Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dreaded Amway products

There were several reasons I didn't want to get involved with Amway again. Some of the reasons:

1. Losing our money
2. Wasting our time
3. Attending lengthy meetings where the same thing was said over and over and over
4. Using nasty Amway products

Of course there were many other reasons, namely our sponsor is an arrogant prick who I've never liked and don't want to spend any time around.

But back to the shitty Amway products.

I do not use vitamins. People who eat healthy meals and follow balanced diets generally do not need supplements. Sure enough the upline told us all these vitamins we "needed" to take. Offers the best PV bang for your buck is what they preached. So our cupboard ended up jam packed with just about every vitamin my Ambot could think to buy.

I never felt any difference taking Amway Nutrilite vitamins. To be fair, no difference taking vitamins from other suppliers either. Maybe because Amway IBO's are running around from one meeting to another they don't have time to stop and cook decent meals and they have to cram in fast foods or not eat at all, they need to use vitamin supplements.

I also hated Amway dish soap, Dish Drops. This comes in a small bottle with a pump dispenser. The thing I hate most about Dish Drops is the bubbles don't last. I'm still washing dishes and I have no soap bubbles. Its not like I have a ton of dishes I wash in the sink. I do have a dishwasher, but I also wash by hand any dishwasher rejects or items that I don't put in the dishwasher. They came in 1 litre refill sizes, and like the good Ambot my husband was, he stocked up on Dish Drops and we're still using it long after our Amway affiliation has ended.

Amway also sold dishwasher detergent, little white pucks. I hated them too. After every load I'd pull dishes or plates out that I'd call "dishwasher rejects" and then I'd have to wash them by hand with the shitty Dish Drops whose bubbles didn't last. Nasty! If my Ambot husband washed the dishes maybe the shitty Amway products wouldn't have bothered me so much, but he doesn't clean up so I have to. I prefer to use cleaning products that actually work.

I finally had enough of the shitty Amway dishwasher pucks and didn't inform the Ambot when they ran out. Instead I visited a forum and saw a discussion going on about the best dishwasher soap and the overwhelming response went to Wal-Mart's own brand, Great Value, so I decided to give them a try. Its a powder in plastic wrap that disolves during the wash. Wow! What a difference. It actually gets my dishes and glasses clean. I am no longer having the huge stack of dishwasher rejects. In fact its very rare that I'll have to pull aside anything to rewash by hand.

The Ambot noticed I'd switched dishwasher machine detergents and wanted to know why I didn't tell him so he could order more Amway shit. I told him I was fed up with all the dishwasher rejects that I had to wash by hand and told him if he wanted to continue using Amway dishwasher pucks, then he was going to be responsible for hand washing the rejects.

That settled that problem!

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