Sunday, October 17, 2010

Acting on Complaints

In case anyone missed this exchange on the Tax Deductions blog, IBOFB seems to think that upline IBO’s who are violating Amway policy, telling lies, or otherwise given misleading information should be reported to Amway who will take action.


I did make a complaint to Amway about false information given to us at an Amway meeting by the sack of shit Platinum. At the time I didn’t know I’d been lied to and was asking for assistance from Amway on this issue. The Amway employee stated what I’d been told was not Amway policy and then told me where Amway policy regarding that issue can be found. I told her I had been given this information by the Platinum at an Amway meeting. Amway employee said they are not responsible for incorrect information that might be given out at meetings and when I suggested Amway take action on this person, I was told Amway has no interest in doing that, but suggested I speak to Platinum about the lie he told. Furthermore, Amway employee told me he'd put a note on my file that I’d “been informed” just in case I tried to phone back and take it up with Amway again.

Although some people have unrealistic views of companies and people they admire and think they can do no wrong, life doesn’t always work out that way. Ten years ago one of my friends was in a tizzy that Martha Stewart was headed for jail. How could that be?! IBOFB has unrealistic expectations that Amway will actually act on complaints IBO’s have about their upline. It just ain’t so. I’ve tried. I'm sure others have tried. Based on my experience Amway doesn’t give a shit.

Amway is hardly the only company around guilty of inaction. Years ago my supervisor was violating company policy. I informed the HR manager a few times each time an incident occurred. Nothing happened. If the HR department doesn’t give a shit, why should I, and I stopped informing. I’d say close to a year passed before I couldn’t keep silent anymore and informed the HR manager again of what was still going on. Let’s put it this way. That supervisor abusing company policy is still there. I was given 2 years severance salary to go away.

Is my former employer the only company around that doesn’t act of employee complaints of policy abusers? Nope. Are they the only company around that has shelled out cash for people to go away? Nope.

IBOFB can have his jaded view that Amway actually gives a shit when IBO’s complain about their upline. There are enough blogs, books, media attention, etc to show that’s simply not the case.


  1. I reported a problem to Amway regarding a conference call with Jeff Yager. When the guest XS Energy speaker was told by someone on the call that XS Energy was being openly sold in a restaurant, he indicated it could be considered "free advertising," and a diner in the restaurant may recall the name when approached by an IBO. When I reported this to Amway, they ignored me. Yager and Amway are scumbags, but the reason I'm suing them is FRAUD:

  2. What was the false information given to you? How long ago was this?

    1. I guess you need to be broken Scambotshit! Scamway has too many of you running around in my town already. I’ll find a way to clean-house come December 2012! Your upline-creators will be no more alongside that Quixcam shit of theirs!

  3. Amway thrives on strategic incompetence.

    They know these things happen, and they have zero interest in addressing it.

    The only thing that folks like IBOFB, Bridgett Baron etc. can say is that it should be reported to Amway, knowing FULL well nothing at all will happen.

    They are just as complicit with these abuses as Amway by pretending it's not happening.

    I guess in order to really believe you'll be successful in Amway you just have to suspend reality.

    Obviously, the usual defenders are quite adept at pretending Amway is :

    a) A real business
    b) Concerned about abuses, even if it costs them money in sales profit
    c) Genuinely interested in doing the right thing
    d) Changing to become a better opportunity
    e) Profitable for the average IBO
    f) a company with good valued products

    I admire their imaginations, but nothing else. The simple question which no answers are ever provided:

    1. How long you been in (Baron & Steadson over 10 years each I believe)
    2. What level you at?
    3. Are you clearing a profit after expenses.

    The honest answers for the vast majority for question #3 is NO

  4. IBOFB how about you answer Rocket's questions and also tell us how much money Amway pays you for spreading wonderful information about them around the Internet and then I'll tell you what I found out to be false information after I phoned Amway.

  5. I get a real kick out of IBOFB (David Steadson) and Bridgett calling critics trolls when they admittedly have their Google Alerts set up to horn in on conversations they clearly weren't invited to.

    They are the epitome of what a troll is, yet can't seem to see themselves that way.

    IBOFB pretends to take the high road with not associating with the likes of the critics, but make no mistake, it's because he & his merry little band of Amway folks cannot and will not argue against the obvious truths.

    Products in North America are expensive & inefficiently distributed.

    Few people actually get to the point where they generate a long term sustainable profit with the Amway business model SOLELY and WHOLLY by the movement of Amway products.

    Amway doesn't denunciate nor deter poor business practices of IBO's who are dishonest.

    Amway North America is shrinking

    In spite of the smoke & mirror changes, Amway is still more of the same.

    The Pro-Amwayers don't come to boards like this & remain afer challenged because they cannot refute the basic and obvious flaws in Amway.

    Not to mention it's dismal reputation which they contribute to with their half true arguments.

    It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

  6. who is this amway guy who comes here spouting bullshit and calls the rest of us trolls?

    who is the real troll?

    anna when amway said they put a note in your file that was to warn you that your were flagged for being a troublemaker

  7. I believe 100% that Anna is right. I believe Amway is not interested in reeling in the AMOs abuse because it would hurt sales. I even sent an email to ask Amway corporation how many diamonds were in north america. The answer I received was to ask the person who invited me to the Amway meeting.

    IBOFB is not interested in the truth. He exists to spread Amway propaganda and to attempt to dispel the obvious facts that Amway critics point out.

    Can anyone truly believe that a business where the vast majority end up losing is a good one?

  8. AB, I don't get paid a cent "for spreading wonderful information about them around the Internet" I've made this clear in many places including every single page on my website.

    Rocket's questions are completely irrelevant to the discussion and any answer I give would make no difference at all. Doesn't matter if I've been in 6 months and am a Diamond or 60 years and are 3%.

    What you were complaining about and how long ago it occurred is very relevant and I'm more than a little ... surprised? ... by your refusal to provide more information.

    1. Scambotshit sack-of-quixcum! You’re irrelevant to this forum as are your mission and your programming. That Scamway Corp of yours and your upline-creators made a horrible mistake designing such poor-excuse prototypes as yourself. Let me let you in on a little secret…your pretty little suit is not going to help you unplug yourself from this reality your upline-creators built for you in your memory-card. I promise you, when the time comes, I’ll gladly put you out of your misery my friend.

    2. Yeah there's a lot of people who want to put IBOFB out of his misery. Fortunately he doesn't stop by my blog and I don't have any interaction with him so he's nothing to me. However anytime he wants to get into a showdown with me about tampon application techniques - bring it on!

  9. I Bend Over For Buddies (ibofb),

    Good, because your lies aren't worth being paid for! LOL

    Don't worry about anyone suspecting that you're a Diamond (although the sycophants on your blog treat you as if you were)! LOL

    If you're surprised by not getting information, just look in the couldn't answer straight if your girlfriend/fiance/wife's life depended on it! LOL


    Notice how ibofb doesn't respond to my posts, which gives me the outstanding advantage of always getting in the last word! LOL

  10. Yes, the questions I ask are completely someone NOT IN OR DEFENDING AMWAY.

    It DOES matter how long you've been in & what you make because the business is about creating a better life and generating INCOME.

    I know I know. Business, Income, Profit, Amway. They really do have nothing to do with one another.

  11. By the way Steadson.

    How many times have you been asked for your current level in the Amway business?

    Since Amway is such a great business opportunity, I think I can speak for the rest of the critics when I say we are also.....surprised about your refusal to provide more information.

    The door swings both ways Davey.

  12. ibofb, now i know why you wear that mask in your pic. You cant lie with a straight face and need a mask. I laugh my ass off at the wonderful info about them comment:P

  13. Notice how the crickets chirp when you ask IBOFB for the truth?


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