Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dishonesty - “lines” to use

Seeing as how IBOFB is so hot on the dishonesty issue I thought I’d put in some “lines” taught by the upline on tricking people to come to Amway meetings. Ambot kept very good notes. Unfortunately sometimes he couldn’t find his clipboard and helped himself to my organizer. I hang on to them because I never know when I might need to use them against some upline asshole.

“Give someone a line” means lead someone on, deceive with glib or exaggerated talk.

The above sentence pretty much describes every Amway IBO I’ve come in contact with.

At meetings we attended the IBOs were often berated by our sack of shit Platinum because prospects had not been brought to the meeting. Most people can’t find anyone to come to a meeting once they mention Amway. The sack of shit gave IBO’s suggestions on how to trick people into coming to a meeting without letting on its an Amway meeting. Yeah, that’s a real honest thing to do. What a wonderful upstanding honest company we’re associating ourselves with when we have to resort to dishonest techniques taught by our dishonest upline. Here are some of the “lines” he taught IBO’s to use when contacting or approaching prospects to get them to come to a meeting. And yes upline really does use the word “line” or “lines”. In addition to taking notes, Ambot recorded them too. Got him! This topic could also be titled “how do you know when you’re being prospected by the Amway cult”.

  1. “I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I'm looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input.”
  2. “We do sell Amway products but that's only about 20% of what we sell. Everything else comes from over 2,000 other companies most of which are Fortune 500 companies.”
  3. “How would you like to be your own boss?”
  4. “No it's not Amway. Its World Wide Dream Builders.”
  5. “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”
  6.  “Don’t you want to be free and not punch a time clock?”
  7. “Are you tired of working a J.O.B. and making your boss rich?”
  8. “Do you ever look at other ways of making money?”
  9. “I'm in the process of expanding my business in the area and I'm looking for a few sharp guys who are interested in being financially free within the next two to five years.”
  10. “I work with a team of multi-millionaires developing business online with over a thousand companies. We’re looking for ambitious guys who want to create a secondary source of residual income through a proven mentorship program.”
  11. “Do you know anyone who might be interested in making a couple of thousand extra dollars a month working part time only 10 to 15 hours a week?”
  12. “Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”
  13. “I know a really sharp businessman who has some great ideas. I can’t promise you anything but how would you like to meet him for coffee?”
  14. “We work with Benny the Bastard who owns Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami. He owns his own consumer distribution company. Maybe you've heard of him?”

Feel free to load up the comments box with the lines you were taught to use to trick people.

Let’s see if IBOFB shows up to tell us how he’s honest and tells everyone upfront that he’s inviting them to an Amway meeting. And the success rate by being honest!


  1. I think the worst for me was having them advertise in the paper and online as a partime sales job. I did show up at the interview then i realize it's amway. Nobody in amway headquarters or the iboia board cares when i made a complaint about the false ads. They'd say we'll look into it and you'll never hear back from them.

  2. Are these dishonesty lines? Lines to trick people?
    “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”
    “How would you like to be your own boss?”
    REALLY? Your only other option then is to be a slave to someone else. You must be a terribly depraved person to think otherwise.

  3. Colin that would really piss me off if I responded to an ad and then found out it was Amway in disguise. You should have asked the faker how much you get paid by the hour by him not Amway. Its against Craigslist posting rules for any MLM sales rep to advertise there but they do it anyway and get flagged off.

  4. Anonymous from Scarsborough Canada - some of those lines by themselves are not dishonest. I was just posting a list that I had on hand where Ambot dutifully took good notes. By putting the lines on my blog readers who aren't quite sure if they're being prospected by an Amway IBO can get the picture. The lines that aren't dishonest by themselves are still popular lines that IBO's use as conversation starters. Its how the prospect answers the question, what comes next out of the IBO's mouth that is probably dishonest.

    So why don't you tell us what kind of luck you have by approaching people and telling them right off that you're an Amway IBO and you're looking to sign up new IBO's or find customers to buy Amway products? I bet you don't come right out and say the A word.

    You must be terribly brainwashed if you don't tell people up front that you're recruiting for the Amway business.

  5. I was pissed off but sometimes i still notice their bogus sales jobs still advertised occassionally on craigslist. But they stopped advertising in the newspaper yrs ago cause it's free to do it online. Only way to get anything done and amway corps attention is by suing.

  6. There was a platinum involve in the fake job interview. Also a few copies of cheques of someone who's a diamond. This business is full of people who are dishonest from the corp down.

  7. "2,000 companies, most of which are Fortune 500 companies".

    I just love it ! So, if the meaning of the word 'most' has not changed since the last time I checked, they work with more than 1,000 Fortune 500 companies. That's a performance !

    By the way, I 'd love to work with a company named 'Benny the Bastard Enterprises'. That's a classy name, and I'm sure the real name of the upline company was not so good.

  8. Ha ha! Yeah, I tried to figure that one out too. The Platinum says that so many times its memorized. Its not the only time his math has been off! Its all that fast glib talk designed to distract and confuse.

  9. Anonymous from Scarbourough needs to get his head out of his arse.

  10. Scarsboro has been back to read but as is typical for him he has nothing to further say when backed into a wall facing the truth.

  11. It sure is amazing how things haven't changed much since I was an IBO back in the late 80's and early 90's. The same deceptive prospecting tactics used to trick people into thinking the so called "opportunity" is something that it is NOT. I was prospected by a nurse who came to my house to draw blood for a Life Insurance policy, a day or so after we met, her husband just happened to venture into my place of work (a store that I was managing) and approached me with the line "you seem to be a sharp guy, we are expanding our business in this area looking for business people that are interested in making extra income in their part-time.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  12. Anna Banana - Thanks for the good laughs...

    I was for ten years an Ambot.. then I saw the light... too much time... I regret the time passed.. I guess the good thing is that I finally saw the LIES.

    My wife suffered the same things that you say in your posts... now I laugh at my stupidity... and how naive I was.

    I left the Cult after 10 years... this was year 2005, and I sometimes meet people that still believe in the lies and sometimes try to make you feel bad that you quit ... hahaha...well.. I guess they are still seeing trough the eyes of the upline... and don't see their empty wallets yelling about the lie... hahah... well...thats life.

    I still remember when I spent afternons making "contacts" looking to who to show the plan to... well... now ... I only laugh to not cry... Have a good time... I hope this helps to anyone thinking about getting in "The Business"


  13. Anonymous, nothing seems to have changed. I've read stuff from former IBO's from 10 years ago and their story could have been ours. Our Platinum told IBO's to prospect people everywhere. We had to look at every person we met as prospects. I'm not surprised your nurse's husband tracked you down at work. Nothing is sacred.

  14. Thanks Jose! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! I'm happy to hear you got out and hope that the cult didn't damage your relationship with your wife. That's the first thing the Amway cult does. Separate and remove IBO's from family and friends who try to make their loved ones see what is happening to them is not healthy financially or emotionally.

  15. IBOFB has been known to stretch the truth in the past. :-)

  16. Ha Ha, Anna you have me laughing out loud again. I wanna work for Bennie the Bastard of Bastard Enterprises, Inc.!!

  17. Ha ha! Oh no you don't. Benny the Bastard will make your life hell!

  18. Wait, I think I already worked for him in a past life!

  19. Thanks for this post, I am currently trying to get my fiancee out of Amway, as we have been for about 2 years and still are making 300-400$ while spending ~$1100/mo on products, $50/mo for a World wide membership, $25/mo for cds and the other random events that have costed us nearly $1000 each after the tickets, travel, hotel and other expenses. Not to mention the missed work. My financee has gone through numerous jobs in order to make amway events and has burned through my visa and i continuously struggle to keep it paid down. Ask yourself this, if one of their main values is being debt free, how come they end up putting their IBOs in debt. We has paid tens of thousnads of dollars towards this dream over the last two years, and i am DONE!

    The tough part is that he isnt. He feels this is his only opporunity to achieve his dreams... let alone it breaking apart our relationship and we have a wedding coming up... I am not sure if I want to marry him, as Amway has ruined my life. DO NOT DO IT!

    You cant even enjoy any given day as you have the pressure to prospect. ANd this is coming from someone who has built a decent team, and felt stuck in Amway because of those counting on us.. it was horrible and still is getting out!

    I can only hope that my spouse will see the Light... else i may have to leave the relationship before its too late.

    1. Anonymous - wow you have the same sad story as so many others who find their way to the Internet who have questions about Amway and are there other people who feel the same way they do.

      I think a big eye opener for me was Eric Scheibeler's book
      Not only did I feel I was in the same room with him because he described stuff I witnessed too so stuff in Amway never changes but here is someone with 1000 people in his downline and his top income was $35,000 one year, mostly from speaking engagements. You'll find this book to be a big comfort to you. Free ebook.

      2 years is quite a committment to Amway but look how smart you are looking at how much money you're spending to chase the Amway nightmare versus how much money is coming in. You have a net loss of at least $1000 month it seems to me in your pursuit of funding your upline's greedy materialistic goals.

      Your fiance will go through jobs like crazy the whole time he's involved in Amway. Mostly due to his attitude to his coworkers sneering at them because they're not in Amway and they work a J.O.B. When he's not getting fired for his shitty attitude he's quitting so he won't miss an Amway meeting. That's how much he worships the Amway cult leaders.

      Aside from our mortgage we were debt free when we started Amway. Over 20k in credit card debt when we escaped the cult! So you're right. So much for their bullshit about Amway helping people become debt free. Amway helps IBOs straight to the poorhouse so they can make the great Amway gods richer.

      You know once you stop going to Amway meetings your upline will be riding your fiance's ass. WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards. All they're out to do is destroy relationships. They'll tell your fiance to take out a pre-nup because once he makes it "really big" in Amway and if you get divorced then you'll get half his Amway business. They'll also try to bust you up because they do not associate with people unless they are in Amway and handing them fistfuls of money. So yup absolutely if you have any doubts about marrying an ambot - don't do it. You know those bastards in WWDB will make your life hell and will "counsel" with him to leave you.

      There are other self employment opportunities out there. Head to your library or the bookstore and take a look at the business section. You'll see books like 100 ideas for homebased businesses. It'll give you some ideas. The main reason most people start up their own business is to make money. In Amway they'll give you some bullshit about even if you don't make money you'll become a nicer person because you're in Amway. Well shit maybe I'm already about as nice a person as I'm gonna be right now. This is as good as it gets. I don't need to be nicer! Really when you ask business owners why they started their own business they'll give you a whole bunch of different reasons and none will have anything to do with being a nicer person. That's just some Amway bullshit to distract the IBO's from figuring out how much money they're losing in the cult.

    2. The Amway "dreams and goals" is on a sliding scale that factors in from when someone first gets roped in to after they have been in a while and the bullshit "2 - 5 years to financial freedom" bait has already come and gone by. After then it becomes obvious that the "easiest way to become a millionaire" spiel is not only a flat out lie but making ANY kind of living wage is also a lie. So it then turns into "money doesn't matter to me, what is important are the lessons I've learned to become more outgoing and business-minded with a positive outlook that one can't put a price-tag on." Yeah right. Well Amway certainly put a price tag on it to the tune of thousands of dollars siphoned out of the IBO's pocket. They also rave about getting to meet so many wonderful, positive goal-oriented people with dreams. I guess when one is brainwashed they are only comfortable around similarly brainwashed and delusional folks. All pretending they are part of something big and wonderful. Like the comradeship of cows waiting in line to the slaughterhouse. One cow looks at the other and says "Wow, isn't it great to be working at Omaha Steaks? We're a half billion dollar company! The boss says someday I'll make it really big here."


    3. Dave - I sure didn't like the Amway assholes we had to associate with all part of the being a nicer person bullshit if you ain't making money in the Amway pyramid scheme. Fakers. Scammers. Greedy bastards. Yeah my life is so much better off getting to know low life scum sucking Amway assholes and losing money in a pyramid scheme!


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