Wednesday, May 18, 2022

We Didn’t Go Through The Darkness Of Amway To Stay There

We didn’t go through the darkness of Amway to stay there. We went through the darkness of Amway so that others can see the light.

There’s a big message to get out to people reading this who might be considering Amway because you’ve been prospected by an Ambot who got you in front of an Amway cult leader who’s one of the best closers when it comes to closing a sale. Maybe even suckered you to an Amway cult meeting. Did you get love bombed? That’s the fake nice stuff. Over the top interest in you. Hugging. Creepy cult shit.

The message? The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re considering joining the Amway cult?

Amway will only bring you financial and emotional distress.

We went through the darkness of Anway to help you see the light. This is so important we’ll say it again:

Amway will only bring you financial and emotional distress.

You will not get rich. You probably heard the Amway cult leader trying to give some legitimacy to their scam by saying Amway is not a get rich quick scheme.

Amway is also not a get rich slow scheme.

Amway is a not get rich EVER scheme.

The only people who get rich from Amway their last name is DeVos or VanAndel. If you want to get rich from Amway your best chance of doing so is to marry one of their heirs.

The other people who get rich (maybe) from Amway are the cult leaders. These are the people who started up their own cult sect like WWDB, BWW etc. These cult leaders mostly get rich from selling tickets to Ambots to come hear them speak. And what will they talk about? Just a bunch of motivational bullshit on how to be a dreamer. These Amway cult leaders want to sell you books and recordings of “motivational” messages. All of these are better known as the Amway tool scam.

Being inside Amway is being inside a dark place. Do you want to go through the darkness of Amway? Here’s what you have to look forward to: Anger. Despair. Always broke. Bankruptcy. Divorce. Lost jobs. Eviction. Foreclosure.

The dark side of Amway is nothing brings Ambots more happiness than destroying other people’s lives.

Going through the darkness of Amway means using your credit card to buy a bunch of useless Amway shit. Do not believe their lies and bullshit that the cult leaders feed you about how Amway will help you get out of debt. Amway will increase your debt. You have to buy 100PV of overpriced shitty Amway products every month to be eligible for a commission check. That’s spending around $300/month on a bunch of shit that you probably wouldn’t have bought in the first place from the grocery store like vitamins and energy drinks and water. And you’re using your credit card because this shit is bought on Amway’s online store. Here’s the stuff that the Amway asshole who signed you up didn’t tell you about. You’ll pile on more debt because you have to buy your $50 monthly membership to the Amway cult sect you got sucked into. Don’t forget you have to buy an outdated messaging system called Communikate for around $35 or $40/month. The Amway cult leaders get commission from that too. Ka ching ka ching to buy tickets to hear the Amway cult leaders talk. You’ll spend at least $500/month buy probably closer to $1000/month tithing the Great Amway God. Money you don’t have. Pull out that credit card and go further into debt.

Going through the darkness of Amway means getting brainwashed to believe stupid shit and lies about worshipping the Great Amway God and loving the fucking assholes in the Amway upline for no other reason than those dumb fucks signed up to Amway before you did.

Going through the darkness of Amway means watching your money slip out of your grasp as its taken away by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. It means helping those Amway motherfuckers reach their goals and dreams. Going through the darkness of Amway means those same fucking Amway assholes are destroying your goals and dreams.

We didn’t go through the darkness of Amway to stay there. We didn’t put up with being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline to stay inside that darkness of continued abuse in Amway. We went through the darkness of Amway to help you see the light.

Believers of the Great Amway God hate it that we talk about the darkness of Amway so that others can see the light. It comes down to the bottom line. Who wants to make money off you? Amway Ambots or Anna Banana? A scammer will lie to you to make money off you. Someone who went through the darkness of Amway so others can see the light does not make money. Someone who went through the darkness of Amway so others can see the light does not want to see more people get scammed out of their money. Who has more to lose by lying? Look at the bottom line? Who wants to make money from you. No one at marriedtoanambot is charging you a penny. Married To An Ambot is free. We went through the darkness of Amway so others can learn what it is really like in Amway - for free.

We didn’t go through the darkness of Amway to stay there. We survived the darkness and lived to tell our true life horror stories. If you don’t want to go through the darkness of Amway stay away from evil Amway bastards. They’re only out to steal your money, steal your time and steal your brain cells.

And one more time from marriedtoanambot let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway Scamway and their scammer army of Ambots.



  1. Sorry for the anon post. I have the sweetest neighbors from a South American country. The wife/mom doesn't speak English, and I speak a bare minimum of Spanish (but I've been practicing!). Yesterday our kids were playing outside and she asked me if I would come over for a free facial. I have rosacea and I'm suuuuuuper picky about what I put on my face, so I declined. She was sweet and asked again (we had to use google translate). I wanted more spanish practice, and to feel neighborly, so I said yes. My heart fell when she pulled out artistry products. I asked to see a list of ingredients and her husband pulled it up on his phone...a long list of chemicals and some of them I know I didn't want on my face. :( But mostly, seeing "Amway" made me want to throw up. My stomach was in knots. I've seen this destroy a family's finances. I had a brief moment of thought this evening that maybe I'm biased and wrong. So I did an internet search and one of your posts was the top hit, confirming my gut feeling. My sweet immigrant neighbors are struggling to make it here and to bring their family here. Just a couple weeks ago my husband gave her a ride to a market where she could wire money to her mother. And I'm devastated that they have gotten sucked into this scheme. The language barrier makes it almost impossible for me to tell them straight up, but even if I spoke perfect Spanish I'm not sure where I would start. I'm praying for them, and I definitely will say no to future invitations that smell like Amway. :(

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by to share your story. Most of our readers leave Anonymous comments so no problem. No one wants to use their real name and end deal with retaliation by a bunch of crazed Amway losers.

      I had a reader who used to leave comments after he left Amway and he was part of a Spanish speaking Amway group. I'm almost certain they called their cult sect Equipo which is kind of redundant when it translates to team. Yeah my team is called Team.

      Amway Ambots prey on new immigrants because it's probably their first time hearing the A word and they're gullible. If you ever get a chance to watch a series called "On Becoming God In South Central Florida" it's a dark parody on an MLM scam that used Amway as their model. As the series progresses one of the new cult followers who speaks Spanish holds meetings in Spanish to suck in new recruits.

      Artistry Cosmetics are the shits. Amway Ambots lie about how all Amway products are organic and don't use chemical fillers. The post - Is Amway Artistry Really In The Top 5 Cosmetic Brands - has twice as many views as the #2 most popular post on this blog. Full of hundreds of comments from outraged Amway losers who helped put it there.

      As you noticed, your sweet neighbors are struggling to make ends meet in this country and they've been tricked into believing Amway will bring them riches. The reality is Amway only brings its participants financial and emotional distress.

      I speak Spanish multiple times a day and I don't even think I'm fluent enough to warn our Spanish speaking friends of the evils of joining ScAmway. Isn't that Google Translate app amazing? I was having a conversation with someone in German a few weeks ago and I don't speak the language at all. LOL! But it'll be handy if we ever travel there.

  2. What a disgusting, horrible company Amway is! They take advantage of ignorant and unsuspecting foreigners in order to rip them off.

    1. Anonymous - one of the worst evils anyone will encounter in their life is Amway and their army of brainwashed Ambots.


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