Monday, August 6, 2018

Amway Nightmares

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and can’t get back to sleep again? Even more so when whatever you were just dreaming about keeps you awake thinking about it and then thinking about other things that may be connected to that dream.

I was dreaming that I was standing somewhere talking to a person when out of the blue someone shot them. I saw who it was. Our Amway cult leader so I decided to get the hell out of there ASAP. That was when he started chasing me and kept shooting. I eluded him for a long time and then he caught up and shot someone else who was near to me. Then the Amway cult leader tells me he’s shooting people who won’t listen to tapes and that he won’t shoot me as long as I go to this location and listen to a tape. And just so he knows I’m going to the location he gives this top to me to wear that has a recording device on it so he’ll know if I’m asking anyone for help so he can kill both of us. I remember getting to the location but didn’t listen to the tape before I made another getaway and woke up. Even in my subconscious I still refuse to listen to Amway tapes! Fortunately my Ambot was not in my dream so I know he wasn't killed. Yeah it was a bizarre dream with the cult leader killing anyone who wouldn’t listen to Amway tapes. The man chasing me didn’t look a thing like our Platinum cult leader. He looked more like another infamous cult leader - Charles Manson - except this one’s hair and beard were a lighter color.

When I read Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception he stated that some of the Amway cult followers told him they would do anything for their hallowed leaders. Die for them. Kill for them. No hidden message here about the threats. He genuinely feared for his life and his family.

You can download a free copy of Merchants of Deception at the link on the right side of this page under More Information About Amway.

Its incredible the horrible acts that cult followers can be induced to commit that they never would have considered prior to joining the cult. I don't think Scheibeler's upline were all that different than my own.

At meetings our Platinum cult leader often told us about the guy who recruited him into Amway. I never met the guy. He had long since quit Amway. Several people upline of the Platinum had quit over 10 or 15 years so now the person directly above our Platinum was the Emerald because everyone else inbetween had dropped out. When the Platinum sack of shit told us about his sponsor he said he threatened him when he signed up with Amway. Told him that if he didn’t make any money at Amway then he would break the guys arms and legs. Sometimes he’d change the story slightly and say the guys arms and legs would be torn out. You know if it was me I wouldn’t go around bragging about something like that. If anything ever happened to that sponsor, even after all these years, who is the first person who’s going to be a suspect?

Our Platinum claims to be a good Christian and at every Amway meeting told us that God is number one in his life. I don’t know. Good Christians go around threatening to tear out people’s limbs if they don't make money in Amway?

For Christsakes we'd be running into one armed and one legged people everywhere we go!

Kind of like Jack the Ripper. This guy ought to be known as Jackass Platinum the Ripper.

I just thought it was kind of stupid of the Platinum telling us this story at all and especially telling it when we’ve got a tape recorder running. One of these things that could come back and haunt him. I think the Platinum used that story as a moral that he made money in Amway because its easy to make money in Amway, therefore his sponsor didn't need to go in for limb replacement surgery.

But is our Platinum really making any money? For all I know there's a guy somewhere out there who's had his arms and legs removed all in the name of Amway upline devotion.


  1. Dear Anna --

    Your dream is fairly easy to analyze.

    The Amway "cult-leader" shooting people and chasing you is a symbol of the Amway Corporation itself, and all of its related subsystems and structures. The persons whom you are speaking to, and who are getting shot, are a symbol of your website and this ongoing anti-Amway blog.

    Your dream is pointing out that the entire Amway racket is enraged at you, but more so at the audience you have developed over the years at this blog. The discussions and anecdotes and revelations that you post here have driven the entire Amway establishment into a blood-rage.

    That's why in the dream the "cult-leader" doesn't want to kill you, but the persons you are talking to. For Amway, the problem isn't necessarily one lady called Anna Banana, but the hundreds of persons she reaches and influences.

    The cult-leader's demand that you listen to tapes is a symbol of Amway's frantic need to push its official propaganda on anyone who dares to question the entire stupid Amway racket. They don't want to kill Anna Banana; they just want her to give up the fight and "listen to the tapes" -- that is, stop running her blog and stop damaging Amway. Killing the persons that she's talking to is a symbol of shutting down the blog totally, and "killing" any criticism of Amway.

    Would Amway actually kill anyone? I doubt it. These Amway fucks are just a bunch of weenies. But they really are mad, and why not? Your blog (along with many others) has caused them to lose 10% profit every year for the last several years.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Hey good dream interpreting!

      Yup probably goes something to the effect that Amway wants me to convert into one of their cult followers and admit I've been wrong in my opinion of them all these years. LOL! Never happen.

      The Charles Manson thing - we look at his face and we see evil. Amway is evil. Amazing Amway didn't get Manson to be their spokesperson. He'd have been perfect! Missed opportunity for Amway!

      It comes down to dollars. Amway and their army of Ambots are desparate to sell shitty overpriced Amway products and sign up people to their cult so they can make money. Ambots have a good reason to lie - so they can make a few pennies commission. Around here no money is exchanged. Information is free. Nothing is for sale. We do this so others don't get scammed by Amway. There's no money in it for us. That must infuriate Amway and their Ambots even more.

      Best fee advice you'll ever get: Stay the hell away from Amway!


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