Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grand Opening a Bust!

The upline said we must hold a “grand opening” as soon as possible after getting started in our Amway business so everyone would know that we were Amway distributors and could order products from us. This was also the time to sign up new IBO’s who were interested in starting their own business.

We chose a date and decided to hold a BBQ in our yard. Amway does not sell the typical stuff people would have at a BBQ - hamburgers, buns, condiments, salad, cake, ice cream, etc. Seeing as how Ambot had high expectations of a huge crowd off we went to Costco to stock up for the BBQ.

Grocery bill tally for the BBQ Grand Opening - about $150.

We used our computer to print up invitations and gave them out to a lot of people including all neighbors within a block of our house. Ambot actually knocked on doors and spoke with the neighbors and handed them an invitation. He also sniped a few people who lived further away who happened to be walking past our house while we were outside gardening.

The grand opening was an afternoon event from 1pm to 5pm. Our first guest showed up around 1. He had other plans so was just planning to grab a burger, take a look at some of the Amway products, and hear a little bit about the business.

Actually this fellow was about as close as we ever got to signing up a downline with the exception of the one friend who signed up and then quit a couple of weeks later. This fellow came to a board plan and was interested and liked the IBO’s and their fakey nicey nice act. Then a mutual friend told him Amway was a scam and he backed off. Ambot was pissed off at our friend who had the gall to say Amway is a scam.

Funny how he agrees with that statement now!

Then the backyard got quiet for a couple of hours. Ambot went into the house and watched TV. Things picked up closer to 4pm. Some of our hungry elderly neighbors were happy to come over for free food. One of them even noticed some of the products displayed on a table and triumphantly, disgustedly declared “this is Amway”. A neighbor and his two young sons came over too. The fellow had never heard of Amway so Ambot gave him a good run down on the business. He was sure he’d found a prospect. Wrong.

Bottom line is as far as promoting the Amway business the grand opening was useless. A total bust. Fortunately most of the food we bought could be frozen or had a good enough shelf life that we were able to consume them later.

Some of the upline dropped by that evening and when they heard that the grand opening resulted in no prospects or customers they tried to get us to hold another grand opening as soon as possible. Nope. Never happened. We could have held a million grand openings and the attendance and results wouldn’t have changed. This was exactly the same thing as happened when we were involved in Amway several years earlier. We invited everyone we knew and lot of people we didn’t know too and maybe a handful showed up for the free food and never resulted in any sales or signing up new IBO’s.

Unfortunately Ambot didn’t learn his lesson the first time around. How’s that quote go? Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


  1. I had a friend who did almost the same thing. Invite a bunch of people to a free dinner then had his upline draw out the plan during dinner. Long story short lots of his friends never spoke to him after this dinner. I heard of other useless techniques which dont work. Like tell people they are going to a free concert. Then when they arrive they realize it's a amway event. Of course there's sometimes a lame band like goads or some no name band playing at these functions.

  2. I thought the upline was supposed to be present at the "Grand Opening" events?

  3. Yeah, we just said it was a BBQ but it was really an Amway event in disguise just like the tea social we'd held a couple of weeks earlier.

    No upline showed up. Maybe at their jobs? The eagle showed up that evening to see how it went. Ambot probably gave him some leftovers. He was always hungry. I remember him showing up one evening after I baked cookies and the bugger ate most of them. And yes he is on the chunky side!

  4. Anna, could you please clarify the time frames of your experience?. You said you were given tapes by your upline, which haven't been used for years, thus implying you were an IBO quite a while back, but here you're talking about "grand openings" which have only been a relatively recent "innovation". When was your involvement?

  5. Hmm ... and now I read on another comment you said your platinum was telling people to use Facebook, which really dates your experience to the last 2 years, 3 at most ...

  6. IBOFB I realize that you're very busy reading every blog out there that mentions Amway so its hard to keep them all straight. I've said Facebook before and will do so again maybe sometime in the next couple of days. You have previously challenged me when I said tape when I was referring to a recording and as you have so rightly pointed out these recordings are really CD's and not cassette tapes. I can tell you WWDB has been using CD's - notice I didn't say TAPES - since 2005. The reason I know that is because yesterday we were cleaning out our old entertainment system and replacing with a new one. A CD falls out between the cracks titled Terry & Jenny Brown Emerald Rally. Ambot has no idea who they are so I googled them. On the Amway Wiki page they are listed as emeralds under Excecutive Diamond WWDB Dean Kosage in 2004 so it took them another year to make their tape - oops CD. Seeing as how I've read on other blogs that Dean Kosage is no longer a Diamond or with WWDB it might stand to reason that Terry & Jenny and the other couple may have all fallen out of emerald qualification which is why he fell out of Diamond. To the best of my knowledge I have no tapes or CD's of Dean Kosage though I think I may have heard him speak at some function about 10 years ago back in the days before Ambot had a digital recorder that he pulled out to record all meetings and functions.

  7. Strange how the days of using tapes and no internet our experiences are simliar to todays distributors of amway. Even though peop like bridget or ibofb will say the abuses where of the past and doesnt really happen as much today.

  8. The abuses are still going on. Orrin Woodward said on his own blog his Emeralds and above made 4-5 times more from tools than Amway, as recently as 2007. Unless the tool prices have come down considerably, the abuse is still present. No matter what BS ibofb pukes up.

  9. So it's your habit to refer to CDs as tapes. Okkkayyy...

    But your confirming you were IBOs within the last couple of years?

    As for Kosage, on what basis are you claiming he is no longer qualifying as a Diamond?

  10. Perhaps technically we're still IBO's. Is there anything in particular we have to do other than not renewing for 2011? I have no idea whether Kosage is trying to qualify to be a Diamond again or not. I would guess he'd want to get that status again. I don't know nothing about him other than a few posts I've read. Doesn't sound like someone I'd want to know either based on what his ex had to say about him.

  11. Perhaps old David Steadson could clarify a few things about himself as well, like what level he's at, and what benefit he gets from his quest to save Amway's name online?

    What level you at Dave? Do you expect to be taken seriously with absolutely no evidence of success?

    After what, a decade or so?

    What's your Level Steadson?

    It appears to be your habit to make an assertion of Amway being a good business opportunity, yet you yourself don't seem to be able to pull it off.


  12. Who cares about ibofb.

    If you signed up for automatic renewal, you don't have to do anything to renew for 2011. You will be billed about $50-60 on the credit card you gave, depending on whether you also signed up for the IBOAI fee.

    Kosage is like most Diamonds, they hit the level then fall back. It is much easier to move on to Founders Diamond, EDC, etc., or go backwards, than to hover at the Diamond level. He also had a nasty divorce that either split his business with his wife or had major dropout from his downline. THAT'S why Kosage probably isn't qualifying Diamond right now. Next question, ibofb. Thanks for the easy questions, by the way. LOL

  13. I'm not in the Amway business, but know Dean Kosage personally. He's a qualified EDC in Amway, but left WWDB in 2010. He now runs his own system.

  14. Anonymous Former WWDB Silver

    Dean is the only person that maintained contact after I left the business, due to a poor return on my investment of time, like NOTHING. I've stayed friends with him, so I'm up to date.

    Dean left WWDB in 2010 to start his own system and is a current qualified EDC in Amway. I could even name his 9 platinum legs if you want...

  15. Tex - I believe the divorce happened when Kosage was Emerald. Kosage went on to Founders Diamond in 2003 and Executive Diamond in 2004.

  16. IBOFb: "So it's your habit to refer to CDs as tapes. Okkkayyy..."

    Joecool says: So it's your habit to refer to Amway as a viable business opportunity? Okkkayyy...

  17. I don't know what EDC is but I'm sure that'll be another easy one for Tex to answer! Yeah I read a couple of months ago that Kosage left WWDB to start his own system. I'm sure that's more profitable than being a Diamond.

  18. EDC is Executive Diamond Council, and is 9 Platinum legs, 3 more than the 6 needed to qualify diamond. Sort of a Diamond and a half. Anon could name 9 legs that qualified Platinum at one time, how is he going to confirm they are all currently qualified Platinum or above? My point remains: If Kosage qualified EDC in 2004, chances are VERY high he is no longer an EDC. And YES, Kosage's Amway Tool Scam system is probably MUCH more profitable than whatever level he is at. Be careful with ibofb, he agrees with Amway - once a Diamond, always a Diamond: which I find a crock of crap:

  19. Anonymous Former WWDB Silver

    IBOFB is correct that the divorce happened as Dean was a Emerald with 4 platinum legs, then went on to Diamond and EDC after.

    However, the once a diamond, always a diamond bit is a crock of shit. My one tournament on the Canadian PGA Tour doesn't make me a CPGA Tour player, it makes me a FORMER participant in ONE tournament.

    Tex is correct that I can't confirm the current status of all nine legs today, but when I left the business in 2008, Dean had multiple platinums in 7 legs because he too didn't believe in the once/always bullshit rule. There's a reasonable chance that he's fallen back to the 7 big legs, but if Tex is interested in truth, he could always ask Dean himself. He's not hard to find.

  20. How would I contact him? If I asked him, why should I believe an LCK (Lying Cowardly "Kingpin")?

    1. Cowardly? You and Anna Banana live hidden behind screen names to bad mouth a legitimate company that is used as the benchmark for the Federal Trade Commission when determining the legitimacy of network marketing companies. But, you're doing good work - effectively filtering out the weak ones for us. Thanks!

    2. So says the fucking Amway asshole who posts as Anonymous! And why do we post anonymously as you did too? Because its really fucking embarrassing to admit you are or were in Amway. People laugh at you and call you a loser for getting involved in that scam. Go peddle your bullshit canned Amspeak somewhere else you dumb fuck.

    3. Dear Anna --

      Can you imagine what an asshole Anonymous at 5:14 is? He replies to a posting that is nearly SIX YEARS OLD!

      It only proves that these Amway freaks are poring over your blog obsessively, reading every post. Why is that? Shouldn't they be out showing "The Plan" to suckers?

      Or are they coming here because this is RADIO FREE AMWAY?

    4. Anonymous - its my guess this Amway loser is a new IBO and looking online for advice on holding an Amway Grand Opening. My best advice is don't do it! And when he didn't find the information he wanted started screeching a bunch of old time canned Amspeak bullshit that's been around longer than he's been alive. I can't figure out why these Amway losers read this blog if its not something they like or are interested in. I mean you don't see me going to a blog called I Love Amway and reading it because that would piss me off. I don't read stuff that pisses me off or I have no interest in. I think most normal people have that mindset. But then we're not brainwashed by Amway the Cult of Greed.

  21. Dean is not an EDC or even a diamond. His business has fallen back to a sapphire. His 2 Qualified platinums are Fenton & Susie and Terry and Jenny. Everyone (I can name names) has dropped out of platinum qualification. To the best of my knowledge he has severely severed his relationships with all but 2 of his business (jeff & Lisa and Patrick and amber ). In my opinion he's a liar and a fake. Great influencer but always has his own agenda.

  22. Anonymous - I read a comment on someone's blog - ha ha maybe even mine! - that a lot of Dean's downline didn't make the switch from WWDB to whatever his new line is. Deep 6 or something like that? If only 2 Platinums moved with him, and maybe some of their downline, then that would explain his drop in lifestyle. All those IBO's have their own agenda. To get themselves rich at the expense of abusing their downline.

  23. Yes your right. Only 2 non platinums. All of his Qualified platinums did not go with him. Sad he was a good leader than he changed after he went EDC

  24. You know what's funny?? Idiots, who don't learn from their mistakes, are doomed to make the same stupid mistakes again.

    Also did you know that one of the main reasons that men in the world fail is because they have unsupportive wives? Food for thought.

    Oh, and the only reason that first downline quit is because they had a low self image, like most failures in the business.

    His 'mutual friend' told him it was a scam and he valued that opinion more than his future and family. He allowed someone elses stupid opinion, that wasn't credible for squat, to shoot down his dream.

    Which means YOU failed to do your part and invest in that person. And I don't mean financially invest. I mean take some of your precious time to mentor and show him how everything REALLY works.

    But in order to teach how it all works, you must know how it all works. You need to study, a lot. Just like a test. You can't see the answers once or twice and expect to ace it. It takes determination, which we as Americans are cursed at having very little of.

    Not to mention, nobody ever tells you to lie. So that was one of MANY mistakes made on your end.

    If you really paid any attention you could've taken that $150 BBQ 'expense' and bought everything through one of Amway's hundreds of partner stores.

    I don't know, let's say K-Mart for example. They have hamburgers, buns, condiments, salad, cake, ice cream, etc. And guess what? You would've gotten paid to do it!

    You are right about one thing though. You could've held a million grand openings and the turnout would've been the same. You know why? Because you didn't make the selfish sacrifice necessary to make it happen.

    You don't try and lure people in with free food and then pounce on them. That's just lazy. You're trying to get people to come to you.

    Well it takes effort from you to find those who are determined. Effort that you obviously didn't exert.

    But you can choose to ignore the truth and be angry. Or you can learn from your ignorance, mature and better your future.

    I'm 20 years old, and I'll be retired by the time I'm 21. With nothing but free time and hard earned money to spend with my family and friends. And devoting maybe 20 hours a week, if I so choose, to building a future. A legacy that'll be passed on to financially support my grankids' grandkids.

    But if that sounds like a scam to you, too bad. Because it sounds like freedom to me. It sounds like what the American dream was intended to be.

    Getting paid to wipe my rear, clean my kitchen, do my laundry, be healthy, look good, be good and show those who are willing how to do the exact same. ':)



    1. How many of your downline that you were coaching did you have sex with? Married or not. Don't lie Mr. courageous.

    2. Seeing as how he didn't return 3 years ago to brag about the gazillions of dollars rolling in from Amway every month I doubt he'll be back to answer your question.

    3. The brainwashing makes them all the same thing. "I'm so fired up! I'm going Diamond soon, suckers, and maybe I'll let you drive my limo for me". Of course, that never happens. Other than a very tiny handful of those are the very top of the pyramid, no one EVER makes good on those brags. Because the number of people they would have to recruit and the amount of PV each one would have to be doing in order for them to make that kind of residual income is literally impossible. Why? Because even if someone was able to sucker in the hundreds and hundreds of people they would need to mathematically be able to accumulate that kind of income they talk about, it's virtually impossible to hold onto it for long because everyone below that person is LOSING money, and many of them won't be able to maintain a consistent monthly PV since they start going into debt and they realize that they can't sell any of the previous overpriced Amway shit they've already piled up in their "store", er, garage. So most of that downline will drop like flies putting them right back at square one.

      It's a flawed plan that doesn't work in the real world, only works on napkins covered with circles.

    4. Anonymous - every Ambot out there is brainwashed to believe they're going big. Every one I met bragged about all the money they'd be making thanks to Amway and all the big ticket items they'd be buying in a few months. Even my Ambot. How embarrassing is that! Yup the Amway plan only looks good when circles are drawn on paper. Executing the plan and making the promised money is an impossibility.

      Amway motto.

      Sell the hope not the soap.

    5. Hi FreedomFighter!

      Its 2016 now, and I suppose you have been retired for 4-5 years now. How's your retirement life going? I hope you enjoy your retirement life because suppose a human lives to 70 years old, you still have more than 45 years of life in retirement! No, don't go work to earn money if you need some for the next 45 years, since you worked 20 hours a week back in 2011 and according to you, you have nothing but free time and hard earned money which should be enough to last your life.

      So how is the freedom that you have fought for with Amway back in 2011?

      Hello, FreedomFighter, where are you?
      Hello, anyone there?

      - Gene

    6. Sound of crickets chirping.

      "Freedom Fighter" is probably working now as a part-time dishwasher at some greasy spoon diner, after having lost all of his savings in the Amway racket.

    7. Hey Gene and Anonmyous - I doubt we'll hear back from Freedom Fighter again. As I recall he was an Amway loser I think from Spokane so maybe he'll be attending WWDB Spring Leadership there this month. He left a few comments on other posts and then went into hiding. Or maybe he's still fighting for freedom. He should head to Syria or Iraq and take up that cause I think.

  25. Hello there FreedomFighter from Spokane Washington who found your way here after doing a search for "Terry Brown WWDB". Who the fuck is that anyway? Never heard of him/her.

    Yet another unoriginal ambot showing up here with the typical canned Amspeak response. Check back sometime this week, maybe even tomorrow. I’m going to devote a post to you so everyone can laugh at you!

  26. Hey there FreedomFighter! If you come back searching for Grand Opening again be sure to go to this link my post on September 19 is all about you!

  27. @freedom fighter ?

    Your a typical dumb shit kid who has no clue. Build the business for more than 3 months and than you can talk. Until than you can shove your "I'm so excited!". And " I believe !" bullshit up your ass. I hope your half as ambitious as you say you are and decide to get off your ass and pay the price!! There's a real price and than there's all the bullshit that comes out of your mouth!

  28. Anonymous - you're right. These kids show up on blogs where their upline would be chastising them for sure if they knew they were visiting and leaving dumb ass comments for the rest of us to pick apart and they have the typical ambot attitude that they're better than the rest of us just because they're in Amway.

  29. @Anna Banana

    Sorry I went off a little but that stuff pisses me off!! I believe in hard work and paying the price. But most people's excitement will die after a week!! And they write shit like this! Lol

    And your right they do get chastised from upline. Which is another story.

  30. Anonymous - don't worry about going off! This is the place to rant about your upline, former or current, and to try to get through to fools who leave dumb ass comments about how they're better than the rest of us just because they're in Amway.

  31. Can anyone confirm that dean is only a Saphphire? Yipes!

    Has he never gone double diamond?


    1. I have no idea. I never knew much about him when we were in Scamway. The last I heard he parted ways with WWDB and created his own brainwashing group. Probably makes more money flogging tapes and books and selling tickets to functions to the brainwashed masses than commission on Amway so he could be a 1000 pin now for all we know! Perhaps someone on Amthrax's site knows. I know he's done some posts about Kosage there and commentors seem to know him or have met him. I think I heard him speak at Family Reunion but I'm not positive on that.

  32. over 55 years ago, 2 men came back from WWII, saw the thrones of socialism and communism, and decided to simply start a business that represented complete free enterprise through compassionate capitalism. (no thats not an oxymoron) and called it the American Way. They did this by saying "Hmm Jay, whats something everyone uses and we can help them get paid back on" .." I dunno Doug, OH SOAP!" "we should promote health and environmental safety too!" "we better make sure that our products are the best out there if were going to go into direct selling so lets focus solely on quality and making it still affordable and competitive.. " Im sure you can imagine the rest. Ive been in the business for months and honestly haven't made any money and have also skipped the last 3 conferences lol. I haven't even showed a business plan on my own but I love my upline because they don't force me to do anything and have been completely credible OUTSIDE of this business. Not to mention they are the only strangers who ever told me, don't worry if you can't afford it, the money will be there. I know what I have to do and glad Ive taken so much sweet time just STUDYING this business, and its past mistakes, something I'm learning most people don't do so i can be as transparent as possible. I don't know if I can make it in this business but I'm not a quitter and I think thats the beauty of it. Not everyone makes it! But if you give 100% I know my sponsors (brand new grandparents) will give it right back. I am not religious but I'm fucking blessed to be part of the #1 team, literally. Learning the differences between good leaders and people that have lied in the past and how we do not repeat these mistakes. Yes, i invested money, but I cannot imagine what kind of person I would be without some of the good books and CD's I've listened to which I asked for. It has helped me grow several other business ventures outside of this one as well as being a successful coach at a young age while holding meetings every week with people twice my age. Im sorry you were married to a man who chose greed, and was surrounded by leaders who may have not put in full honesty. I believe Amway is just like a gym, and that some personal trainers are amazing and some are forceful full of shit assholes convinced that their bodies are what you want. If I grow this business I want it to be for the right reasons. I'm sorry about your experience and I'm not trying to change anyones opinions. thank you for letting me leave my first comment ever on a blog.

    PS: Dean Kosage actually made a lot of sense on one of his tapes even though he may be a giant douche.

    1. tl;dr

      I'm sure it is just a rehash of misdirection and intangible successes.


    2. If those 2 guys were coming up with products that are good quality, affordable and competitive then they failed at their mission. If their goal was to create a buying club and charge an annual membership to shop from their exclusive club with overpriced generic profucts so they could make lots of money then they succeeded. The owners are the ones making money plus a few diamonds at the top of their cult sects. Just wait a little longer when you aren't bringing prospects to meetings, signing up new recruits, and buying tools then see how nice your upline is to you.

  33. I hate doing this but I hate stupidity more. I don't think you comprehend the fact that we're not dealing with monopoly money and the figures are laid out. If you put half as much effort into the business as you do into the blog, with a little attitude adjustment, MAYBE(no guarantees) you would be making money yourself. The people on top, started just like EVERYONE else, just as curious and skeptical as those before them, and so do their kids! My sponsor was just playing on a 9 hole golf course built in our diamonds own estate. He's he makes money through training but you act like thats wrong. Like giving people hope is wrong, and that every major leading figure hasn't cut a book or a tape. At least they won't leave over 50% of young Americans with a nice piece of paper and debt. Do a bit more research on the quality of our products or even drop Nutrilite in a glass and see for yourself. Give it to your grandmother and let her tell you. Jesus their farms are on sustainable volcanic ash around the world that the military can't even fly over. Their make-up sponsors freaking Miss America. Being generic is the point because the most successful stable businesses are the ones that give everyday people, everyday products and services they need, but clorox corporation won't give you the POTENTIAL to pay your kids tuition and has actually killed a lot of people (US poison control center). Im happy for Walmart! If they and if they were a country would be Chinas fourth largest trader, congrats! lets give more money to a growing socialist economy that is abusing its working class. I'm not studying in college to work for them and don't really know anyone that is. My family friends and I,are a little happier for mymart because we can keep money in the family. God forbid everyone do this business and help this countries economy through the fundamentals it was founded on.The tax code was written for business owners, and I will happy file all my expenses with the IRS. Lastly I don't need to recruit people to make money in this business. Most people don't realize that this company also gives you the ability to go out, like i do, meet with businesses, and make them customers to an exclusive product you can't get in stores helping grow their own profits. Im working with many local businesses and a major University on procurement of our cleaning products because of how safe, effective, and environmentally impacting they are (according to the USEPA), NOT recruiting anyone, and this amazing company will still give me a big fat check every month and my upline couldn't be happier. Wake up and realize that over 3 million people became IBO's because people like helping people help themselves. But you're right, YOU, MRS. MARRIED TO AN AMBOT BLOGLADY uncovered the huge scam. Not the 300 lawyers that Disney has or Apple, or the hundreds of fortune 500's before partnering with us. Not the most powerful men in our country when they elected Doug as president of the chamber of commerce. Not the lawyers, physicians, doctors, and students, and families in my association. No, because apparently giving people hope is frowned upon because someone got to nervous to throw a smile on at a BBQ and be excited about the American Way. Now put some ice on your head, let it sink in, and learn to admit when your wrong.

    1. " we're not dealing with monopoly money and the figures are laid out."
      -So you saw how poor your chances are?
      " The people on top, started just like EVERYONE else,"
      -6-8 tiers below their crown or diamond?
      "My sponsor was just playing on a 9 hole golf course built in our diamonds own estate."
      -I think I know which diamond you are speaking of, not in WWDB are you? Or are there more than one diamond out there sodding personal golf courses in IBO purchases?
      "At least they won't leave over 50% of young Americans with a nice piece of paper and debt."
      -You're right, just the debt. That 'nice piece of paper' is worth way more than you, or those who teach you this twisted view, think.
      "drop Nutrilite in a glass"
      -I did, it made a nice ringing sound. OK I was trolling there. If you drop most vitamins in a glass of water it breaks down quickly. If it doesn't, stomach acid might have something to do with it.
      " Jesus their farms are on sustainable volcanic ash around the world"
      -Giving money to farms and farmers outside of the United States. I thought one of the premises of the American Way was American production?
      " has actually killed a lot of people"
      -Your source is poison control? I'm not sure it was the bleach that killed them, more likely careless behavior or downright stupidity. If you drank a bottle of your 'all-natural' cleaners, I'm sure you would spend some time in the hospital, or morgue. Don't call corporations killers, especially as a representative of another.
      "growing socialist economy"
      -Nice scare tactics.
      "fundamentals it was founded on"
      -Those fundamentals would be what? I see no correlation.
      "meet with businesses, and make them customers to an exclusive product you can't get in stores helping grow their own profits."
      -I was certain this was frowned upon but I could be wrong. So you are saying you are helping them cut costs by adding a middle-man?
      "and a major University"
      -So you bash univeristies for handing out useless pieces of paper and debt then try to squeeze money from them. Goodness sir, you are bold.
      "over 3 million people became IBO's because people like helping people help themselves."
      -Is this how they pitched it to you? Or is this your new view on things once you became a part of the system.
      "Not the 300 lawyers that Disney has or Apple, or the hundreds of fortune 500's before partnering with us."
      -So you are credible because you (as in, the company you work for) signed a business deal with a credible business? Isn't that piggy-backing credibility?
      "Not the most powerful men in our country when they elected Doug as president of the chamber of commerce."
      -Oh, the same people you claim are turning our economy into a socialist regime?
      "apparently giving people hope is frowned upon"
      -Well, I hope to own a unicorn farm guarded by the ferocious cerberus. THAT IS MY DREAM, DON'T TELL ME UNICORNS AREN'T REAL, DREAMSTEALER.
      It is false hope that is bad. Telling every last person who joins they will be rock star level rich in 3-5 years is wrong. Sure, one or two might catch the brass ring, but out of "over 3 million"? It is wrong to show them pictures of expensive cars, boats, planes, personal golf courses, swimming pools with you name tiled into the bottom, and then turn around, after the pitch has settled in, and tell you this business about helping others, to help others, to help others, to help others, to help themselves.

      This is business, help yourself.


      ---I just read the comments, this is like an all-star page of debaters in this topic. Anon here should get a persona and suit up.

    2. Nice post, Jerry. I'll add a few thoughts here:

      Point 1: "Jesus their farms are on sustainable volcanic ash around the world that the military can't even fly over."

      This was my favorite comment. It sounds like one of those Amway urban legends that every Ambot repeats, without any proof. You know, like "I take Amway vitamins so I can't get cancer," that kind of thing. Yes, farms so powerful that the world's most powerful military is afraid. And, Amway owns it's own farms now?

      Point #2: From the wording of your post, you havent' achieved any success yet. It's all planned success. You haven't proved anything yet.

      Point #3: you can take any venture, wrap it in patriotism, morality and religion, and followers will see meaning in their effort by association. By the process of elimination, though, that means others who aren't in Amway are Godless amoral traitors.

      Point #4: You've replied in a 3 1/2 year old post. That takes a LOT of work to navigate back that far. This blog has no easy way to navigate to a posting that old. You have to hit the back button many many times.

      My point is that you must have spend a lot of time on this blog. Why? Maybe you're having some doubts about Amway. The one thing to remember is this: what separates us from your downline is that we have nothing to gain personally from you or your decisions.

      There is no shame in admitting a bad decision and moving on with your life.


    3. AnonTB - its called using the Internet search option. This post gets lots of hits each week its high in the search engines as ambots desperately try to find information the assholes in their upline don't provide. My advice is don't waste your time and money but they all think they'll be in that tiny piece of less than 1% who will be the next famous Amway cult leader. There's nothing that ambot said I haven't heard before. If he wants to leave comments on an old post to bore us well whatever. I've heard all that shit about these wonderful organic farms where Amway produces their vitamins on the sweat of slave labor. Nothing ever changes. Ambots repeat what the assholes in their upline say and pull out their better than everyone else attitude on those who aren't part of the Amway cult.

    oh no! poor chances! i thought life was supposed to be easy, that you just signed up and they mailed you checks! How did anyone in history every get through poor chances and the possibility of not making it, *cough cough open a book. literally, any story of anything great thats happened to anyone, real or fake, and see if it was a walk in the park.
    As great as Made in the US is and don't worry they're still manufactured, but to be the best, you have to grow certain vegetation in certain climates so that means no coconuts in Michigan! maybe on your unicorn farm though. Must be some good coconuts near those volcanos because I haven't gotten sick since I've taken them and everyone Ive given them to loves them, and I didn't even tell them about the company. (i bet you still haven't dropped them in water)
    You probably don't know one of our diamonds, but lucky for him he joined the business and they automatically made him a diamond with no work and gave him a golf course. I know he doesn't want anyone else living their dreams. Oh wait, he did help 8 other families be financially independent.. My sponsor would be mad if he saw I was having this debate but I can't help myself when it comes to idiots.
    That diploma is important, Im actually part of the 50% using mine with and awesome job in my field outside of Amway, but according to something called the Wallstreet Journal, those other 50%+ are living back at home earning minimum wage.
    You're right, my major university and all the custodial staff hate me for helping them work in a safer environment without noxious fumes and save money and increase employee retention. Maybe I'll give that award back.
    don't know why "All natural" is in quote, sarcasm maybe? .. or maybe you should check with the United Nations and USEPA that gave them awards. Still hasn't killed anyone yet, but it has paid for some nice things, can't say the same for clorox.
    I think you need to crack a book called "the wealth of nations" before you try to debate me on political economics and capitalism. Those powerful men that elected Doug, are the business leaders in the largest corporations in America. Unfortunately we are losing the manufacturing jobs but why don't you try and look for the MADE IN CHINA tags on our products ; )
    my view, along with the millions of others, is called commons sense. helping people help others, ummm that is our business, "teach a man to fish..." ill let you finish.
    See the difference between my hope and you're hope is that unicorns don't exist, at least with that attitude. But giving people hope on something that has been done many times.. well now who is stealing dreams. If a hobo tells another hobo he's going to live in a mansion, the hobo will laugh. If he says it to a millionaire in his mansion, the millionaire with look at him knowing IT IS POSSIBLE since he did it himself through hard work. Im sorry If you still don't believe these are possible for your life Jerry, other people may have more testicular fortitude to chase them.
    piggybacking credibility... is that an oxymoron? hasn't anyone recommended a movie. have you not recommended a job for someone who you think is credible? smh use your head you're better than that.

  35. "This is business help yourself" ... yes and most businesses have what they call E M P L O Y E E S. why.. because others need help to grow their business. good luck running or expanding an entire business by yourself buddy.
    "This was my favorite comment. It sounds like one of those Amway urban legends that every Ambot repeats, without any proof. You know, like "I take Amway vitamins so I can't get cancer," that kind of thing. Yes, farms so powerful that the world's most powerful military is afraid. And, Amway owns it's own farms now?" .... slaves, REALLY! now you're just making shit up and its getting sad, but you can ask the doctor who saw my sponsors mother's numbers improve when she started taking them.
    it still blows my mind that you think Amway Distributors aren't real people. Professionals in all backgrounds that I know are very high up in business and government. Not people easily fooled, OOH LOOK STARS AND STRIPES AND GOD HUGS AND KISSES! I don't know what this company is but they have that so whatever, SIGN ME UP! ... thats pretty much how we all got in, but you, you're a sharp one.
    I found this page very easily and was pretty curious, didn't plan on teaching a virtual class. I had my doubts like everyone does before, but then I got educated. But hmmm.. a collective group of people (Bananablog) who have a certain opinion, and try to brainwash others into thinking the same. JEEEZ JERRY JONES BREAK OUT THE POISON PUNCH CUZ IT LOOKS LIKE WE GOT OURSELVES A CULT HERE! wonder why you're divorced, ill comment back when we hit 15 billion.

  36. I love this. Not because you're right. But because you think the business is the problem. from what I see. You have a negative view of life in general.
    I was married to one in the business and he did just fine (with my help of course) until I left. I would absolutely do it again. Clients for me was easy (surprisingly as I wasnt for the biz originally. not becuase of them but because of my ex)
    Because of this business my next two businesses became a success. Im looking at getting started again. I've seen close friends make it work (who had started around the same time as us) I would not join previously as I didnt want to have to see the ex at functions. But now he's been gone for a while.

    This is why. They have always been there for me, even when I was not buying or building the business. The group has amazingly well behaved children its what mine grew up with until we moved. I realized, there is no other group at their school, my work or church that has as many loving, well mannered children in one group as this group does. I tried doing other things. but my 'mentors' there were utterly useless. signed me up (wont say the company names) then basically ditched me and wouldnt answer when I had questions. Didnt happen with the amway group. got all my questions answered and more.

    No this is not for everyone. I'm terrible at talking to people. especially if it comes to products and services. But I like to work hard and give it my all. If im not going to put my all into it, its not worth doing.

    I also think its not just about your products. but about you personally. I know I would not do business or support a company I was not supportive of because of the way they did things, their values, etc.

    I think one is to take advice and use what you can leave what you wont. Thats why the fights with my ex. he may have been an 'ambot' as you call it. but I am not. I like people who can think clearly on their own, can make their own decisions and make their own judgement. not in the "everything they preach is true" aspect and not in the "this is an entire scam becuase it doesnt make sense" way either. I dont think either of those are right. If you are blindly following you may follow right off a cliff.

    No matter how much good advice you may give someone, Its up to them to listen and understand it and want to change for the better.

    I find the same at places such as church. I stopped going for a number of years becuase I found a lot of people there just to hang out doing the opposite of what they were being taught. I've had trouble with schools because teachers dont all have a child's best interest.
    There is no group or place that will not have a few bad apples. I have not met any personally, except for one. and he left. (as everyone admired him I refused to even speak to him)

    But to each their own. I hope you find something more suitable for you someday soon.

    1. How can I not be right when I'm talking about how much money we spent on an Amway grand opening and it was a failure? I was right there. Like what a dumb fuck thing to say!

      Someone who doesn't like talking to people and doesn't like sales thinks its a good idea to take a commissioned sales job with Amway? Yeah that makes sense.

      Speaking of making sense the only thing you said remotely close was how Amway is not about the products. True. Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap.

      And you might like the love bombing the Amway cult members are giving you now. Just wait until you don't have customers or recruit new people or make your personal consumption monthly sales quota. Your Amway cult leader will turn abusive towards you in a few months.

      If you like people who think for themselves, then what are you doing hanging around Amway ambots. They are brainwashed to repeat everything their cult leaders say. Their opinion on everything is really their cult leader's opinion. Amway ambots can not think for themselves.

      We found something suitable long before Amway came along and fortunately Amway didn't destroy that so we still have something suitable. But thanks for thinking of us anyway in your condescending Amway ambot way.

      Anyway this blog is all about cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline, so you come back in a few months after Amway has caused you financial and emotional distress and feel free to curse out those fuckers who were out to destroy your life.

  37. You people (all of you) make me laugh!...

    1. Looks like some snotty snobby Amway asshole showed up to sneer at us. Good thing this blog exists to sling that shit right back at those fucking Amway losers.

    2. There's nothing laughable about Amway, Anonymous. Amway is about as funny as the Mafia, the Colombian drug cartels, ISIS, and Murder Incorporated. Amway is a criminal enterprise. They just happen to have bought a lot of gutless politicians to protect them.

      I'll say it again: AMWAY IS LEGALIZED THEFT.


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