Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Amway Best Friends For Nevermore

Amway was like an expensive social club for Ambot. He actually liked most of those people. He must have really liked their promises about always being his friend.

I wasn’t friends with any of these Amway losers prior to Ambot wanting to sign up. I knew the asshole sponsor because Ambot has known him for many years. He’s an unreliable, arrogant prick. Those are his finer qualities. It goes downhill from there. I haven’t liked him for many years. He’s always doing one thing or another to piss me off. Usually by borrowing something from Ambot and not returning it. Not showing up when he said he’d be there. Not answering his phone. He has all the qualities that Amway losers must possess. I can list off specific events over the years but I’m not going to turn this post into something that will takes hours to read. Suffice it to say I think everyone reading this blog has figured out a long time ago that I can’t stand the bastard.

I didn’t know anybody else prior to the Amway dark days. Most of them weren’t people I’d associate with anyway. We’re talking mostly males 20 years younger than me.

I don’t want them as friends so no big loss to me when the upline sends a command out to the downline that no one is to have anything more to do with us because we quit Amway. We are horrible people. We are losers. More specifically we are broke losers. Etc, etc.

Ambot has said he wishes he could have come back as a fly on the wall to listen to one of the Platinum’s rants after we left Amway. Oh well no big deal. I heard plenty of that sack of shit’s rants while we were still in.

I think the loss of their friendship did hurt Ambot. He really believed their lies that they would always be his friend. He failed to see that when people are driven by greed and you shut down their money supply by no longer purchasing expensive Amway products and tools, that they turn around and shut down their friendship. Fortunately these friendships were short lived. Damage was done by those upline assholes but we got out before anything was irreparable.

As far as I’m concerned real friends aren’t interested in you only for your money. Real friends don’t turn their back when you stop giving them money. Ambot understands this now. These fake Amway friends may have stroked his ego for a few months but they disappeared real fast when he wasn’t going to fund their dreams any more.

There was a fellow in our LOS that we ran into a few months later totally by chance at a gas station and Ambot went over to chat with him. He was polite and did chat while filling up but he did say “I’m not really supposed to be talking to you.” So that’s how we know the Platinum got the word out about us that we’re poison.

In that regard the Platinum did us a small favor by telling everyone not to associate with us. Except damn it that arrogant prick who sponsored us is still hanging around. Cocksucking bastard! Every now and then I complain to Ambot that he is disobeying the Platinum’s orders by speaking to him. Ambot tries to convince me it doesn’t count when none of us are in Amway anymore.

That’s just not fair!

And from marriedtoanambot let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway Scamway and their scammer army of Ambots.


  1. When you are in the Amway cult, people believe that the only real friendship is an Amway friendship. Anything else is a distraction from the business, or at worst disloyalty to "the Plan." This explains why IBOs who quit are immediately dropped and shunned.

    1. Anonymous - Amway isn't the only cult out there that shuns their escapees. It's just chilling the hold cults have on people. Telling the cult followers who they can and can not associate with. The can nots would be cult outsiders.

  2. It’s so true. When you are not spending all of your money on shitty Amway products and pretending to be super, “fired up” at functions, they disown you. It’s all a bunch of bullshit. They don’t love you, they say that, so you feel like you can’t leave someone who loves you. It’s ridiculous. If it was all about relationships and friendship, you wouldn’t focus on the business. It’s all a ploy. So glad we are done with that ridiculousness. If you are thinking of joining, for the love of God, run away.

    1. Hi Former Ruby. That makes a lot of sense - the part about the Amway upline saying they love you because it's difficult to leave some who loves you. And if you want relationships and friendship its a lot cheaper to volunteer, join a club, sign up for meetup groups etc. And good advice. If someone mentions the word Amway - run away! The problem with dishonest Amway Ambots is that they're too scared to say the A word when they're out prospecting.

  3. It's becoming harder and harder to recruit new IBOs in North America, so Amway freaks are really getting desperate. They'll say ANYTHING AT ALL to get you to come to a meeting. And once you're there, they won't let you leave, and they'll pester you by phone or e-mail for weeks and weeks.

    These anti-MLM websites are working! We are getting the truth about frauds like Amway and other MLMs out there to millions of people.

    1. Anonymous - the Internet has become the worst enemy that could have happened to Amway and other scam MLMs. Past participants can share their stories online and warn others not to get involved in ScAmway.


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