Monday, November 29, 2010

Name List!

Our upline told Ambot and I to gather a name list of everyone we know. To help us out they gave us a prompt sheet to use to help jog our memory that we know more people than we think we know. The people we know that we don’t know that we already know. This prompt list consisted of friends, family, the cashier at the gas station, the mailman, the garbageman, etc. I don’t really remember the suggestions on the list. Our Platinum used to brag he had 1000 people on his list at any time. He also suggested using Facebook to make new friends and then snipe the friends of Facebook friends and put them on your list. Within the first couple of weeks of signing up Ambot and I came up with a list of over 200 people that he showed to the Platinum. Ambot got more names on his list once he signed up on Facebook, joined various groups, and started signing up unknown friends left, right, and center. In fact Facebook froze his account because he’d gone ballistic on adding too many friends. He exceeded his daily limit of adding friends.

Now its one thing to come up with a list of a bunch of people that you might see during a month. Its another thing to actually have their phone numbers or know them well enough to ask for their number. I mean how many people snipe the water meter reader and ask for his home number.

I think Ambot and I put down the names of every former co-worker we'd ever had. These were people we knew but not necessarily kept in touch with after we started our own business and we don't know if these people still work for the same place or how to get in contact with them if we had to.

So we had this list of names. I suppose these were people we were supposed to bug to come to Amway meetings and I suppose from time to time Ambot looked at it and called someone to harrass them into coming to an Amway meeting. For the most part the names on the list were people we run into from time to time but don’t know their phone numbers. The odd thing is even though we and other IBO’s were told to make the list and show it to the Platinum as proof we’d done it no one upline ever talked about the list afterwards or referred to that list again or asked if we were contacting any of the people on our name list.

In other words one of the first things the upline had us do was create a list of names of people we knew, then make notations if they were hot or cold as prospects, and then they didn’t particularly care if we were contacting these people to come to board plan meetings.

It seems more important for the upline to badger their downline to buy more products and buy more tools than it is to follow up on their name list and what exactly they're accomplishing with the name list. Or at least in our LOS.


  1. My experience is similar. The idea of the names list is to have enough potential future IBOs so you would be less likely to quit. Imagine if you had contacted everyone on the list and ran out of "raw material." Then YOU would quit, and your upline would lose their Amway Tool Scam profit. Better to not empty the list, right?

  2. Hot and Cold prospects? Dang, has nothing changed since I left the business 12 years ago?

  3. The terms hot and cold prospects are used in virtually every sales environment, not just Amway.

  4. lol contact 200 people and get laughed at by 100% of them. No thanks!

  5. Tex your explanation is reasonable and something I hadn't thought of before. Once the name list is empty then the IBO finally realizes there is no one left to contact and there is no hope left. Amway is in the business of selling hope. And the upline would lose money on the tool scame because the downline quits. Therefore no need to bring up the name list again just in case the IBO really starts contacting everyone and gets one no after another.

  6. Colin, I'm sure Ambot got laughed at by some of the people on his list. Mostly they argued with him.

  7. colin,

    I wasn't laughed at by nearly 100% of them. Perhaps you had something to do with those results.

  8. Tex, the ones who i showed to had this smirk on their face. Atleast im not ibofb ...i heard people thrown rotten eggs at him when he use to show the plan lol:P

  9. I wouldn't waste my time if they had a smirk on their face. I would probably throw up if I saw ibofb show the plan. LOL


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