Friday, October 29, 2010

Busting Relationships

The pompous sack of shit Platinum often said “If I don’t like you, I won’t do business with you.”  Liar! He’d do business with anyone he could just for the almighty dollar. 

A better slogan for him would have been “If I don’t like you and you refuse to do business with me, I’ll destroy your relationship.”

I was at an Amway meeting once where he ranted about one of the fellows in the room. They were in the same car driving back from Family Reunion and the pompous sack of shit spent the 6 or 7 hour drive nagging him to leave his wife because she was holding him back in the business. He would never succeed in Amway as long as he was with his wife. And on and on it went. Platinum was even more outraged when they had a baby without asking his permission if they could start a family.

All I could think of was shut the fuck up asshole. Other people’s private lives are none of your business. Leave them alone. Asking “permission” for stuff going on in their private personal lives? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Like I need any further proof that this is a cult leader trying to control other people’s lives!

On the drive home I told Ambot that the sack of shit has no business trying to destroy that couple’s relationship. Not a big surprise to me that Ambot admitted the fucker was trying to convince Ambot to leave me.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying his damnedest to convince Ambot to leave me, the cult leader tried another tactic. I’d quit going to cult meetings and Ambot told me one night the bastard led the group in a prayerfest. He was bitching at Ambot and saying he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business and he didn’t deserve to be married to me because he wasn’t man enough. Tonight the Platinum sack of shit led the Amway meeting into a prayer group, praying that I would find another man and leave Ambot.

And these fanatic cult members wonder why I can’t stand them. 

The only good thing that came out of that prayerfest is that Ambot saw the truth of this evil cult and stopped attending Amway meetings.

The Platinum’s reasoning (which he probably learned from his upline) for any man not getting ahead in the Amway business is because his wife is holding him back and he should leave her. If an IBO has a potential prospect and the wife isn’t interested, upline immediately jumps on their pedestal and proclaims its because this couple already has existing problems in their relationship.

The relationship problems only happen after getting involved in Amway. Happy marriages go sour after one spouse gets immersed in the cult and is constantly badgered by the upline to get the PV/BV up there and buy more products to the point of sucking dry the bank accounts and maxing out credit cards. Attend more meetings chasing futile dreams. Put another dollar in. Put a few more thousand dollars in. Got to keep this cult thriving.

Scary. And this is not even a spooky Halloween tale. Its really happening within the Amway cult.


  1. Who were your upline Emeralds/Diamonds?

  2. Maybe i gotten lucky with only going to 1-3 home meetings and one free major function then quitting. I didnt realize some of this stuff happen in wwdb. Would havve be interesting to challenge my upline and be a total a hole to them.

  3. Why not post who your upline is? I trashed my upline diamond and above in other forums all the time. Not like you're still in the business.

  4. I wonder why David Steadson AKA IBOFB doesn't comment over here?

  5. Tex and Colin, Emerald only has only the one Platinum that I know of and that is if either of them are even in qualification anymore. If I mentioned real names some Amway supporter reading this blog might alert them. Eventually I want to turn these blogs into an ebook that people can download for free. When that time comes, and if I can get through the legalities, their names will be in there. I don't want them to have an advance heads up and try to block the ebook.

  6. I don't understand why my comments are being deleted.

  7. Gee Tex you’re hardly the first male to have difficulty understanding the concept that no means no!

  8. I didn't post the above. You're not the first female incapable of a logical discussion!

  9. ibofb/david steadson isnt commenting on this causse he's busy hosting bogus halloween parties. People show up and they are forced to sit through a amway presentation lmao.

  10. Anna, thank you for this blog. I just left my boyfriend, who I love dearly, because I can't deal with him being a brainwashed Ambot anymore. He makes no time for me, and thinks that I just need to be "patient" until he "makes it" in 2-3 years. He's already been in for about 1 1/2. But I'm pretty sure his upline were telling him that I am "negative," because I refuse to get involved with the business. I was really hoping that my boyfriend would see the light, but he seems more brainwashed than ever...he just reached 1000 PV...probably mostly from him buying his own products. Oh well. I just can't take the solitude anymore. Our relationship was never like this until he got involved with Amway & LTD. We never had any serious fights, and he actually used to make time for me. Enter Amway, and our relationship has fallen apart due to his love for Amway and his neglect of me. Oh well. Anyways, thanks for writing this blog. I find it refreshing that there is someone else out there with the same thoughts as me.

  11. Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear about your relationship falling apart but I know that you did what was best for you for your own emotional and financial well-being. Your boyfriend's new Amway friends right now are all telling him that this is a good thing because you were holding him back and now that he is single he will make it and be financially free in a couple of years and then he'll show you. They'll also reassure him that they are his only true friends and that they love him.

    Have you seen my post on phoney pins? Your ex is not the only person who has become a phoney 1000 pin, all at the urging of his upline to charge up the credit card.

    Your ex has separated himself from reality denying anything is wrong and telling his friends and family that everything is fine and once he gets there then they'll see he was right. All this does is lead to a further detachment from reality and reinforces his attachment to the Amway's group's values (or lack thereof).

    The Amway cult demands loyalty and obedience. They separate new members from friends and family because they remind the IBO about his values before he joined Amway. They also give an outside opinion about the group which is always an unwelcome opinion. As more time is spent with the Amway cult the IBO absorbs the upline's way of thinking and believing. This means abandoning relationships with people not in the Amway cult. The old friends are considered a negative influence on the IBO because they want the person to leave the group.

    I write the blog to vent my frustration at the upline my husband was involved with and eventually I'm going to put these blogs together and turn them into an ebook that people can download from here. That's still aways in the future.

    Good luck and I hope things getter better for you soon.

  12. My ex bf was brainwashed by Amway too and he left me. He is like a demon now. he let me watch Amway video during my birthday and tried to brainwash me but i was very persistent with my dream. After the video, he suddenly shouted like a communist, "Amway is the best! I will become the king!" His eyes were dramatically opened a scared me! i started to question his reason to be with me...after i rejected joining Amway, he started to be indifferent towards me. he started to flirt with women so that they can work hard as his downlines. he spent all his time into amway and only spent 2 hours per week for me. finally he became a platinum n he got the chance to go to dubai. n HE WAS SHOWING OFF THAT TO ME! crazy.....amway is really unethical and immoral. they do not encourage good family relationship. they r only going for money. crazy!

  13. I'd say your ex was typical behavior. Well maybe not that part about becoming king! The term the IBO's in our upline used was warrior. You can do much better in life than hitching your star to an Amway cultist.

  14. THis is some fu'''' crazy shit. Well, it never happened in my upline and I never let it happened in my downline. I told them that wife is first. If you and your wife dont get along then leave the group. I dont want to be cursed. My upline gave me a look and was unhappy with me but they saw it very clear that if they decide threaten to leave me I will leave them. Then someone else became my upline seeing that I am stubborn in my own rules. I still like few people in my upline but I dont like their policies or amway policies or bww policies. Anyway fu''' that. Who cares now. If someone dont give a damn about you, you dont give a damn about them.
    I still have a good repo with my upline where other people dont pick up my phone. So damn them! who cares.

  15. Harprit you've summed it up in your first sentence and you couldn't have said it better. Our Platinum pulled HUGE fucked up crazy shit.

    Oh and if you come back, no need to be modest and put in other symbols instead of writing out fuck!

  16. The only thing that separates Amway from a true cult is inbreeding. But I will not be surprised if inbreeding starts happening in a few years.


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