Sunday, October 31, 2010

Artistry Cosmetics

Did I use Artistry products?


Unknown to me Ambot bought a very expensive $60 face cream. I cringed at the price tag but seeing as how he’d already bought it, I used it. It didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me so I didn’t buy it again after it ran out.

I usually buy makeup from a friend who sells Avon. I shop the Avon sales. Lipstick for $1.99? I’ll take a few colors. Same with eye shadow, foundation, and nail polish. If its on sale I’ll buy a few. Deodorant at .99 cents each? I’ll stock up for a year.

Luckily I was well stocked up on Avon products prior to Ambot getting involved in Amway. I told him I still wanted to buy Avon from our friend. Better prices, larger selection, equal quality. Ambot was outraged. “You need to support our business and buy from our store.” Yep, that’s Amway speak.

“But if I’m the only customer then we’re a bunch of idiots for selling our products too high priced,” I pointed out.

Nonetheless, my Avon stash held out pretty good during the stint with Amway. I had to sneak into the drug store to buy face cream after the expensive Amway stuff ran out. The $15 product works way better than the $60 product. Yikes! I can’t believe Ambot was so brainwashed he’d spend that kind of money when there’s a better quality product out there at a quarter of the price. With the $45 in savings we can go out and have a fairly decent dinner somewhere. Sure beats the upline splitting a $45 commission!

What really bugs me are the lies the upline said about Artistry being one of the top 5 cosmetics in the world. According to my research, depending on whose list (usually magazines do these surveys), Artistry falls somewhere between number 15 and 30, which is not too shabby in the greater scheme of things, but not in the top 5 you bunch of liars. I guess not too many IBO’s think about checking to see if their upline is lying or not. I suppose the only list where Artistry is on the top 5 is a survey run by Amway that is distributed to IBO’s only.

Forbes magazine is a reliable resource. Here is their list of the world’s top 10 selling cosmetics:

Estee Lauder
Max Factor
Cover Girl

That list sounds reasonable to me as the world’s top 10. So how come I’ve heard countless times at Amway meetings that Artistry is in the Top 5? More specifically number 1 or number 2. I’m looking at the top 5 names on the Forbes list and nowhere do I see Artistry.

I’m thinking a survey must be sent out to Amway IBO’s to choose their favorite cosmetic line and like a bunch of good Ambots they all choose Artistry so that’s where upline gets their statistics from. Skewed results you bunch of liars. If I went to a poodle dog show and asked all the owners what the most popular breed of dog in the world is, I bet I know what those survey results would reveal.

So where outside Amway circles or Amway influenced surveys can we find proof that “Artistry is in the Top 5 of the world’s cosmetics”?

I think that statement is just another case of  “never question upline”.


  1. Uh Oh, I'm waiting for David Steadson (IBOFB) to rear his head!

    He'll give out something like as far as DIRECT SELLERS go, Artistry is in the top.....whatever....

    Great Post!

  2. Actually they would say according to Euromonitor Artistry is among the top five prestige brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder and so on, whatever that means.

    I used artistry for about 5 years starting from my early twenties, I still developed lines around my mouth, eyes. I used products like Artistry replenishing eye creme , Wild Yam and Vitamin C regularly. These products are supposed to prevent fine lines from forming.

    One of the worst products is Artistry replenishing eye creme. It is supposed to help with dark cycles around the eyes as well. I have really bad dark circles and all this product did for me was nothing and I used to use this religiously everyday for years. If you ask upline, they will blame it on family history/genetics.

    The worst part was upline ladies scolding women in their early twenties for not using really super expensive time defiance line of products. Their rationale was the typical , "How are you going to promote the products, if you have not used it. " So from starting the business with the concept of redirecting your anyway buying habits, IBOs will soon be buying from Amway things they dont need, just so that they can promote it to others. Wonderful idea to go broke real fast.

  3. Anonymous, I used that replenishing eye cream many years ago. Thought I'd give it a try. I don't have really dark circles under my eyes, but occasionally they'll be dark and puffy when I wake up so I gave it a try. You're right. Did absolutely nothing, no change. My eyes were just the same as not using the product. I haven't used eye cream in years and my eyes still look pretty good. Oh, yes, the upline ladies scolding about how we all needed to wear Artistry, how else are we going to promote it, etc. Well, I never promoted it. Did not feel comfortable using a product with false claims, high priced for the low quality, and not much of a selection.

  4. Rocket, I'm sure IBOFB will do an investigation to prove Forbes is an unreliable source. He'll probably quote an article in Achieve magazine that shows Artistry is the number one cosmetic company in the world!

  5. Good one Anna .... why not just get a list of top selling car companies and use that to prove the Artistry claim is wrong?

    It would make as much sense.

    The claim is that Artistry is now one of the Top 5 best selling prestige brands in the world. Not one of the Top 5 of all brands, and certainly not one of the Top 5 brands nearly 7 years ago which seems to be where you got your data from

    So where does the Top 5 "prestige" claim come from? Euromonitor, the exact same company Forbes used for that 2004 article. Mind you, Amway reported in 2009 that, in addition to being Top 5 in the "prestige" category, Euromonitor's data listed Artistry as #9 in the world for all skin care and cosmetics in 2008.

    The Times, UK also reports that Euromonitor has Artistry as #1 in all direct sales. Given Avon has larger sales I assume they were excluded from that category as they also have extensive retail outlets. Or they were talking about the mass market category rather than prestige.

    All of this only takes a few moments on google to discover. Not surprisingly none of the critical "amway experts" giving their opinions on this blog bother with anything as mundane as research before they start spouting BS.

    But hey, why let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good rant? It is the internet after all.

    1. Scambotshit, your ambolts must be malfunctioning I believe, as your design is the type to avoid research at all costs. Quixcam never anticipated your base-model would require an upgrade to perform ‘the all negative’ task of data-research and the result of actual facts! You might need to go back in for some necessary repairs. I do believe Scamway still has available ‘service-centers’ to process that matter.

  6. By the way, according to the instructions, you need to use the Artistry replenishing eye creme for up to 16 weeks to have a significant effect on dark circles (not surprising since dark circles unrelated to tiredness/allergies are primarily an issue of thickness of the skin and capillaries, and this takes time to remedy)

    Did you follow the instructions?

    Also worth noting, if your avatar is any indication as to your skin color, dark circles under the eyes for black women may be a pigmentation issue, in which case something like the Artistry replenishing eye creme won't help.

    1. Now that’s more like yourself Ambotshit. Pointing the finger is what best fits the old scripted Scamway Corp programming! There’s no room for success in your design Scambotshit. I’ll be seeing those like you real soon my friend.

  7. I've never heard of Euromonitor magazine. Try taking a poll of people on this side of the Atlantic on which magazine they've heard of - Forbes or Euromonitor.

    If you say that's the same list Forbes used in 2004 and they still have that same list today, then there's been no change in those top 10 cosmetic companies in 6 years.

    Ask women what is the most important consideration when it comes to purchasing cosmetics, how many will say it has to be prestigious?

    Here's a description from Dictionary about the origins of prestige. Very apropro for Amway brands:

    1540–50; < L praestigiōsus full of tricks, deceitful, equiv. to praestigi ( um ) ( see prestige) + -ōsus -ous

  8. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    I see. Prestige!

    THAT's what people look for, not value!!!!!


    Thanks Steadson, that was a good laugh.

    Forget profit or good business sense! Look no futher than PRESTIGE!

  9. Anna,

    You're dead WRONG on this issue. ibofb is correct, even though he's still a sorry excuse for human flesh. LOL

  10. Anna, have you ever heard of a website called Google? You might want to check it out - for example you could find out that Euromonitor is a major international market research firm, not a magazine. They are also the ones who independently assessed Artistry as being in the Prestige category.

    The fact you think an article published by Forbes in 2006, using 2004 sales data, should somehow be accurate for 2010 is frankly quite bizarre.

    1. You’re a laughable unit at best Scamfuck! What a little scambucket of shitbolts that’s soon to be shattered into pieces of Quixcam shit!

  11. tell me how many women shop for the most prestigious cosmetics

    is there a prestigious designer label on the eyeliner that i dont know about

  12. How many women continue to buy Artistry cosmetics once they've left their association with Amway?

  13. Yet another example of how Amway warps reality.
    The big question is, Why would Amway choose Euromonitor? Why not impress people with a company that they have actually heard of like Nielsen? Why accept a company 1/100th the size of Nielsen?
    Could the fact that they endorse Amway have anything to do with it? There are over 5,000 market research companies in the US alone. It shouldn't be too difficult to find one that will endorse Amway should it?

    According to Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine, a trade publication owned by Carol Stream, Ill.-based Allured Publishing, in 2006 the cosmetics industry generates approximately $230 billion in global sales. According to Asia and the Pacific Rim generated 80% of Alticor’s beauty sales of 1.45 Billion, placing them at #21 world wide. Note: Avon is #6 in the world at 5.2 Billion.

    In actuality, these facts are irrelevant if the product is over priced compared to other brands available at your local cosmetic counter.
    I bet the large percentage of Artistry customers are IBO's who willingly pay for overpriced Amway product in order to make their monthly PV.

    Here's the link to the Forbes Magazine article Anna is referring to. It is funny how there isn't even a mention of Artistry Cosmetics.

    ** Former WWDB Lemming **

  14. Euromonitor......ha!

    Really relevant to the folks in North America when it comes to makeup!

    David Steadson/IBOFB will say or do anything to make Amway look not as ridiculous as it is.

    Why do you suppose anyone would spend SO MUCH time and effort defending Amway even though he's not at any significant level?

  15. Note: Amway doesn't release net figures after subtracting for commissions and cost of goods so the 1.45 Billion retail sales number above is in actuality much lower.

    ** Former WWDB Lemming **

  16. hey amway guy here is a list from last november

    shes right you are wrong

    Beauty Sales (US Billions)haircare1

    1. Procter & Gamble – $26.3
    2. L’Oréal - $25.8
    3. Unilever - $16
    4. Avon - $7.6
    5. Beiersdorf - $7.5
    6. Estee Lauder - $7.3
    7. Shiseido - $6.9
    8. Kao - $5.9
    9. Johnson & Johnson – $5.6
    10. Henkel - $4.4
    11. LVMH - $3.7
    12. Coty - $3.5
    13. Chanel - $3.0
    14. Limited Brands – $2.7
    15. Mary Kay – $2.6
    16. Yves Rocher – $2.5
    17. Natura - $2.1
    18. Alticor - $1.9
    19. Kose - $1.8
    20. Oriflame - $1.7

  17. im not a expert on beauty products. But the amway shampoo santanique has to be the biggest ripoffs ever. Havent ever used anything as bad as their shampoo. I remember using it once and throwing the entire bottle away. Nobody in my family would continue using it after one wash

  18. What was really funny was a bald man in our upline who was using satinique shampoo and conditioner! And then confessed to us that he didn't know why! I like your spelling better:
    "satan"ique. LOL! Cheap shampoo at premium price.

  19. It is amazing how the Amway IBOs are able to warp reality to try to make things appear to be something that they are not.
    Has anyone heard of a story called The Emperor's New Cloths?
    The title has become a standard metaphor for anything that smacks of pretentiousness, pomposity, social hypocrisy, collective denial, or hollow ostentatiousness. Sounds like Amway doesn't it?

    ** Former WWDB Lemming **

  20. Former Lemming - you have perfectly described our former Platinum!

    Actually you have probably described most Platinums and above out there!

  21. IBOFB obfuscating the truth once again. Here's the bottom line for all to see. Take out IBO's purchases of Artistry products and they would probably go out of business. Anna is spot on, how many former IBOs buy Artistry products?

  22. Let's see if IBOFB does some research and can find out how much of Artistry's sales are to non-IBO's.

  23. The newspage on Amway this sunday said "since there was such a huge volume of traffic, they have extended oct's end of month orders till Nov 1st. Basically they gave IBOs one more extra day to stock up on products to hit pin levels.

    Have u heard of any other company doing this? Why would a company receive so many orders on the last day of the month?? Is there a genuine need of Amway products or do these sales happen only for hitting new pin levels?? Isn't Amway promoting stocking up products by extending the time for end of month orders? Aren't they supposed to prevent this?

    If there was a genuine need for the products cant the IBOs(and their non-existing customers) order products on the 1st or 2nd of next month(or whenever they want to), instead of ordering them on the 31st?

    Have you seen/experienced ur uplines buying their way to bigger pins. If you have do make a post on that subject.

  24. Perhaps someone who's put in more time with Amway can comment on the end of month being extended till a day into the following month if that's ever happened before. Interesting.

    Ambot would get inundated with calls from his sponsor, or upline Eagle, or occasionally higher than that during the last 3 or 4 days of the month to buy, buy, buy. Ambot would usually make a purchase between $300 and $500 during those last few days. But there would also be a purchase on the first day of each month for $300 to $500 thanks to ditto.

    I'll do a blog on phony pins soon.

  25. When I was an "IBO", I estimate over 90% of my own and downline sales were for personal use and talking to crossline IBOs they were around the same. The whole business is a giant house of cards built on upline teaching that you should buy from yourself and teach others to do the same.
    I am sure you are right Anna, I bet the vast majority of Artistry customers are IBOs trying to make their monthly PV.

    ** Former WWDB Lemming **

  26. A house of cards with 50 years of success and 15% growth in a recession. How are 'house of cards' property prices going? What about 'house of cards' unemployment? How about 'house of cards' small business owners? Some need to get a life and stop knocking people who are having a go at changing their lives and at the same time helping others.

  27. Anna, to answer your question, every month the company gives all IBOs the option to pull back orders from the 1st of the month to the previous month or keep them in the new month. It is a BUSINESS decision for each individual business owner to make. I would also like to add, that I have been an Amway IBO for 19 years and I have NEVER had a bad experience with the company or my upline. Prior to joining the business I had climbed the corporate ladder with some large corporations and owned two businesses outside Amway. I have to say that I have achieved more success through my association with Amway than any of the other endeavours. Being a part of this business has helped me in many areas of my life. I am proud to say that the greatest pleasure I have had through my business activities has been the ability to help others achieve the success that they desire. Some haven't gone on to build huge successful businesses, but as a result of being a part of the organisation have gone on to excel in their own businesses / careers. They also stay in to access the education programme, products and friendships. As a result of building my Amway business I have been able to sponsor more children through World Vision than I could have through my previous endeavours. There was a beautiful movie called Pay it Forward, which epitomises the Amway opportunity. Doing good for others. The two most valuable life principles that I learned from my grandmother was 'if you can't say anything good about someone, don't say anything' and to always be an encourager. I love to encourage people and lift them up and I have always been rewarded for that. There is no victory in knocking others who are trying to do good. I would hope in the interest of goodwill that this letter is approved for the website.

  28. FYI - the above 2 comments of Dec 16 were written by the same person.

  29. First post - those questions will be answered differently by people in different parts of the country or world. If directed at me, I live in a strong real estate market. The only effect was for about 3 months early last year where sales were slow. Prices didn't go up or down during that period. Since then housing prices have risen by 10%. This is just my part of the world. I realize other areas housing prices have decreased. Unemployment in my region is 7%. We own a small business. We're in the 6 figures and this year's growth is about 15% higher than last year.

  30. Second post - Myself and other bloggers do recognize that some people have success in Amway. The company's own figures on their compensation plan show that less than 1% of IBO's earn the incomes that are projected on the plan. And that's great that you've found something that works for you and has given you a decent income and allows your charitable work. I still stand by any business with a 99% failure rate is not a good opportunity. You're very lucky to be in a line of sponsorship where brainwashing and abuse of IBO's doesn't happen. I just tell what happened to me and my husband and there are too many stories similar to mine out there. The one thing I've never been able to figure out are the IBO's who say they have a wonderful upline and they're making money at Amway always post anonymously.

  31. It's not necessarily the business' fault for the 99% failure rate, but the people's. No wonder only 1% make it in the end. How do you explain then that by observing the world around you, the condition of the 99% is misery? I wish it was the 99% who would be happy. But seeing the daily misery, I disagree. Same with Amway; only those who truly desire and deserve it will be in the 1%.

  32. Ah - long time no Amway speak! Our brainwashed buddy from Scarborough Canada has resurfaced! How come you keep stopping in to read my post about how our Platinum was screwing over Amway? Getting tips? Good for you! You can do it too!

  33. Hey Anonymous, I'm glad to hear that you have been successful in your Amway Business. After 19 years in the business you must be a high Pin Level right? Are you a Diamond or above? Please let us know who you are as most IBO's that stop by these forums say they are successful and happy but never back it with facts. If people are looking into this business I am sure they would like to hear about your success story and who you are and your pin level after 19 years in the business.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  34. I am not surprised that the Anonymous Ambot who claims he is successful after 19 years has not responded to my simple request. This is typical of how the Ambots act like they are successful but when they are challenged to provide actual facts they never reply or if they do they just reply with nonsense.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  35. Anonymous our friend from Scarborough never returns to answer questions. We confuse him with the truth.

  36. The Scarborough guy never said he was successful in amway. He said his association w/amway helped him be successful in other businesses.

    Isn't that always the case? They don't make it in amway but they can't admit it, so they tell of all the glorious wonders of their *association* w/amway. It's just too painful to admit they can't make it in the wonderful world of Disneyr *aka* amway. How would they explain it to all the people they have slammed for having the dreaded jobs.


  37. i'm a seasoned cosmetologist. artistry's products are much better than you are claiming, not to mention they are actually good for you. they are prestigious because compared to others, they perform better, are more concentrated with good ingredients rather than mystery fillers, and priced reasonable considering artistry is competitors with lancome and shisheido... so from a professional's point of view, i totally inderstand why artistry is better than regular popular brands everyone is so familiar with. true..most women go with what's familiar and cheap; however, those who are educated in the chemistry of what is being absorbed through their skin may rather spend the extra money.

    i use and recommend artistry with my clients. and out of the numerous clients i see on a regular basis...some for years...i've had only two ladies, sisters, who did not care for it. probably because they were well into their 70s and preferred to rub olive oil on their faces.

    while reading the comments above, i was quite tickled. the ignorance and immature demeanor. i've actually never commented on anything online besides a facebook photo or on a friend's profile...

    i dont really like amway...i dont have to respect it...but then again, i dont have to waste time bashing a company that makes waaay more money than i do. lucky im stuck in this airport with nothing better to do..

  38. Well if I was sitting in the San Antonio airport I wouldn't be doing a search for the top 10 prestigious cosmetics and then spend over 30 minutes reading a blog because I couldn't find anything better to do. Have a safe flight! Though I can't imagine why anyone would want to leave Texas!

  39. Why not? It's my preofession to know what's going on in the cosmetic world.

    I loooove to travel. I love meeting different kinds of people from different cultures/lifestyles/regions.

    I was hoping you'd have something better to respond with, but I guess not.

    ..and thank you! i had a lovely flight!

  40. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by again!

    I also love traveling and meeting people all over the world from different cultures. So, see we do have something in common! I like most people I meet - except for Amway zealots!

    Sorry I didn't meet your expectations. I guess some days I'm more witty than others. Glad to hear you made it home safely and had a good flight.

  41. WHAOOOoo. Some people are plain stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Lol. (: I was bored babysitting my brother and googled mascaras with no mercurary Ive heard other drugstore mascaras have it, and artistry came up, I than googled artistry this came up. I thought the word ambot sounded funny so I clicked it. And seeing the comments of people bashing on a business that didn't work for them was funny. I mean in my opinion if it didn't work for you maybe you didn't put in the effort or believe in yourself or the business you where developing. But hey what do I know right, I'm just a bored 18 year old with no current fun thing to do. So minions feel free insult me like you have to any other person with a different opinion that yours. Cuz I'm not likely visiting this blog again. Fun reading thou

    1. Anonymous - are you sure you're not an ambot? Amway IBO's call everyone who is not in Amway some kind of name - loser, stupid, broke, etc.

      If you're a bored 18 year old babysitting your brother you are prime bait to be brainwashed by this cult. At least you are still young enough to bounce back.

      There are better business opportunities out there. Stay away from Amway. You'll make more money babysitting that as an IBO.

      Good luck with that mascara!

    2. You stupid little Scambotshit piece of quixcum! How dare you try to force evolution on your model base when you know damn well Scamway degraded your model-type to fit their purpose of Globe Domination!

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Those are the cult-like Ambots?

  43. Let me start off by sayin WOW! I agree with the 18yr old. a lot of bashing of Amway on here, so it didn't work for you and your husband what gives you the right to bash the company just cuz you couldn't get it to work? I know plenty of people including myself (who is not related to company)who got what they wanted out of it, just a little of hard work and determination, but if you would have put as much time into Amway as you do into bashing them you probably could have made it work! That's all I gotta say feel free to bash my post and complain some more!

    1. Hi Anonymous - nope not going to bash you. You probably take enough abuse from the assholes in your upline anyway without me adding to it! As for as ambot comments go you are boring. Most ambots leave comments shrieking and spouting lies. You know the old Amway strategy of lie, deny, and distract. You are calm and stated your point. What fun is making fun of that? If you looked around the blog a little more you'd realize we are here to bash the assholes in the Amway upline and if Amway the company gets dragged along for the ride so be it. Perhaps they should take customer complaints more seriously and we wouldn't be sharing our experiences on the Internet.


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