Thursday, October 28, 2010

Insulting Women’s Makeup Choices

Our upline taught us to be rude, look down on, and sneer at anyone who didn’t use or purchase Amway products.

Ambot was a very good student when it came to the art of being rude and sneering at friends who weren’t interested in going to meetings or purchasing Amway shit.

I on the other hand preferred to direct my rudeness towards the upline I didn’t like. Oh, that would be pretty much all of them!

The Platinum taught the IBO’s to ask women what makeup they use. Whatever brand they said, he instructed the IBO’s to shriek: “No! You’ve got to be kidding me!” and with a look of horror slap their forehead and shake their head and gape with their mouths wide open. After this routine, they were supposed to tell the insulted woman about Artistry and ask for the sale.

Platinum would perform his “I hate your makeup, bitch” act in front of us at the Amway meetings. Then he would ask around the room, mostly male, who’d been putting this technique into practice.

He’d avoid asking me.

Insulting a woman about her choice of makeup? And then hoping to make a sale on overpriced Amway products? I don’t think so. Good on you if that horror routine works. I don’t think Ambot ever tried that technique. At least never in my presence.


  1. it is funny to read your posts and see you go through the same stages that we did

    you gotta get it out somehow unfortunately i never thought of starting a blog to do it

    my experiences are pretty much the same but i have gotten over the emotion

    i hope amway is changing there ways

  2. Anonymous, Amway and/or the LOS won't change. That would cost them too much money!

    Writing is a good form of therapy. I probably wouldn't write this blog except that Ambot's sponsor is still hanging around. The troublemaker knows I can't stand him, so rather than me telling him to fuck off all the time, I turn to this blog.

    Too many people have the same experiences. Funny how the Amway supporters deny this happens.

  3. Writing is a good form of therapy only when you have something positive and inspiring to write about otherwise it is just as, if not more harmful then negative memories and attitudes. Writing becomes the script for your attitudes, good or bad.

  4. Well that's your opinion, Anonymous. If all writing was positive and inspiring then people would be living in suspended reality where they can't tell the difference between negativity and the truth. Kind of like the brainwashing that goes on in cults where everything is skewed to their version of positive. Writing is a way to express emotions and the process may mean ridding oneself of negative emotions such as the demons I encountered thanks to Amway. Who knows how long it will take to rid myself of those demons and negative memories. Writing them down is a start to getting them out of my system.

  5. annon you have to remove the splinter and sqeeze the puss out of a wound before it will heal

  6. Anon #1,

    You're WRONG. Anna is right, being continually "positive" and ignoring the Amway Tool Scam is stupid.


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