Thursday, October 14, 2010

Childish Behavior

A lot of the problem with our Amway upline was that most of them were half our age and quite immature. The bigger problem was the old “duplicate your upline” bullshit that was forced down our throats. Ultimately Ambot would lower himself to his upline’s childish behavior.

One night we were at a function for an Amway product line that was held in a banquet room of a hotel. Everyone was seated at round tables, about 8 to 10 people per table. Half the people at the table had to turn their chairs around in order to face the stage to see what was going on. Each table held a bowl of candy. Here’s where the trouble began. Some of the boys decided it would be fun to throw candy at another boy who had his back to his because his chair was turned to the speakers on stage.

I was not happy when Ambot, duplicating his upline, picked up pieces of candy and started tossing them at the fellow’s head. I told him to knock off his childish behavior. He didn’t. Neither did the rest of the children at the table until the candy bowl was empty.

Another time we were at a rally. When it was over our Platinum sack of shit held a meeting out in the lobby for all his downline. Mostly it was to tell everyone to purchase more products, get their PV up because one of the couples was close to going Platinum and it was our duty to buy more products and help them reach their goal.

So while the Platinum is scolding the group to buy more Amway shit, Ambot decides it would be a good idea to unzip and untie the backpack of the boy standing in front of us. I think he was trying to remove the kid's laptop thinking it would be a big joke. Again, childish behavior and I asked Ambot to stop it.

I do remember in the middle of his childish behavior he stood there and told the Platinum that we were going to do 2500 in PV that month to help that upline couple go into Platinum qualification. We weren’t even close. Thank god his credit card must have been at the limit or Ambot would have easily bought $10,000 in Amway junk just to impress his upline.

I don’t remember how soon after this but in late November Ambot was summoned to a meeting by the eagle that sponsored the arrogant prick who sponsored Ambot. The arrogant prick was there and I’m sure the only reason I’d gone along too was because we were going to a restaurant and I was hungry for dinner. I’m pretty sure the Platinum sack of shit must have told the eagle to call this “business meeting”. Ambot recorded the meeting and titled it “Jackass on Behavior”.

Yep, this jackass eagle who is half Ambot’s age is admonishing him about his childish behavior. Even though I agreed with him that Ambot’s behavior had sunk to that of a 10 year old boy since becoming an Amway “business owner”, it was not his place to do so. That job belongs to me. Second, said jackass was the ringleader at the candy throwing function and he tossed the first piece and then others at the table duplicated his actions.

Not only did Ambot record this he took notes! So there he is dutifully writing down stuff like “Don’t bug Harry.”

And then Jackass goes on about how he wants me to spend more time with the arrogant prick’s wife. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Notice she didn’t show up for the "meeting". Lucky her.


  1. Despite the upline's attempts to destroy our relationship Ambot left the cult and we're still together.

  2. Do you have any respect for your husband?

    1. No she doesn't, she treats him like dirt, but he's stuck with her.

    2. Like I give a shit what some fucking lying Amway asshole thinks.

  3. Feel free to add my blog to your blog list:

  4. ibofb/insider is the king of childish behavior. He's constantly lying to defend that stupid cult. We all know he's probably getting some money for those retarded pro amway websites.

  5. colin,

    I don't see ibofb as childish, but he is an accomplished liar. I doubt he's getting much money from his web sites.


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