Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Amway?

We have a lot of fun with search criteria that people use to show up at the marriedtoanambot blog.

One of the searchers wants to know “what happens when you don’t pay Amway”

First off not paying Amway is a very good thing because that means you aren’t getting scammed out of your money buying substandard products for a premium price.

Amway is only your friend as long as you shop in their store.

No shop. No friends no more!

I would say the answer is as simple as any online retailer you shop from. Don’t pay them and they won’t send you the goods you put in your shopping cart.

Also the same as the annual membership fee Amway charges you for the “privilege” gag gag of shopping in their store. Don’t pay your annual fee you don’t get to shop there. And some fat cat at Amway has a little less money in their bank account.

Costco is the same way. Don’t pay your annual membership fee and the bouncer standing at the door at Costco won’t let you in.

I would say its a very good thing when you don’t pay Amway. That means you quit doing business with them and you’re not getting ripped off anymore.

I encourage everyone not to pay Amway!




  1. Everything in Amway depends on down-line fees going to up-line. And the bulk of any commission made by an IBO from a sale also goes to up-line.

    That's it. That's the entire nuts-and-bolts structure of the Amway racket. Everything else is just chin music.

    So if you're in Amway and you want to pull the plug, don't talk or debate or argue with up-line. Just stop paying anything to them. And change your phone number and your e-mail address.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is just like all pyramid schemes - the money flows up. Quitting the Amway cult cold turkey is easier for people like me who didn't like the fucking assholes but not so easy for those who actually liked being love bombed by Amway Ambots.


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