Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amway Cult Leaders Use Your Dreams Against You

When recruits are being prospected by IBO’s they are asked about their dreams.

Often that is met by silence. Most people don’t know how to respond to “what are your dreams” because its kind of private only to be shared with people you’re close to.

A person might not know exactly what the IBO is asking or be a little confused about the direction of the question. Or they might not have thought about putting their dreams out there for other people to know about.

A good answer might be “none of your fucking business”. Especially if you suspect its an Amway IBO!

If the prospect says they don’t know or haven’t thought about it the scumbucket IBO will try another tactic.

“Imagine you won the Powerball. What would you do with all that money?”

A windfall of money drops in your lap. Millions of dollars to spend. What do you buy?

Be very careful with that answer because if you sign up with Amway your upline will use that answer against you for as long as you remain in “the business” and taunt you and torment you and dangle that elusive dream over your head.

There is a charitable organization that is close to our hearts. Doesn’t matter which one. Most people have a cause that they support and I’m not identifying ours because of the hits this blog gets for Amway searches and I don’t have the charity’s permission to associate them with a pyramid scheme. So when asked about his dream Ambot made the bad decision to tell the upline he’d like to build or buy a hospice for dying patients or a home where family members can stay near to the hospital where their loved one is being treated. A dream like that would take a good chunk of money to build and operate.

Bad Ambot! Badddddd mistake telling the fucking assholes in the Amway upline about his dream to have a home where dying patients and/or their families could stay. Then he was ferociously tortured by his upline because he was unable to find any prospects to bring to meetings, sign up any downline, or get customers. The upline held it over his head taunting him about how all these people were going to die and it was going to be all his fault because he wasn’t working hard enough to build them a place to live.

Bunch of sick bastards accusing Ambot that he’s responsible for people dying because he’s not working the Amway business hard enough.

That’s part of the Amway cult. That’s part of the brainwashing process.

Don’t let what happened to Ambot happen to you. Whatever your dreams are keep them to yourself and NEVER EVER share them with someone involved in Amway. If you let anyone involved in Amway know what your dreams are you will be tortured and tormented and ridiculed and made to feel like shit.

“I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough” was the familiar quote from the fucking upline because they’d been given the ammunition to use Ambot’s dreams against him.

So one more time I send a big fuck you out to our dumb fuck sponsor and our sack of shit Platinum and any other fucking IBO’s who tormented us during the Amway penance.

And another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.


  1. "The upline held it over his head taunting him about how all these people were going to die and it was going to be all his fault because he wasn’t working hard enough to build them a place to live." That is so effed up its almost funny. Good ol psychological manipulation. So disturbing.

    1. Anonymous - call it mind control, brainwashing, or bullying. This is how the Amway cult works. Amway Ambots are a bunch of low life sick bastards.

  2. Back in 1970, when my cousin had roped me into going to one of his Amway meetings, I had a similar experience.

    The meeting was held in the back room of some crummy restaurant. Those present were IBOs (called "Amway distributors" back then), and they were a sorry crew of bedraggled housewives, overweight schlubs, unemployed laborers, and a few glassy-eyed young jerks just out of high school. They looked like the kind of lower-middle-class losers you'd meet at a Bingo hall on Friday night.

    Anyway, there was all the usual rah-rah cheering about the great opportunity of the Amway "plan," and how we were all supposed to go out and be "movers and shakers."

    There was one guy running the show who was either the Platinum, or just some big pin. He didn't look any more impressive than the rest of the crew. Towards the end of the meeting, he insisted on asking each person present what their "dreams" were. Most people gave the predictable answers about what they would buy.

    When he came to me, I said "I'm not in Amway -- I'm just here to listen." He said "Well, if you were to join, what would you want to get out of it?"

    I thought for a moment, and replied as honestly as I could: "My own desire would be to earn enough money so that I wouldn't have to think about money at all."

    All the IBOs there cheered and smiled, and said that I had given a great answer. But the Platinum asshole was pissed off. He said "That's NOT a dream! A dream has to be specific! Tell us what your dream for your Amway business is!"

    I replied "I'm not in Amway. I'm here with my cousin to listen. Didn't you understand that?"

    The Platinum asshole then said "Well, I can see that you're not the right type for Amway." He was very angry.

    My cousin was annoyed, and when we left he complained that I had said the wrong thing. I answered "What do you mean, the wrong thing? I said what I honestly thought. Is this Amway a fucking totalitarian society where I can only say what is approved?"

    My cousin couldn't answer me. And for a very long time after that, he did not speak to me.

    By the way, my cousin failed completely in the Amway business. But the real tragedy is this: ever since then he's gone from one dopey unprofitable "scheme" after another. His experience with Amway poisoned him forever.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story.

      It sounds like the Amway losers from the 70s are the same losers in Amway today! Nothing ever changes in Amway.

      And love it when the Platinum says you're not the right type for Amway. I mean how lucky you can get! You're not the right type to be brainwashed and scammed out of your money!

      Amway is a fucking totalitarian society where Ambots must adhere to extreme obedience and worshipping of the Amway cult leaders. You can't do or say anything without getting permission from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.

      Amway. The Cult of Greed. Home to losers that make up a sorry crew of bedraggled housewives, overweight schlubs, unemployed laborers, and a few glassy-eyed young jerks just out of high school who are only too happy to share their dreams to be used against them at a later date. Perfect.

      People unwilling to be brainwashed usually don't get a pass from an Amway cult leader. After all those are dollars slipping away....

  3. Hello,

    So my wife and I were with WWG a training and mentoring program for Amway for the last 2 years. We have recently walked away from the organization due to a few things that I never could agree with. I wanted to reach out to this community because I'm sure there will be people who will search for answers while deciding to join or not.


    He are a few things that I did like about WWG. I really loved the mentoring in life situations. You have such a big group of people that there was always someone who went through what you were going through and had great advice. I did enjoyed the book list they had because the books were great for growing personally & great low price. Honestly, that's the only two things I truly liked.

    Negatives (this is my person experience)

    The first thing that I truly didn't like was the way we had to be sly when talking to a potential business partner. We weren't allowed to give to much information and there couldn't be any mention of Amway or WWG. When someone asked what company we work for we would say "We work with a few company's like Nike, Apple...etc" which were all associated with Amway. I always felt like that was lying because we worked for Amway but that was how we were trained and it was always brought up to us "why change something that has made others successful".

    The next thing that bugged me was that when someone was involved in their church or community the upline would always "suggest" to stop everything until you grow your business. Being a christian I couldn't agree with that since having fellowship with others is very important. It was not only that but they made/ suggested us to miss weddings / family events / work events.. pretty much anything that wasn't for the business.

    Then there are the major functions that drain your accounts because they are every quarter, plus the rallies which are if I remember every quarter and then there are 2nd looks. The only thing that was free were the house meeting every other week. Before we joined they helped setup a budgeting sheet to save money but I never saw that money because it went to all the events and products. I am still using the budgeting but now that I am not paying for functions / hotels / communikate and the WWG app I am starting to see my saving go up and able to clean my debt up.

    The next thing what really got to me was the way my wife began looking at me. She would always tell me for the last two years "When you go out and meet people and grow the business, that when I know you are fighting for our family" It really made me feel like crap because I would over 40/hrs a week to support my family but that wasn't "Fighting" to her. We got into a lot of fights because of Amway.

    The fighting is what lead up to my wife and I separating for about a month and a half. what made it worse so none of our upline ever wondered what happened to us. Once they didn't see any PV coming through it all the "doing Life together" "always being there for us" all disappeared.

    That is my personal experience with Amway / WWG. If your able to put all of your time / money into it, remove all relationships besides IBO's then this is the business for you.

    It wasn't for me and I am happy to report that my wife and I are back together, we are no longer part of Amway and I am perusing a business that I am passionate about and don't have to be "sly" about.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Amway story. I hope others will find it helpful.

      Amazing you lasted as long as 2 years! The longer you stay in Amway the harder it is to leave. You get taunted by the upline that you can't leave now, not when success is just around the corner.

      Here's the thing, your story is not so different than just about everyone else's story about what it's like in Amway. Except you don't dwell on the upline abuse.

      Sometimes people find things they like about their time in the Amway cult, and often it's got to do with the reading material that came from outside sources that may have actually helped them with another business or personal growth.

      The negatives you've listed are all part of what it's like being in the Amway cult.

      Being secretive about who the employer is. Never say the A word!

      If anything else is going on your life: work, family, or church related - it all takes a back seat to Amway.

      All the "hidden" Amway expenses that drain your bank account and skyrocket your credit card debt.

      Family/marriage problems. There's nothing that brings Amway Ambots more happiness than destroying other lives.

      And I must say you were extremely lucky going to house meetings every other week. In our WWDB cult sect it was 3 or 4 times a week!

      Once you stop buying Amway shit, your Ambot BFFs drop you like a hot coal and you're ostracized.

      Yeah it's always better to work for a company or start up your own business and its not something you're embarrassed about. Ambots love to deny that they're in Amway.

      Once you leave the Amway cult then you're able to start getting yourself back on track financially and emotionally.

      Hope things continue to go better for you!


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