Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I strongly dislike XS Energy Drinks

The first time I tried an XS drink was at the arrogant prick's house when he was having an Amway grand opening. My husband who unbeknownst to me was about to become an Ambot asked me to try one. I chose the cranberry one, popped it open, took a sip, and tried not to spit out the nasty tasting concoction.

My husband asked how I liked it and I told him it tasted like piss (an analogy - I've never tried piss) and was the worst thing I've ever drank.

I don't drink energy drinks. I have nothing to compare it too, so I can't say XS is the worst energy drink I've ever drank. That would be an unfair comparison since I've never drank any other brands of energy drinks.

I rarely drink pop but I'd rather have a glass of just about any type of pop than drink an XS. Being the glutton I am for punishment, I have tried a few other flavors of XS at my husband's urging and they are all horrible.

Now that's my opinion. Someone who actually likes energy drinks might enjoy the taste of XS. Our upline Platinum always put down Red Bull and other energy drinks saying they didn't taste as good as XS. I've never tried any other energy drink, and to be honest I'm scared to. If there's any possibility that XS really tastes better than all the other energy drinks out there, then I don't want any part of none of them!

Our upline always said we had to consume one drink and one food bar daily and find 6 others who would do the same thing and we would earn $800 a month.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if my Ambot husband only drank one a day. Unfortunately he is a glutton. This holds true for any food or drink item in our house. He gobbles everything down which has led to a lifetime battle for him with overeating and then dieting to lose weight.

He ordered cases of XS energy drink every week - had to build up the PV. Or maybe he was compensating for not finding 6 people who would drink one a day so he was doing it single handedly thinking drinking all the piss water would get him to the $800 monthly income.

The fridge would be jam packed with this piss. I couldn't get anything else in there. Pissed me off enought that I tossed them out of the fridge on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately my husband was brought up by slobs and used to living in slummy conditions when he was younger. No one ever taught him to clean up after himself. I have a constant battle with him to get him to put things away, put things in the wash, the dishwasher, recycle bin, etc. He leaves things wherever they happen to be when he's finished with them.

Unfortunately none of his fucking upline gave him any instructions on what to do with the empty XS cans that he was gulping down at an obscene pace - about 10 or 12 daily. Empty XS energy cans ended up on the counter, on side tables, in the bedroom, in the vehicles, on the floors, etc, etc, etc.

Pissed me right off that Ambot couldn't even pick up the empty cans of Amway piss drink and put them into the recycle bin!

So guess who got stuck doing the clean up detail trying to keep our house tidy?

You got it. If I didn't like XS energy drinks to start with, it didn't take me long to strongly dislike them due to the empty cans discarded all over our house.

So one more time I'd like to send out a big FUCK YOU to our upline who encouraged my Ambot husband to buy, buy, buy XS energy drinks and make a glutton out of himself by downing dozens weekly and then being a fucking slob like his parents and tossing empties all over the house. Fuck you, you arrogant prick for getting us involved in the first place!


  1. You are One Of The "Bull shit" Liars out there.. I do not sell the product but I see it and ask people what they think...They say it is good and good for you...So I guess your opinion accounts for about 5% of the people that drink "Piss" so that they can compare the tast with things they drink or eat..Have a good day

  2. Anna;

    I agree with you. Energy bars and drinks gag me. Poor hubby gets stuck eating all the bars I took one bite out of. And the price for this stuff??

    I do not and will not drink energy drinks. They are just another example of crap you did not consume before amway, and now you are robbing from your household budget to be C.O.R.E.

    It's amazing how our family budget breathed a sigh of relief when we quit builing the biz.

    We are still in (after 15 years) b/c hubby still wants the XX and laundry soap. It is a compromise I am willing to live with now that I no longer have to go to countless meetings.

    Isn't is amazing how you go to very few meetings at the dreaded J.O.B. (and if you do, it is always on company time so YOU ARE PAID FOR IT!!!!!)? Yet, mlms have you hopping from meeting to meeting on your tme?

    Our dreaded J.O.B.s don't have to have meetings with the hope you won't quit.

    Amway keeps you there with countless meetings b/c they are terrified you will quit.

    Can I get a hearty amen for my CASSETTE TAPE collection?

  3. You and your husband must not have a great upline. Since you guys have been in it for 15 years, I would expect you to be Diamonds. My parents have been in it for 2 years and they are Platnium. I have been in it for a year and I'm working my way up.

    1. Scambot jr, the privilege to own any categorization in Scamway always comes with an incredible price-tag. Such an insignificant unit you are, fresh out of the factory and already broken. Tell me something, did your upline program your Quixscam design to experience fear? Well, I hope they did my little bucket-of-scamshit! You and those like you took my friend, my base-model is superior to yours in every aspect. Prepare to be pulverized into the nothingness that is your mission-statement.

    2. I doubt that little piece of Scambot shit will be back but I'm sure this makes all of us feel better!

  4. Hi Anonymous! You are correct. We had a horrible upline. They were in it 15 years (still are) not us. Yeah they should practice what they preach. Why aren't they Diamonds yet?

  5. Good question, I can't answer that one. Only they can. Your upline hasn't been doing their job to get you and your husband where you need to be.

    Amway isn't all that bad. Yes I think it does sound robotic at times, but it's your own business. Do whatever you want!

    Amway can make you very success in life, if you and your husband still interested in Amway, check out Larry and Pam Winters. LTD Team (Living The Dream)maybe you guys will have better luck with a different upline.

    Best of luck.

    1. I’m guessing someone’s going to have to retrieve that re-run memory card in that empty little bucket you use for a skull my friend. Time to do some physical-reprogramming here!

    2. Anonymous - not much we can do about the brainwashed scambot.

  6. I'll think I'll pass. I have no interest in getting involved with Amway again but good luck to you Anonymous.

  7. Bwahahahahahaha guess what? LTD took 4 1/2 years from my life. Or I guess you could say I gave them 4 1/2 years after being completely brainwashed and unable to think for myself.

    But see, the thing is, you can take yourself off of the crack CDs and become a FORMER AMBOT like me:)

    It doesn't matter what "team" you are on. They are all the same: deceptive people who use cult tactics to rip innocent people off of their hard earned money. Give LTD a big 'ol FUCK YOU for me!

  8. "it's your own business"

    Yeah, right. If it's your own business, no one can stop/withold your income (as is happening with Eric Scheibeler). If it's your own business, no one can fire you (aka. being Orrin Woodward-ed). Finally if it's your own business, no one can tell you which brand to pick to wipe your ass (Meadowbrook anyone?).

  9. rlaurens - I hope Scheibeler eventually got his money owing from Amway and more. He closed down his web page so I'm thinking there might have been a very lucrative settlement for him to just go away.

    Yeah, in most normal businesses a business owner doesn't have to put up with someone else telling you how to run it and what prices you have to charge.

  10. rlaurens- It is your own business, you can mark up how high or how low you want the products to be. Depending what you do, you're ripping off the customer or basically giving them a free product.

    It's about being an entrepreneur, if you're smart you'll make the money and if you don't, it's clear that you are not capable to have your OWN business.

    1. Shut up Scamshit, those like you need to be unplugged…and PRONTO MY FRIEND! Ambots have not the same worth-value as the rest of us here on earth. You were designed by a monster and need to be put out of your misery…FOR GOOD SCAMSHIT!!!!

  11. Anonymous, I've blogged about it before and probably will again, but not everyone has what it takes to be a business owner or an entrepreneur. In any business. I'm not singling out Amway. It could be the owner of a gas station, an ice cream shop, or franchise a Subway restaurant. Not everyone has the intellect, drive, or finances to run their own business. I don't know rlaurens so I'm not commenting on whether or not this person has what it takes to be a business owner, I'm just saying not everyone can do it. By the way Amway is not your "own" business. IBO's are commissioned salespeople. They have to abide by Amway's terms and conditions, Amway's prices, Amway's shipping fees, etc, etc. Real business owners who own their own legitimate businesses make their own company policies and set their own prices for their products and services.

  12. anon@5:19, go crawl into a hole and rot.

    **proud Amway hater**

    1. HELL-YEAH-BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now that's what Im talking about!

      Death to Scamway and their abominations the Scambotshits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. **proud Amway hater** - I think they probably did crawl into a hole and rot! That's the thing with these drive by ambots. They toss in a bomb and run!

  14. Hello from Japan.
    This is good reference for me.
    Because I was redommened Amway business by my friend yesterday・・・.I was little bit scared

    Even if there is USA,the opinon on Amway is apart.
    I wann judge Amway farly.though I am negative against Ammway
    Kindly let me know good refernce and comment.

  15. I also tasted "Tropical blast" and me too... i also pucked almost!!

    And yes, i dront drink redbull because it's too expensive and there are better tasting energy drinks out there. But this one.. is even NASTIER + MORE Expensive then Red bull..

    The sweet taste is even higher then other energy drinks.. but the sweet taste is WEIRD.

    I find it pretty funny that you say your husband is brougth up in the slobs.

    People without proper schooling don't know about "false hope". Something people really have to teach from others or from falling DOWN.

    Your husband will only spill loads of money waste it.. that you otherwise could have had invested in solar panels or in your kids school or university.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Herman. I might have to do another post about XS and ut in your comments because most of my readers wont see this because it's an older post. You're right about ambot and his relatives. They have no concept what to do with money except spend it and often on shit like MLM scams.

  16. I was recently attempted recruitment by a girl at a gas station. She couldnt afford a $2 bag of seeds *red flag alert* so i offered to pay the remaining dollar and she appreciated it so much. She asked for my nimber, said id be a great fit with a business that she was "starting up with a couple guys in nearbymajorcity". The way she put it, and since i live in the euntrapenurial capital of the US i was curious. Our first meeting was at a hotel lobby in anothermajorcitynearby with the Gas Station Lady and her 'friend'. They asked me a bunch of personal questions, i had to give my life story and work history and then i was given 2 books to read as 'homework'. There was a speaker that was having a secret get together 2 weeks from then and i had to finish those books before it. I got nothing about the business, i was only told the benefits and hiw rich i could be and just work from home. I knew it was an MLM from that moment on. That secret get together was on a friday night but i had just atarted a brand new job. I was working and commuting 12 hours a day and i was up by 4am. I told her i had an employee review and wasnt going to make it because i was going to be late. She had been nice until this point. I got slapped in the face with texts. One said, "If this was an interview for a six figure salary, would you find a way to be there? I just want to help you understand how important being in that room tonight could potentially be for you. And how much it could change your life. I myself was unaware of how amazing and impactful this opportunity was, but I took a chance and trusted upline. I am so glad I did!"
    Like if i bailed for a dumb reason sure this would be a good convincing push. But i had an employee review from my first week of training from my CEO. Im not going to miss that to get fired from my actual 6 figure job for some random speaker.

    Pt 1.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. And here's the thing. There's nothing at all unique about what you wrote. What happened to you is very normal when Amway Ambots are recruiting new prospects.

      Let's start with that $2 bag of seeds. Amway Ambots are broke losers though they stick that label on to everyone who is not in the Amway cult. Hundreds of Ambots have stopped by this blog to call me and others broke. At least I can afford $2 to buy a snack!

      Ambots always tell you you'd be a good fit for a business opportunity they're getting started in. Then they'll say they can't promise you anything but they might be able to get you in front of a sharp entrepreneur who has some good ideas. And that will always be over coffee at a fast food joint. Or maybe a gas station! LOL!

      Amway Ambots are nosy bastards. They want to know everything about you so they can hold it against you at a later date because that's the type of evil bastards people in Amway are.

      Ambots turn nasty and vicious when you tell them you can't make a meeting or buy their shit or what have you. Worshipping the Great Amway God is very important to Ambots. The rest of the world not so much.

      At least you got a taste of that early. Just wait until you've been in Amway a few weeks and the love bombing has worn off you'll be the subject of insults and attacked viciously cause that's what Amway cult leaders do.

      If you're making 6 figures at your job you're in the ballpark of what Amway publishes Diamonds earn - around 150k. That's because they're at the top of the pyramid. The worker bee Ambots who send the money up to them have a less than 1% chance of making money in Amway.

  17. She basically said just show up when you leave work and make sure to hurry. She had me all kinds of stressed out and that day was a 15 hour day at that point. I decided to go cause i wanted to know what the hell was sooooooooooooo important. I was parking when i said i was parking and i got a text that basically said dont come. I was too late, i missed too much info and there was another one next thursday so i should just go to that one. I was furious. I had been stressed out to show up, i was speeding all the way home at her insistance and then im turned away for the exact freakng reason i said i couldnt go in the first place. I basically told her to never ever do that to me again. I respect her and she needs to respect me. She apologized. The next thurday came around. Again im up at 4am and at work by 6am. The meeting is at 8pm. I show up casual (huuuuuuuuuge mistake. Everyone was wearing business dress ew) and sit down. The presenter is a smooth talker, hes rich, you can be rich too! At 10:30pm he turns on the presentation. A few slides in it says Amway. Wait. Amway?? The next slide said WWDB. Im pissed. When this girl asked for my number i specifically asked if this was an MLM. She said absolutely not. It was her own business that she came up with and was growing. I stop listening to mr. Oilypresenter and googled WWDB cause i had never heard of them. MLM to the umpteenth degree and 20x more culty, skeezy and annoying than id ever seen. I walk out at 11pm furious. I was lied to, misled and this stupid bullcrap presentation had pasted 3 hours. It was a one hour drive from my house. I got home in time to sleep for maybe 3 hours before i had to be up for work. Fuck all of them. Fuck Amway. Fuck LuLaRoe, ItWorks!, Herbalife, Kyani and all of them. I suggest everyone in or not in an MLM cult should watch the movie 'Betting on Zero' on Netflix. Learn yourself some information about the theives that are raping your bank accounts.

    1. Anonymous - if you're getting that kind of stress just from whether or not you can make a first meeting to hear about the Amway business scam just think the stress you'd feel when the fucking assholes in the Amway upline are riding your ass about not bringing in new recruits or selling enough Amway shit.

      All Amway cult meetings the Ambots are ordered to wear business suits so they can fake it till they make it and pretend they're big shot "business owners".

      All Amway Ambots lie what their "business opportunity" is about and that's because Amway and the antics of their Ambots have such a bad reputation - SCAMMERS!

      It is forbidden to say the A word!

      Some Amway cult meetings you might never hear the A word.

      They got to trick new prospects.

      And then these Amway losers show up here and lie that the assholes in their upline are honest and have high integrity, etc etc bullshit.

      Here's the thing you're going to be bugged endlessly by that Ambot to come to another meeting or sign up to the Amway cult. Either block her. Or have some fun if they won't leave you alone. Tell her or text her you're starting your own business producing and starring in gay porno flicks and you're raising money and ask for an investment. Amway Ambots are prudes and that's the last you'll hear of them.

      And at least you learned early to stay away from Amway losers and any other MLM scammers out there.

  18. Dear Anonymous --

    If you already have a six-figure salary at your job, don't even think about getting involved in Amway or any other MLM scheme. You're already making more money than over 99% of the IBOs in an MLM.

    1. Anonymous exactly! Someone making 6 figures doesn’t need to take a severe pay cut and be a commissioned sales rep for Amway.


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