Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pay Big Bucks For Amway Laundry Soap And It Does A Pissy Job

An Amway ambot dropped by to leave a comment that is typical of any Amway IBO – lies. In this case the ambot claims that consumer reports say that Amway’s laundry soap SA8 is the best out there. I asked him – and yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a him, all women know SA8 is not as great as Amway ambots claim it is, which consumer reports that would be and that’s the last I heard from that Amway asshole.

That’s the thing with people in Amway and their constant spouting off lies and bullshit. Once they’re asked where this information is available their reaction is to lie, deny, distract, defend, and then disappear. This Amway ambot is just repeating/duplicating the lies he heard from other Amway assholes. They lie about the quality of Amway products and their rating in consumer reports and because none of it is true they can’t back it up with magazine name and date or a web link where a consumer panel group study was contracted by a reputable company such as a national magazine or TV station. Not talking a web page where someone lists their personal preferences as opposed to a website with actual case studies and real people – not Amway ambots – participated in a test market.

Anyone can have an opionion. An Amway ambot’s opinion on Amway products is that they’re the best out there. The rest of the world who aren’t brainwashed Amway IBO’s sees the truth about Amway products – overpriced, substandard , shitty products. There are similar products that can be purchased for much less money at grocery and big box stores. So just because some Amway cult leader is yapping from the stage that Amway’s SA8 laundry detergent is the best out there and rated the best with consumer reports doesn’t mean its true. Ask which reporting company and the Amway cult leader will screech at you to never question upline. The reason you can’t question upline is because they’re full of shit.

Occasionally some Amway asshole will show up here and point to a blog where someone has listed their top 10 products – lets just say laundry soap – and Amway is at the top. Lets think about this you dumb fuck. Someone who is an Amway IBO wrote that top 10 list and they can put anything they want on it.

No different than if I posted the top 10 ice creams in the USA. Those would be my opinion and my personal preferences. Just cause I like a certain brand or maybe I work for them  and want to support them doesn’t mean the next guy who reads the list is going to agree. Probably has different order of their favorite ice creams. Also doesn’t mean my list is going to match consumer magazines lists or a list put together by a reputable company after doing consumer panel testing.

As we all know Amway ain’t a reputable company and Amway IBO’s are not reputable.

When ambots leave the cult, all of a sudden Amway products aren’t the best of the best anymore or they would keep buying them.

So what do people really think about SA8 legacy of clean laundry soap? Its laundry soap. Does the same job as any regular laundry soap. Go to Walmart. Laundry soap under $10. Amway’s prices? $40 to $50 depends on whether you buy powder or liquid soap. Legacy of clean? Its gets clothes no cleaner than laundry soap that can be bought for a quarter or a fifth of the price that are sold everywhere else. It doesn’t do some super spectacular job of clean.

I’ve used Amway’s laundry soap and then I went back to Tide when we got out of the Amway cult. Tide does a better job at getting clothes clean at a fraction of Amway’s cost. A Google search shows links to Good Housekeeping. Now who would know better than what’s the best anything that needs to be cleaned inside a house than this magazine! And ABC news that refers to Consumer Reports, and the hands down winner is Tide. I usually use Tide but I’m not against buying other detergent when its on sale.

An Amway employee told me she gets free SA8, one of the perks of working here. Does she use it? Nope. She buys Tide. She wants to get her clothes clean! A woman stopped by to say she’s washed her daughter’s bedding numerous times in SA8 and still can’t get the urine smell out. Apparently the kid is a bed wetter, thanks for sharing mom. What do I look like? Advice columnist for bed wetters? I suggested she try Tide to get it clean and if that didn’t work try Gain because its scented and maybe that’ll help cover the pee odor. She could also try Febreeze, new sheets, having her kid wear night diapers. But I mean really how many times is she going to try SA8 before realizing it don’t work.


No matter how much Amway ambots will try to bullshit you into believing that anything from Amway is superior and consumer reports prove it. Which reports is that? That company over in Europe whose name escapes me that Amway pays to have them put their Artistry cosmetics 2nd as the world best prestigious cosmetics. I wonder how much the company who got the number 1 spot paid for that?

Amway = liars and bullshitters.

Step away from those lying Amway assholes!

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