Monday, November 1, 2010

Bring Prospects

At every Amway meeting the Platinum cult leader would ride all the IBO’s asses about being failures because we didn’t bring new prospects to the meetings. Well, excuse us for not being able to find people open-minded to being ripped off!

Ambot spent hours each week trying to convince friends, family, and people he’d just met to come to a meeting. Infrequently after a few hours of being hounded, someone would break down and agree to see the plan, but then they wouldn’t show up and spend weeks or months avoiding calls from Ambot.

I hadn’t been to an Amway meeting in months but when an acquaintance of Ambot's failed to show up at our house and go with him to a meeting and wouldn’t answer his phone when Ambot called. Ambot begged me to accompany him so I gave in and for the first time in about 5 or 6 months I went to the cult meeting.

I might add that this one of the last meetings Ambot attended. Yay!!!!

The infamous prayerfest for me to meet another man hadn’t happened yet.

Anyway, a meeting room had been booked at a local hotel and the upline Emerald was the speaker. We came in and found chairs. We watched the Platinum sack of shit circulate the room greeting people. He avoided saying hi to us even though he walked right past us a number of times seeing as how we’d chosen aisle seats. Snubbing us! Like I give a shit that someone I don’t like won’t talk to us. Oddly enough Ambot began to chuckle and I asked him what was so funny.

“He’s refusing to talk to us because I didn’t bring anyone to the meeting.”

That was the cult leader’s way of punishing the downline. Refusal to acknowledge them. Ostracization.

I was cool with that. We don’t often get that lucky that the pompous sack of shit doesn’t want to talk to us.


  1. I like to bring new prospects to the meetings.

  2. Gee your hubby was really messed up from this quixtar scam. Some of the stuff youre telling us about how he reacts,worships his upline, etc is f up. Did he get some help from a shrink after leaving the cult?

  3. Fucked up is putting it lightly. Yes he received professional help from a real qualified counsellor who went to university and has a degree, unlike those phony ass upline "counsellors". He understood the Amway scam quickly after leaving and that it is a system designed for failure. The big difficulty was the separation from the upline who he truly cherished. Of course these "real and true friends forever" have had nothing to do with him since he stopped buying Amway shit and going to meetings. This is how cults operate. They are dangerous people and he's had trouble accepting they are liars and scammers and not his true forever friends like they promised. Its the betrayal he feels and that he fell for their scam. Not everyone needs professional help when leaving a cult, but I'm glad he sought it and understands the reasons for the way upline treated him.

  4. my ex upline includes this kid who dropped out of medical school advice from his wwdb diamond. He worked fulltime construction and amway. This ahole kid didnt see anything wrong with trying to convince me and someone else during a funeral to join amway. Theses ambots lose any common sense when they are in this cult. The Ambots remind me of addicted drug users and gamblers losing all reason n judgement.

  5. Its all part of the brainwashing and its frightening the hold these cults can have over otherwise intelligent people.

  6. hard to believe but it is all true it seems so odd readiing it now but at the time involved it seemed very normal

    i have never seen any business church or political party that has such a strong hold on people

  7. Anonymous, you are correct. People don't realize how badly they are treated until they get out and read other people's stories and realize how closely it matches their own experience. When they're in Amway they think they're normal and everyone else are losers, or more specifically broke losers.

  8. The other reason the ahole emerald didnt say hi was cause he saw u at the meeting lol. He heard from others how much of a headache u where.

  9. The Emerald wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall to say hi to. It was the Platinum who was snubbing us. But yeah you could call the Emerald an asshole too. And yeah he had no idea how much of a headache I could be! He needed some repairs done around his house around the time of this meeting and he wanted the downline to do them for free because it would be their honor to spend time with him. Ambot declined the work bee. As for the Emerald's repairs, Ambot later drove past his house and had a good laugh. Another example of you get what you pay for!

  10. I would have accepted and put a few holes in the emeralds pig pen lol:)

  11. Ha ha! That would have been good! I think it was a fence or a retaining wall the downline were building/repairing. Plenty of opportunity to mess that up.

  12. Thinking of "bringing prospects", i remember this funny incident.

    We were prospecting this sharp couple in a mall and we did not realize that they were reverse prospecting us. We showed them the plan and they even came to an association. Then they asked us to come to a church meeting of theirs. We agreed to go and guess what after the end of the initial sermon in the church, the preacher started asking all the guests to stand up. Then he asked people who brought new people to stand up and everybody applauded them. Just like Amway open meetings.

    The killer was after all the sermon was over, the wife cornered me in the restroom and the restroom cornered my husband somewhere else seperately and they started asking us if we were confident that we would go to heaven. Just similar to the open meeting when the prospects are cornered by the IBOs and are asked if everything made sense and if they still think they could make it financially in anything else other than Amway. The whole church scenario was so hilarious and once we managed to get away from the place we had such a good laugh.

    All the crazy things we had to do to drag in prospects to the meetings to look good infront of others/upline,

  13. Yep, my Ambot desparately wanted to look good in front of the other ambots and impress his upline by bringing in prospects, but he'd already prospected out just about everyone we knew years ago during round 1.


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