Monday, October 18, 2010

An Amway event disguised as an afternoon tea social

Almost as soon as we signed up with Amway the arrogant prick who sponsored us said we had to immediately start having functions at our house. Invite people to sign up as Amway IBO’s or purchase products from us.

Seeing as how we’d already been down the Amway trail before I didn’t want to scam anyone into signing up for Amway knowing they’d lose money. I didn’t want to buy the lousy overpriced Amway products myself, let alone try to convince anyone else to buy that shit. The upline bastards kept riding Ambot’s ass to have an “event” at our house and it wasn't too long before Ambot announces that we’re having an afternoon tea social at our house and the date he’s chosen. Someone upline has a makeup kit full of Artistry products and we can “rent” it for the afternoon and the arrogant prick’s wife will be there to assist with makeup application. Ambot has arranged for a variety of Amway products that he hasn’t already stocked the house with that we can borrow. Then Ambot wants me to invite as many women as I know to come and try the makeup.

Two friends showed up out of about 50 invites and one actually bought some stuff.

Ambot’s friend arrived and signed up to be an IBO. If Ambot was in, that was good enough for him. This was our only downline and he quit and got refunded a couple of weeks later after someone upline phoned to chew him out for missing a meeting.

The pompous sack of shit Platinum with his wife and two teenagers in tow showed up. The sack of shit made it a HUGE point out of saying he normally doesn’t attend events like this. Yeah, well who invited you, asshole? Oh, I guess Ambot probably did because he actually likes you. The sack of shit’s son and daughter must have been bored to death. When you hit that age you don’t always want to go out visiting with mommy and daddy. They headed into our backyard to play catch with the dog.

And here I’ll say something nice. The Platinum’s wife and teenagers are lovely, decent people (or maybe that's all part of the Amway act when out in public). I do pity them for having to put up with that asshole especially after listening to him rant at Amway meetings where he all but called his future wife a whore before he met her and changed her.

Afterwards everyone congratulated Ambot on what a wonderful job he’d done because one person bought products and he signed up one new IBO.

And that was as good as it ever got.


  1. There is something VERY fishy about your story, Anna.

    Why did you call ANYONE if you "...didn’t want to buy the lousy overpriced Amway products myself, let alone try to convince anyone else to buy that shit?"

  2. This high pressure tactic is common based on my experiences & conversations with former IBO's. The passive aggressive attitude and false bravado (obviously insecure people overcompensating for something - nothing that we don't see online!) also seems to be quite prevalent.

    Unfortunately, the apparent utopia consisting of great products, ethical and considerate upline, low cost motivation, efficient product distribution method, and people flocking to buy the wonderful Amway products described by gung ho IBO's and the lunatic fringe defenders rarely is the case.

    The reality is few people in North America create a profitable retail business with Amway products, and fewer still sponsor people who are able to do that either.

    Wake up IBO's, you are commissioned salespeople.

    Pretty sad when the vast majority of the customers for a company are their salesmen.

  3. Wondering did you and your hubby have a argument with joining the 2nd time? How long where you in this scam both times?

  4. Tex, I didn't call anyone. I refused to. I had zero interest in anything to do with Amway and I sure didn't want the Amway people or products in my house. Ambot spent hours begging and pleading with people we know to show up and a couple of them did.

    Colin, we got in a huge fight when Ambot announced he'd been sneaking around going to Amway meetings and was signing up again. This almost destroyed the marriage. I'd say our story is hardly different from other couples where one spouse has zero interest in "the business". That's why I write this blog so spouses can see what they're up against dealing with a powerful cult and the influence and brainwashing that occurs.

  5. Anna,

    Thanks, by the way the story was worded, it gave me the impression you did the calling.That also explains why 2 people out of 50 showed up for a tea social with makeup, the guy was doing the calling. LOL

    Actually, he batted a thousand for the people who showed up, one IBO and one customer. That IS quite good.

    Where were you, and what were you doing, when they all came over?

  6. He's a lucky man for having you as a wife. Not sure many would put up with him joining a 2nd time. What was their excuses for the negative sites? It's very hard to ignore these sites and i cant believe he signed up for a 2nd time

  7. I went to these in the 90's, it's all a big underlying joke on the consumer. The IBO's as you want to call them, are the ones raking in your profits. Funny, i used some of their motivational tapes of Zig Ziglar to help with my stock market analysis. Thats where the real money is!


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