Friday, October 15, 2010

Amway Business License

I hadn’t gone to an Amway meeting in a long time, but one night after his prospect no showed I agreed to accompany Ambot to listen to the boring Emerald spew out some bullshit.

It had been at least 5 months since I’d last listened to this guy. He surprised me when he talked about the start up costs and said it costs $150 for the Amway business license.

Huh? That’s a first. Is that what they're calling it now? I’ve always understood a business license to be purchased from city hall where one’s company is doing business. It was clear the Emerald was talking about the Amway start up fee/registration because he mentioned the value of the Amway sample pack that new IBO’s receive after paying their $150 Amway Business License is about half that amount in Amway products.

The change from Amway Starter Kit to Amway Business License must have come down from some Diamond upline of him in an effort to make “the business” sound more legitimate. I doubt boring old Emerald thought this one up all on his own. One person in the audience asked about this Amway business license, if that meant they could do business in their city without going to city hall to purchase a business license.

Fortunately the Emerald did say that IBO’s would have to check with their city for guidelines about business licenses to find out whether or not it was required where they lived.

Probably the only decent business advice I’ve ever heard given out at an Amway meeting.


  1. The fee is only about $50, the remainder products. The products are optional, by the way.

  2. they always like to make it sound better than what it is

    there is a repub woman running for congress

    her website says she is currently /a strategic partner in a franchise business affiliated with Amway Global/


    same old shit different name

  3. Who is the woman running for Congress?

  4. If every distrubutor only paid 50.00 to join they'd have some chance at turning a profit. I did sell a bit of products early on so things would have been profitable.

  5. colin,

    Not with the Amway Tool Scam, they don't have much of a chance at all. Selling a couple of products doesn't make you profitable when the Amway Tool Scam takes it all away, and more.

  6. I like how you all posted on the same day, its funny to see how fake you guys are. I paid my $150 plus an extra $100/month and every. single. month. I have made profit, you whiners are just the sheeple that I hate to talk to.

    1. You haven't made a NET profit every single month. Add up ALLLLLLLLLL of your expenses for worldwide, all the stuff you order that you would NOT have ordered before Amway (this would require honesty with yourself)and subtract all of that. Not to mention the gas and food. Example: $300 in orders for your 100pv and making $350 back isn't a net profit. It's still a loss overall.

  7. Might I add to the guttersnipes griping, no one says or forces you to go to meetings, or buy from your store, that is a personal choice, that is unless your upline put a gun to your head and made you, which never would happen.. I attend neither, nor buy from my store, I market and show the product on my site to people interested, describe the product advantages and disadvantages and I do well. But to you babies, you will mock what I say because you want something to be butt hurt over, hence the reason for this posting in the first place. You think you are soooo smart yet thats why you failed, you were consumed by fear, fear of actually finding ways to be creative and avoid certain aspects to business. Its easier to bitch and post it online to make yourself feel superior by insulting those who are successful. BTW it is evident that the Emerald you speak of is successful at this business or else he wouldnt be an Emerald, how is that a scam? Pucker up buttercups people like myself succeed and that insults your intelligence.

    1. Let me get this straight...
      Don't go to meetings?
      Don't be a "prosumer"?
      Fear drives people to go to meetings, buy tapes, books, etc?
      Be a real representative, who sells the products?
      This all leads to success?
      Aside from the piles of insults, which were a bit funny, I think I like this IBO. Avoids the system and makes money. Sounds reasonable.


    2. Michael - for a guy who doesn't attend meetings you got the Ambot insults down! It's because of people like you this blog exists. For people who've had it with being insulted by ambots we turn the tables here and insult and curse out ambots. And maybe nobody holds a gun to your head to go to Amway meetings but being bullied into attending happens all the time.

      And Jerry I like Michael's attitude too but he won't last long because someone upline will be pissed that he's not spending money buying tools and that's Amway no-no. Technically it sounds like a good plan not spending money buying tools and making money on the commission of selling Amway products. Problem is not so many people want them that they'll keep buying them.

  8. I'm not in Amway but I have a lot of computer customers that say they love Amway products. They are not in business but they say these great product from their neighbours etc.

    You can't go around blaming others for your own failures that's all I know.

    I have a few things in common with Amway people that is I sell and service computers. Customer s always come in with user errors and blame the computer mainly because they don't want to pay for service. That's really about the size of things. Most people don't want to admit they are the reason for their own problems and failures. I see this everyday with all my traditional businesses. Printer/Copier sales and service. Auto service people tell me the same thing. They don't check the oil and blame the crappy car or service they got.

    Boo hoo I spend all this money on this computer and it doesn't work boo hoo. I want my money back. Or you fix it for free or I'll get a lawyers etc.

    That's even before I get a chance to look at it to find out what's wrong with it LOL

    So you already know they want something for free based on the type of complaint. It's so predictable.

    Amway, MLM all the same thing. If it's your business your responsible for it's success of failure just like I am with my computer business. Just like Obama and his crappy economy, crappy jobs participation rate = lowest every, crappy gas prices (Obama Gas). But fools will blame Bush for his current Presidency never taking responsibility for their own actions, successes and/or failures. FOOL complete FOOL we are dealing with everyday. You can't teach stupid people. So instead separate yourself from among us or we should separate ourself from them. It's good that they are not actually in Amway. Who the heck would want these fool in their business. I just give a refund to these fools and say I'm sooooo sorry for the inconvenience and hope I was able to provide the best customer service so that you might consider us again in the future. However, that’s all PR I really don't want them to buy anything again EVER LOL Thats all I know make sure to copy and paste this around and note for future reference you'll need it.

    1. Hi Anonymous. If you have a lot of computer customers who love Amway products then that tells us they must be Amway IBO's. Only people who are registered with Amway actually love the products. Once they quit, all that love has gone! IBO's have very few customers except for themselves because they're taught to be their own best customer and buy from their own store. And because people who are not brainwashed ambots don't want to buy shitty overpriced products.

      For someone who's not in Amway you got their whole distract thing down pretty good! And if youre getting prospected by some Amway asshole don't let them put down your computer business and insult you and tell you you're stupid cause you don't have an Amway business because all other business owners out there are a bunch of morons.

  9. My coworkers by my products and love it. I can't speak for everybody but it works for me. I mean if you guys don't agree that's fine. I'm not here to convince anybody but think about it, just because it didn't work for you do say that it's horrible and doesn't work at all. Food for thought. Btw there is a 90 day money back guarantee so if you don't like the company after 3 months you get your "ibo license" fee back. Do research people.

    1. Keith - you must be a new Ambot if your coworkers are buying your shitty overpriced Amway products. Its called pity purchases and ambots get that after they've signed up but getting repeat sales is very difficult. Give it a couple of months until you become a big Amway asshole and your coworkers file complaints with the owner that you're obnoxious and doing Amway business on company time. Another unemployed Ambot.

      Did you not read this post? I was in the room listening to the shithead Emerald? What further "research" do you want? This is a first hand personal experience on what I saw and heard. Its like if I was alive on December 7 1941 and standing in Pearl Harbor and saw a bunch of fighter planes with Japanese flags shooting machine guns at people on the ground and dropping bombs. Even if I saw it in person and reported what I saw and heard you Amway assholes would still be screeching that I should do my "research" because NOTHING is good enough for you fuckers. That's why this blog exists. To make sure the world knows what a bunch of dumb fucks Amway employs.


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