Friday, November 26, 2010


Our Platinum sack of shit said to build a relationship first with people and then tell them about “the business” later on.

How long does it take to build a relationship with someone? No one can answer that question the same way. A person can build a lasting relationship with someone over the course of a day and other people it can take weeks or months to build a relationship. Too tricky to call when you should slam dunk new acquaintances with the news that you’re an Amway distributor and the only reason you’re spending time with them is because you’re prospecting them so they can be an Amway IBO too and then you can be best friends forever. Not interested? See ya. End of relationship.

Back to the sack of shit he said to use FORM when talking to prospects.

So to all of you out there who just aren’t quite sure if you’re being prospected by an Amway IBO, see if the new friend is showing FORM interest in you.

F – Family: ask about their family and if they have enough time to spend with their family
O – Occupation: ask what they do for a living and if they are looking for a change
R – Recreation: ask what their hobbies are and what they do for fun and would they like more time to be able to do these things
M – Money: ask if they need more money to buy things, get out of debt, or to fund their dreams

I can see when you first meet someone you might go through F.O.R. But the M? Most people don’t start off relationships asking about their new buddy’s financial situation. Same thing with asking about politics, religion, or sexual orientation. These are conversation subjects that might never come up in the course of a relationship because its considered private.

If you suspect you’re being prospected by someone in the Amway cult, use my version of F.O.R.M.



  1. Anna, that is so very funny yet so true. These people are ridiculous, I have been prospected many times by Ambots since leaving the business and I can smell them coming a mile away. If I just arrived from another planet and knew nothing about Amway I would be insulted if someone I just met asked me if I was happy with my job and about my finances, fortunately I know it is Amway and can use one of my quick and witty responses. Only a cult would approach people in this manner and ditch people that don't or no longer want to be involved.

    *** Former WWDB Lemming ***

  2. When they use FORM they're very creepy especially the one who tried it on me recently. My sponsor yrs ago handed me a catologe with amway on it and ask me what i thought. Was told i can make some money selling their products. Maybe it's the way im approached that i thought this would be a normal direct sales.

  3. Actually, there are quite a few links that use this technique (see below), and they are not confined to Amway. I don't think you have to go through all 4 areas when you first meet someone, and the list of topics is great for breaking the ice even if you're not trying to expand your Amway business. Depending on both individuals, you may bring up your business on the first conversation, or after several future conversations. This is another example of you "throwing the baby out with the bathwater."

  4. I like your definition of from much, much more....

  5. Thanks Rocket!

    And as Tex said FORM is widely used outside of Amway mostly by people in sales and marketing.

    Colin, they're just plain creepy with or without FORM.

    Former Lemming I'd like to know some of your responses. Quick and witty is not my thing!

  6. i agree they are all creepy. Just wished they where more like avon. Where people actually sold the stuff with no bs lies.

  7. You just don't see the same level of heated discussions around the Internet about Avon and Mary Kay the way there is about Amway. Like every other company out there there will be people who don't like their products but they don't complain that Avon is overpriced and the salesreps are abused and brainwashed and well, creepy, good word.

  8. The other difference is I think majority of Avon or mary kay reps make some money. Maybe not much $ but they dont spend a fortune on system tools or seminars.

  9. A cursory look didn't uncover much online about Avon, but there is plenty with Mary Kay. You really should do a quick google search before you make these false statements. As far as I know, neither has a tool scam similar to the Amway Tool Scam. In fact, Mary Kay will kick you out if you offer your own tools at any price:

  10. Tex I hardly see how either Colin or I made false statements. We both said pretty much the same thing that even though there will be former sales reps who don't like the company they worked for there isn't as much animosity spread over the Internet about either Mary Kay or Avon as there is about Amway. I've been buying Avon products from the same lady for many years. Like many other Avon reps she's not into recruiting others, just making a little money on the side and it doesn't cost her a lot of money to do so. Do you ever go to sleep? I don't stay up late at night or wake up early in the morning doing google searches. I thought searching for the truth was IBOFB's job.

  11. Then you didn't check into the various anti-Mary Kay sites. There's several of them, and they are NASTY, but what would one expect from a bunch of pissed off women? I already said I didn't find much on Avon. Yes, I sleep. Google searches take a minute or two. ibofb looks for ways to bend, twist, and distort the truth. I am the one searching for the unvarnished truth, he merely claims it, then lies about it.

  12. Ha ha that's so right about a bunch of pissed of women getting NASTY! That's why I write this blog. I only know one person who sells Mary Kay and she's pissed off at me because I'd rather buy from my friend that sells Avon than from her.

  13. I did read a bit of the anti mary kay website yrs ago. How some of their ladies over bought products etc with mary kay. However i do know a few mary kay distributors and all they do is retail. Mary Kay reps dont seem as cult like as amway. But again im sure there are websites out there which says im wrong. Like Ana i also know a few avon ladies who dont act or talk like those amway brainwashed zombies. Everytime i've been approached by a amway rep they seem to always use FORM and act all creepy with the way they talk.

  14. Amway is more cult-like because of the Amway Tool Scam, because Mary Kay doesn't allow tools at any price, as the link above describes.

  15. Tex, you're not the only one who read other anti mary kay sites. I did some reading on herbalife complaints,melaleuca,primerica etc. Not sure anything compares to the complaints as with amway. I heard monavie is getting very close to as cult like as amway. Maybe cause of some of the ex distributors from amway who's now in monavie.

  16. colin,

    Then why did you essentially agree with Anna? Amway is bigger and they probably have the biggest tool scam, so it makes sense they have the most online information. Monavie is filled with former Amway IBOs, such as Brig Hart and Orrin Woodward, and they have taken their Amway Tool Scam with them to Monavie, plus they have far fewer and overpriced products, which also makes it easier to criticize them.

  17. is a very thorough intense scrutiny of Mary Kay. MK is VERY cultish and yes you can buy tapes (CD), books, etc.

    That's part of the complaint of

    Also, you can fin detailed MK info on

    I've been a MK consultant on and off for 30 years so I know this to be true.

  18. Hi Ana, I have been reading your blog for few days now and it is fun.

    A couple months ago my wife and I were "prospected" by a married couple of representatives of this pyramid at the grocery store. And what you described in this post was exactly how the conversation flowed. It seems they had a lot of practice on this "form" technique, conversation lasted for a good 10-15 minutes. I did not detect the scam until the guy drop the "I have an business on the internet where I make lots of money!!! give me your number and we can talk about it" bomb. The girl gave her business card to my wife; we googled it and we found out about this pyramid where they are "emeralds"

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad to hear you were not sucked into the Amway scam. Blogs like mine exist to get the word out to help others not get scammed, in this case some of the techniques used to prospect others. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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