Probably not because that means they had to grow a brain and stop being brainwashed!

Not everyone has the personality, the intellect, the drive, the knowledge, the learning capacity, etc to have what it takes to start a business.

Sadly there are a lot of people who have physical and mental limitations who will never realize a dream to own a business. Do IBO’s sneer at people with missing limbs and who have brain damage? No compassion from those upline bastards for people who will never be Amway IBO's!

In any business the most important thing is sales. Whether that is selling your product or your service - if you own a business you are selling yourself. Nothing happens in your business until you get a customer and make a sale. There are many people who are good at what they do and think they can use that skill to open their own business but if they aren’t a good salesperson being an entrepreneur is a bad decision. Depending on the business the owner can hire salespeople. Its like everything else with being a small business owner. You hire others to do the things you’re not good at, don’t have time for, or are not qualified to do. Hiring salespeople is one thing. Teaching them how to sell your service or product if you’re not already a good salesperson can be disastrous and depending on the type of business, customers might only want to deal with the owner.

I would think that some people can learn to become better salespeople. Classes and books are available. When it comes right down to it not everyone has the personality to be a salesperson no matter how hard they work on it.

That’s the way it is with Amway. Amway Independent Business Owner is a fancy way of saying commissioned salesperson. The only way an IBO earns money is to find customers to buy overpriced products and recruit others to do the same. Commissions and bonuses are earned on the sales.

So when the upline sneers at people who aren’t interested in Amway or have quit Amway because they have an “employee mentality” what they really should be saying is the people who left suck at being lowly paid salespeople.

There is no shame in having an employee mentality and working for someone else. You can’t force yourself to be a good salesperson.

I often wonder how our Platinum sack of shit rated Ambot after he quit. “That Ambot has an employee mentality!” Yeah right. Someone who’s owned their own business for years and hasn’t had an employer in a long time really has an employee mentality. Let’s see. Doesn’t that Platinum bastard have a full time job? Doesn’t he have a boss? That would be a big yessiree!

Who really has the employee mentality here? Ambot or the sack of shit Platinum?

And why does it matter?


  1. Anna,

    Amway is what's wrong with America as it represents the worst of us from that reject Ayn Rand that so called Goddess of capitalism to our dear Devoss family making a huge fucking pig trough out of the whole she-bang!

    In your last post you talked of those Amway owners as evil and I can assure you it's worse than you could ever imagine as how America privatized her wars based on Devoss family lies as my dear nephew is a Green Beret as he filled me in on the absolute scum that that Devoss bunch is as they own Blackwater and look it up and get ready to vomit!

    What vile scum!

    Anna my brave lass your mission is to absolutely distroy this evil corrupt family and this evil business as when you drive the silver stake into the evil the parasite will die and America will heel and can you tell I hate them with a passion not just for what they did to me but what they did to America and now these sad sack mother fuckers wish to import this world wide!

    Their sales volume has not dropped enough and let the war continue until this vile parasite of a company is no more!

    Fuck them!!!


    1. Hi KMB. The Amway evil needs to be shut down. The owners and their heirs will still be rich but the devastation they bring to peoples lives and their uncaring attitude to destroying lives is what makes them pure shit evil. All we can do is share our stories and hope that helps bring down their bottom line. Amway the Cult of Greed. Scumbag bastards.

  2. The fact is that Amway and all MLM schemes aren't true businesses at all. They are pretend-businesses.

    You are right, Anna -- the only thing that makes a business a real business is SALES to customers. If those sales cover expenses and leave you with a profit, your ARE IN BUSINESS, as the idiom says.

    Amway is not about sales at all, but about recruitment only. The "sales" of all those overpriced generic Amway products are nothing but a cover for endless and continual recruiting. That's the Amway "Plan."

    Therefore the words "employer" and "employee" really have no meaning in the Amway scheme. Those are words that make sense only in a real business with real customers. There aren't any actual customers in Amway -- just a lot of deluded people (IBOs) filling their garages and basements with boxes of Amway crap that they'll never sell.

    1. Anonymous- the only thing that keeps Amway as a legal pyramid scheme versus an illegal pyramid scheme is they have overpriced shitty products for sale to their Ambots. The rest of the sane world won’t buy their shit.

      But yeah what you said makes a lot of sense on the employee mentality and how Ambots don’t think it applies to them as big shot hot shit “business owners”.

    2. MLM's never talk about actual business, accounting or consumer strategies. Their meetings and seminars are all about flash and bang "fire 'em up!" brainwashing and propaganda with slideshows and phony wealth stories instead. It is never addressed that unless the majority of sales are to outside consumers they can never make much of a profit, if they ever do at all. When the majority of sales are to either themselves or to other Ambots beneath them on the pyramid it's not a business. Sales advice from upline usually consists of "buy more stuff".

      Their business model would be like having a grocery market on the street that is so over-priced they get no customers but think they are doing well when they keep buying more and more stock to collect dust on the shelves and back warehouse. Then they try to talk their friends into opening a market of their own where the friends do the same thing hoping to get a few pennies commission from the main supplier for having brought in another sucker.

      With this plan no one will be "walking the beaches of the world" except for the supplier at the very top, where all the money funnels up to. Just like in the real world, trickle down never works just because those at the top have more money. No one at the top says "gee, we have so much money, let's be generous and share it." The only thing that works is when products are being sold on a wide scale and consumer want drives the market. With Amway products being of mediocre quality at best and grotesquely over priced, that will never happen. Ever. The handful of Ambots who make some kind of money are the ones who found the most suckers to drag in and drain dry. Some business, eh?


    3. Hey Dave you should hit the nail on the head. Especially when you say those at the top aren't being generous and sharing their money with those beneath them. OK let's leave some well known philanthropists out because we're talking Amway here and those at the very top of the Amway pyramid. We have scads of Ambots leaving comments here bragging how much money Amway makes. That might be good news for the owners of the company. Or bad news seeing as how their sales have been sliding every year. But how does that affect the bragging Ambot? It's like these Ambots are such big dumb fucks they think those at the top are going to share their money with them. NOT! Scammers don't share the money they steal off others. Yeah like that'll ever happen.

      MLM scams like Amway are not in the business of making anyone rich except those who started the company or got in early enough.

  3. Better to have an employee mentality than a crooked rip off thief mentality that Amway diamonds have.

    1. Hi Joecool. I’d also say it’s better to be a kind compassionate human being than a lying scamming Amway asshole.

    2. I agree. It is impossible to have any kind of success in Amway and have a conscience. Because the ONLY way to make any kind of money in it is to trick a lot of other people and hope to take some of their money while they are being driven into debt. One has to have no problem with lying in order to keep the suckers strung along for as long as they can.

      Sometimes I see people come here who have lost money in Amway say "but at least it made me a better person". Since when is learning how to lie and deceive making you a better person?


    3. When ex-Ambots say that they lost money in Amway but "it made me a better person," this is a dead giveaway in regard to the cultic and quasi-religious character of MLMs.

      The notion that suffering elevates and ennobles one's character is a religious idea, common to many faiths. In a true religious context, the idea may carry some weight. In any case, it is a metaphysical proposition that cannot be verified.

      But the proposition is meaningless in a commercial business! Unless, of course, the "business" is a cult-driven one like Amway or some other MLM. There, the claim that "suffering has made me better" is utterly absurd, since the entire purpose of an MLM is to make a participant rich, not improve his moral standing. But it does show that the so-called "business" is actually cult-based.

    4. Dave - that's right. Only the very best liars and scammers who can trick others out of their money have any chance of making income in Amway. Most people who have a conscience and morals can't do it. Or not for long anyway.

      And agree how does learning to be a liar and scammer make you a better person. How does not making money but being a better or nicer person pay the bills?

    5. Anonymous - that's a good description that I hadn't thought of before about suffering enables one's character is a religious idea and Amway is a twisted religious cult.

      And real business owners know as you've pointed out that becoming a better person is meaningless to real business owners. We start up a business to provide income. All business owners want to turn a profit but they need a viable business idea first. Being a commissioned sales rep for a company with a bad reputation that retails overpriced shitty products ain't going to cut it. Amway the Cult of Greed. You won't get rich. You probably won't become a better person because most people don't become a better person when they get scammed out of their money.


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