Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sniping Prospects at the Grocery Store

I usually do one big grocery shopping trip a month and inbetween I shop as needed for perishables. Ambot had been so preoccupied with Amway meetings that we’d fallen behind on shopping and running low on everything. We had our night set aside that we were going shopping and shortly before we headed out the door his cell phone chirps that he has a text message. I tell him to ignore it because the only texts he gets are some from upline asshole.

Sure enough the arrogant prick that sponsored Ambot and the fucking idiot that sponsored him have scheduled an immediate meeting at Taco Bell. I tell Ambot to tell them to fuck off - we have other plans. Instead Ambot declares that we must drop whatever we’re doing because these cultists expect him to be available at their beck and call 24/7. Well seeing as how we hadn’t eaten dinner yet I said I’d eat some Mexican fast food and then we go grocery shopping. And I mean it. Before the store closes.

For the life of me I can’t remember what those two assholes wanted other than to harass us about “the business”. These two bastards are much younger than us and although Ambot was of the attitude that they’re our upline and we must treat them like gods I wasn’t under any similar brainwashed delusions. I made it very clear to those two bastards that I had to get to the grocery store before it closed even though they kept trying to sway Ambot to stay in Taco Bell so they could go over some very important business strategies. I sort of won this battle because Ambot and I headed to the store but those two fucking idiots followed us in their car. What are they going grocery shopping for? They both still lived at home and had their mommys taking care of the shopping and cooking.

Those two idiots told Ambot to find prospects in the grocery store. Oh shit how embarrassing is that. There’s a security guard standing outside the store so Ambot pounces on him while I push the grocery cart into the store and abandon him to his stupid Amway games. Eventually Ambot catches up to me and tells me the security guard is a hot prospect and he got his phone number. How sick is that? Its like he’s trying to pick up a date at the grocery store.

Eventually those two upline bastards get bored of walking around the grocery store or else they weren’t having much luck sniping shoppers and they left. However they continued to phone and text Ambot while we shopping so see how the prospecting is going. Ambot tried to strike up a conversation with a couple of other shoppers but mostly they looked at him like he was some weirdo while I pushed the grocery cart the hell away from his shenanigans.

Then we get to the line up for the cash register and Ambot starts talking to the man in line in front of us who looks rather uncomfortable. Ambot is using F.O.R.M. on him but bypasses F (Family) and goes right for O (Occupation). The man has something to do with developing computer games. Ambot gets that much out of him before his cell phone rings. Its the arrogant prick sponsor.

I have no idea if Ambot or the arrogant prick ever tried to contact the man. Probably lost the piece of paper the number was written down on.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing. Faking interest in somebody’s career in the hopes of trying to trick him to come to an Amway or trying to snipe grocery shoppers to come to Amway meetings.

Ambots always say there's no other business out there like Amway. Yeah I'd say I can't think of any other company that sends their employees out to forage for prospects in places where most people don't want to be bothered by some rabid cult follower.


  1. My upline used to send Amvoxes (Now KATE) in the veening to schedule late nite owls at 11:30 or so at someone's house or at a coffee shop. He expected is big business builders to attend. Then he would show up late and talk about nothing for two hours and then we'd go home and be useless the next day. That was how they defined success I guess.

  2. Your upline lived with their mommies? LOL

  3. Enjoyed reading your recent blog. i ran into my upline at the mall one time and he try to convince me to prospect people at the mall I thought the same thing ...just let those people bloody shop for christ sake. Same with this clown who try to prospect me at starbucks. Acted like he interested with internet poker cause he saw me playing.

  4. Joecool one of the crossline owned an ice cream shop at the mall. He also sold coffee, tea, pop drinks. Upline Platinum tried to get us to meet there as often as possible. I think I went twice but not to the night owls. The ice cream was OK. Nothing to write home about. I've had better. Apparently others had the same opinion because its no longer in business. Showing up late and talking about nothing was the norm for the Amway meetings let alone the night owls!

  5. Tex those particular upline had to live with mommy and daddy because they were repulsive losers and unable to attract a girlfriend/wife!

  6. Colin - enjoy them while they last the stories might be on the downswing. I don't have years and years experience the way some of the other bloggers do. About 3 weeks ago Ambot ran into Starbucks while I waited in the car and when he came out he said someone was showing a prospect the Amway plan. I asked him if he warned the prospect off but he didn't. Said he felt like it though. If I'd seen them I would have said something to the guy. Like ask if he was married or has a girlfriend and asked for her name and phone number. Then I would have called her and told her to read my blog!

  7. Rod Jao of wwdb lived at home with his parents till he reached emerald. Not sure why since he was supposingly making so much money as a ruby or platinum. Maybe Rod wasnt making all that money before emerald and the system expenses made things unprofitable.

  8. That would be because he's a mommy's boy. An attractive quality that all women are looking for in a life partner. NOT!!!

  9. I think he was trying to teach his downline that it's ok to live at home till your in your 30s lol. Im not joking here...any way to save money to purchase system tools/functions.

  10. The scary thing is our Platinum was trying to force the same thing on his followers - that its OK for family and/or other stragglers to move in and stay forever. Must be some higher up teaching that's passed down through the ranks.

  11. I was told to respect my med school dropout sponsor. Cause he's core buying so much products,showing the plan so many times etc. But all i saw was a young punk in a cheap suit who's brainwashed. If he had finished med school he'd be earning more money than most diamonds without the bs hassle.

  12. colin,

    What is your sponsor doing now?

  13. Geez, Anna, I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type.

    We prospected countless times at grocery stores. I hated it.

    Think about it: you have to sidle up to some gal in the frozen food aisle, strike up a conversation about the wonderfulness of the fish sticks she just picked up (doesn't matter what it is, it's WONDERFUL!) and how your kids just love their yuminess, blah, blah, blah.

    The whole time you just know she's thinking, "Who the hell is this nut job?"

    I'm standing in the frozen food aisle sweating bullets.

  14. Hi Anonymous! Glad to see you're stopping by and enjoying the memories! Yeah I just want people to leave me alone in the grocery store and not tell me that they want the pizza I've got in my cart so they can strike up a conversation.


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