Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dishonesty and Blame

On the Phoney Pins thread IBOFB says:

It seems though, Anna, that you're saying that your husband was actively and knowingly breaking Amway rules to get bonuses/recognition he didn't earn?

And it's his upline/Amway's fault for not checking better that he wasn't being dishonest?

What about the phrase “duplicate upline” which Ambot diligently followed. Ambot’s upline were dishonest and they taught him how to be dishonest when it came to the Amway business.

Isn’t IBOFB’s response really typical? Amway supporters are quick to point fingers and blame IBO’s who can’t make any money with this business. You didn’t try hard enough, you weren’t core, you didn’t listen to enough tapes, etc, etc. How many of the supporters point fingers and say you failed at Amway because you were honest.

Speaking of being honest, how come Amway doesn’t properly reveal how much IBO’s can expect to earn? Just some bullshit about the average IBO earns $115/month. I can tell you Ambot never came close to that amount. I think he broke $10 a couple of times when he purchased $700 or $800 in Amway products in a month but most of the monthly checks were $8 or $9. 

Amway is issuing checks so they know what is being paid out in commission. Wouldn’t it make more honest if they published the commission IBO’s can expect based on their own data?

I’ll create a table as a simple example Amway could use. The numbers below are hypothetical, just off the top of my head but maybe they’re closer to the truth than we know. Why doesn't Amway publish a similar table based on their knowledge of the monthly checks issued to IBO’s? It would be the honest thing to do.

Here is the amount of bonus checks IBO’s are currently receiving each month:

70% of IBO’s earn checks between $1 and $10
15% of IBO’s earn checks between $10 and $25
10% of IBO’s earn checks between $25 and $50
4% of IBO’s earn checks between $50 and $100
1% of IBO’s earn checks over $100

Then in big print something to the effect that IBO’s must purchase approximately $300 in Amway products each month in order to meet at least 100PV to earn a monthly commission check. And then another table that shows how much IBO’s can expect to spend each month in CD’s, tapes, functions, LOS membership, etc. And before Tex brings it up, Amway should also be honest and state that the real income to be earned is from the sale of tools and that is only available to IBO’s once they have reached a certain PIN level in the company after they have signed up 100 IBO’s in their downline.

With an honest disclosure about the income and expense of an IBO people can make a better informed decision whether or not Amway is a good business opportunity for them.

But Amway doesn’t publish information like this because prospective IBO’s would look at that table and say holy shit that sucks count me out.

Even though IBOFB is quick to point fingers at who is dishonest those fingers don’t seem to be pointing at Amway.

Though I'm sure he'll be posting a comment here saying "where did you get those numbers?" "What kind of research did you do to get those numbers?"

Dumb ass. I already said my numbers are hypothetical. Let Amway fill in a table with the real numbers.


  1. Ana, You're lucky you dont go to ibofb forums cause all you see is him putting a spin and him bullshitting everybody. Most people who arent brainwashed can see through this nonsense.

  2. I have no interest in his forums though I did wind up there accidentally a few months ago. I get the condensed version from everyone else by reading other blogs and the ensuing comments.

  3. Actually, Amway DOES publish the percentages for the Platinum and above level.

    The important addition to the numbers you mentioned above is those are the GROSS profit. You can't spend gross profit, only NET profit, which is gross profit minus overhead. The Amway Tool Scam ensures overhead virtually guarantees a negative net profit until about the Platinum level. In other words, about 99% of IBOs LOSE money.

  4. Why would Amway provide actual statistics when they can get away with providing vague estimates that can be twisted into a fantasy and sold to the naive. Then once they have you in their cult they brainwash you into thinking anyone providing the true facts about Amway is just a "Dream Stealer" despite the overwhelming evidence that you have a better chance of winning the lottery in spite of your hard work and "fool proof System".
    It really is sad because when you finally wake up and realize that it is all a sham because the people in Amway that you thought were your friends all disappear and want nothing to do with you.

    **** Former WWDB Lemming ****

  5. amway guy spouts the typical amway bullshit

    if you dont listen and follow upline then fail it is your fault if you do listen and follow upline and get yourself in trouble it is your fault

    dont you get it it is always your fault how big of a business does he have i bet not big

  6. So you think it's OK to be dishonest if someone else is dishonest first?

    1. You’re a distributor, not a business owner. Those like you took my friend and soon you’ll regret this scambot!

    2. Anonymous - I don't think IBOFB is an Amway distributor even though he was at one time.

      He is:

      1. a perverted kook who likes to stir up trouble on the internet pretending Amway is a legitimate business opportunity for entrepreneuers.

      2. paid very well by Amway to hit the internet and social media sites extolling the virtues of the Amway scam.

      3. a sick demented fool who is obsessed with the idea that Amway is the best business opportunity and spends every waking hour researching and commenting about Amway

      4. a self proclaimed expert on EVERYTHING. Has major delustional problems. Even thinks he's a tampon expert and tries to convince women if the Amway tampons leak then we must be putting them in wrong.

      I'm sure the old tampon expert regrets ever showing up on my blog and having a bunch of women make fun of him!

      His business is promoting the Amway scam.

      Sorry about your friend. Hopefully he'll get out of the Amway cult before too much damage is done.

  7. Obviously IBOFB thinks it's OK to be dishonest after someone else is. All you have to do is read the posts he makes because to me, that speaks for itself.

    I think she's pointing out the absurdity of it, which is obviously lost on you (deliberately again)

    What level are you at? No answer still. Yet the defence of it continues unabated, in spite of it all.

    What a sad personal life you must have dude. :0(

  8. Ambot's relatives are the most dishonest people around so you'd think they'd do well at Amway but none of them was interested. Their M.O. has more to do with ripping people off without putting up any of their cash to do so. Amway was not a good dishonest venture for any of them because they'd have to put too much money in to rip off others.

  9. Pop Goes The Amway Weasel

    It appears as though IBOFB AKA David Steadson has lots of time on his hands since he seems to pop up everywhere something negative is said about Amway defending it with the usual Amway rhetoric. If he is really an IBO shouldn't he be out showing the plan or going to open meetings and telling people how they can be financially free in 2-5 years with Amway?

    IBOFB will not disclose his real income nor will any of the other so called successful IBOs because the sad truth is, they have mislead people and the real money is in selling the tools and functions to their minions.

    **** Former WWDB Lemming ****

  10. IBOFB won't admit but certain groups, WWDB for example, and possibly many others, teach downline to submit to upline, trust them and do not reinvent the wheel. Then when you do so and fail, they blam the victim.

  11. IBOFB has been back to read but other than blaming the victim or glibly trying to backtalk about dishonesty he has nothing more to say on how he runs an honest Amway business. Maybe we're all missing the big picture. Perhaps IBOFB is running an honest Amway business and that's why he's not successful. Therefore no income to disclose. Interesting theory.

  12. It's dead quiet when you ask IBOFB what he has done in Amway.


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