Thursday, August 2, 2018

Part 2 Getting Prospected By An Amway Ambot

Continued. A reader shares his story about how Amway scammers follow a script and how Amway Ambots are tax evaders.

Monday night I went to this meeting. I told the upline that I didn't think that I would be able to get enough people to buy Amway products. No one that I know does extensive online shopping, they all prefer to go to a physical store, and I can't imagine anyone spending $68 for Vitamin C when they can get twice as much for 10% of the price at Walgreens. I told him that I didn't have enough time right now to devote to Amway, and that the idea that the only way to make money was to recruit more people concerned me. Oversaturation maybe?

My favorite part was when I brought up taxes. The upline kept talking about how all the travel could be deducted as a business expense, so I asked how reporting income for tax purposes works.
Him: "Well, it's more of a hobby, so we don't need to pay taxes on income."
Me: "So how can you deduct travel as a business expense, if it's not a business?"
Him: "It is a business, you own your own business."
Me: "But you said it was a hobby, then a business."
Him: "You can't really understand how it works until you're operating your own business."
Riiiiight. I'd rather not get audited for screwing with my taxes like that, or find out that you're lying and screwing me over.

Anyway, I was the third or fourth person that night that he tried to sell on the idea, and the only one that asked any questions or wanted to research the idea. Everyone else signed up immediately and dropped $165 without even knowing what they had to do. Complete idiots! I told the guy that I wanted to look at my schedule and look into Amway more and see if I thought it would be good for me. Essentially, I just wanted him off my ass for the night, I had stuff to do and he just kept pushing.

So at the end of the meeting, he sent me on my way under the assumption that I would be returning the next week overflowing with excitement about Amway and would sign up. He also gave me some of the XS stuff (one sip was gross enough for me) and a cd to listen to (Eric Thomas is far more motivational).

The next meeting was supposed to be last night, and I told the guy that had tried to recruit me (he only contacted me about 5 times to see when I could meet, I do have a life outside of constantly checking my phone) to tell the upline that I was too busy to be at the meeting and felt that I was too busy to "open my own business" (I love how they pass off Amway as their business, it's not their own at all) and didn't have time for Amway. Haven't heard from anyone in over 24 hours, so they've either given up on me, or are planning a new way to make me understand that I do have time for Amway.

As a side note: one of the new recruits asked the upline if he was a millionaire, after the upline told us that it was so easy to become a millionaire in a few years. He told her that he wasn't one yet, but was guaranteed to be by the time he is 30. First of all, this actually could be possible, because he spends his entire life recruiting people for downline and to buy his products, he might actually make some money, but only because he deceives everyone he knows for his own benefit (he forced his mom to buy Amway product), but he won't make a million in the next 8 years, only way to do that is to have a REAL job or own a REAL business. Second, no income is ever guaranteed, things happen, there is no way to guarantee money will be there outside of a CD or savings bond. Maybe these Amway fellows need some personal finance classes. Finally, when she asked to see some numbers, he wouldn't show her anything, which would logically tell someone that the numbers he says are false. Sad thing is, she still paid $165 and signed up for Amway.


  1. Can you believe this? Everyone at that meeting (except the person putting up this post) signed up in Amway without asking a single question! All of them (except him) threw away $165 without the slightest hesitation!

    Then there's the obvious contradiction: the up-line asshole first says that Amway is a hobby, and then a few seconds later claims that it is a business for tax purposes. Didn't the prospective recruits see the complete reversal? Or were they just comatose?

    It just goes to show you -- Amway depends crucially on stupid people. Anyone with an inquiring mind, or a streak of honest skepticism, or a smidgin of financial sense, is just not vulnerable to Amway idiocy. In fact, if you so much as ask a question or show the slightest sign of doubt about the crackpot "plan," you are distrusted as a "negative" person.

    It is abundantly clear to me now that Amway's appeal is primarily psychological-religious. It is based on "faith" -- a faith that is grasped at by pathetic losers who think that dreams and illusions are superior to cold hard facts.

    1. Anonymous - yup. Amway attracts the stupid. The ones who don't ask questions and blindly follow a bunch of fucking Amway assholes. Something you hear at Amway cult meetings is to do what the upline does because they've already blazed the trail. LOL!

      Seeing as how the IRS has already determined Amway IBOs are involved in a hobby, a social club, they're not allowing phony "business" deductions. That's what taught at Amway meetings. Claim everything Amway on your taxes and you get a refund. That's the only way to make money in Amway.

      The others listening didn't understand this whole Amway hobby thing it's a business, it's not a business. And they still signed up to the pyramid scheme. A bunch of dumb fucks.

  2. This whole theory about "tax write-off" is flawed and yet so many people lineup to get a meager 15-20% write off by spending thousands that they would have saved if they were not in AMWAY. Such BS. I am an accountant and in my 8 years of practice I am yet to do a tax return for an AMWAY IBO who has actually made any net profit. And trust me I am not exaggerating. I am all for dreaming big and making your life better but not at the expense of your family and friends or worst your kids. My friend is into this nonsense and he tried to recruit me into this and I politely declined. They are always busy "building their business" by attending meetings and functions. They are almost broke most of the time now since all the money is gone into CDS and other materials and shitty products that can be purchased at a local grocery store at half the price. Long story short most amway IBO's need to get their heads out of the sand and get a real job where they can make real money that can buy real things not just dreams. If you can make money in amway more power to you but if you have been running losses for years its time to get real and get on with your life. Quit making your upline rich. And yes, I was also an IBO one point in time. I didn't quit, I just came to my senses before it was too late!

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with the accountant's viewpoint. Any accountant worth their grain would tell a client they don't deal with pyramid schemes and that they can't claim any fake deductions like vitamins and energy drinks and tickets to cult meetings.

      Ambots don't keep a profit and loss statement. That's pretty much forbidden by the Amway cult leaders because then the Ambot is tracking their losses. The cult leader's job is to keep them distracted from figuring out how much money they're losing. Real business owners know that running losses every month is not a sustainable business. I'm sure an accountant would also try to make such a client understand. A business owner always in the red needs to change their business plan and get into the black or cut their losses and close.

      Amway Ambots always show up here screaming that we're broke - though undoubtedly many of them would love to be my kind of broke! The reality is Amway Ambots are a bunch of broke losers who try to build themselves up that they're better than everyone else in the world.

      If an Ambot wants to walk the beaches of the world the way it's taunted at Amway meetings, they need to quit wasting their money in Amway and get a real job where they can save some money towards vacations.

      Quit making the upline rich and quit making Amway's owners richer.


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