Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Seeing as how its Thanksgiving I thought I could do one post not devoted to cursing out my former upline.

Going back to my thread on how IBO’s are litterbugs dropping their Amway garbage all over hotel and school auditoriums, Tex brought up a valid point that litterbugs are everywhere and he mentioned sporting events so I thought I’d do a thread totally unrelated to why my former upline are a bunch of assholes.

Oops. Couldn’t help cursing them out just once!

I think when somebody doesn’t like someone or something they are a lot quicker to see the faults. I sure didn’t like being dragged off to Amway meetings and could usually find something to point out that pissed me off. Don’t talk negative sure didn’t apply to me when I was stuck mingling with Ambots.

OK, so let me try to think about litterbugs at sporting events. I’m not a big sports fan so I only go to some sporting event about once every 10 years. It only seems like its more often! Years ago my parents took me to a Mets game at Shea Stadium in New York City. I don’t remember sports fans littering but then I wasn’t looking for it either. The things I do remember include a fly ball coming our way that we all jumped to our feet to try to catch but it went somewhere higher in the stands than where we were sitting. The only other thing I remember was that I wanted a pretzel but my father wanted to buy me a hot dog. I didn’t want it so I went hungry. How unpatriotic is that not wanting to eat a hot dog at the old ball game.

Many years ago in my pre-Ambot days the guy I’m seeing’s mom has tickets to a Rams game at the Anaheim Stadium and she gives them to him so he can take me. I’m not a football fan and all I remember is the Rams were playing a team from Arizona - is there an NFL team out of Phoenix??? Once again I don’t remember any litter but I wasn’t looking for it. Two things I remember. Wherever he parked in the lot we joined a huge throng of fans walking to a fence that was partially torn down. The people in front of us clambered over the fence. So here I am wearing a blue jean mini skirt, you know one of these cute little numbers that serves no purpose other than to impress the guy you’re with, and I have to climb a fence. Yeah me and a couple of other young ladies ahead of me all dressed similarly for their guys who I think all probably appreciated the view of the three of us climbing the fence. The other thing I remember is the Rams lost. I don’t remember no litter but climbing a fence in a mini skirt holds a lifetime of memories.

How about the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade? Even Anna Banana is not crazy enough to get out on the street 24 hours in advance and camp out on a deck chair. Waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning to drive down and find a parking spot and some prime sidewalk is another story. I’m sure there must have been litter all over from the 24 hour party but I don’t remember it. Not as much as the year I remember a pick up truck driving up and down Colorado Boulevard with a guy in the back pounding on his drum set. Or another year when Ambot didn’t want to join the cars that were jamming the way we wanted to go so he decided to seek out a “shortcut” that probably added another hour traveling time for us. Trust me on this. All routes out of Pasadena are jammed for at least an hour after the parade ends.

So Anna Banana has subjective memory. If its something I associate with a bad experience I’ll remember ever nasty little detail. If its something fun I remember the good stuff.

One thing I can be thankful for today is that I’m no longer losing money in Amway.

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  1. I've been to lots of sporting events. High school, college, professional. The place is a mess afterwards, just like after an Amway major function. Biggest difference is there aren't any XS cans, food bar wrappers, etc., but plenty of empty beer cups! Happy Thanksgiving, I'm working on a Thanksgiving post for my blog, and it is absolutely SCATHING!


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