Friday, November 5, 2010

The Worst Towels Ever!

The worst towels I have ever used came from Amway. This was a few years back. I have no idea if Amway still sells lousy towels. I can’t remember what colors Ambot purchased. I definitely remember red. I think the other set was a different color, maybe blue or green.

The first time I used the towels all the little red fluff came off all over my body. YUCK! So I toss them in the washer and dryer hoping that a cycle will get rid of the fluffies. I know from past experience that sometimes a washing or two is necessary to get the lint off.

No such luck. For the next month I washed and dried those suckers multiple times following each use because everytime I used them I was grossed out by all the towel fluff left on my body. Talk about low quality at a premium price! Not to mention how irritating it is to dry myself off and have towel parts stuck all over me. Absolutely disgusting.

After a month I told Ambot I refused to use those shitty towels anymore. I went to the department store and bought Ralph Loren Polo towels. They were lower priced and better quality than the Amway towels. The best thing? No more shedding!

The second best thing is those higher quality RL towels lasted for years. They’d still be going strong except I decided I needed a change and headed to JC Penney to buy some nice plush Egyptian towels. If anyone is looking for good quality reasonably priced fluffy luxurious towels, they’re from the Chris Madden Home Collection at JC Penney.

Getting back to the fluff magnets, Ambot was able to return the towels with the complaint that they shed worse than our dog. I guess our Platinum lost some points on that refund too! Upline losing bonus points because of me is, well, always a bonus!


  1. There's no reason to stay as a distributor for most people. Cant think of a single product they have which i liked or thought it was resonably priced

  2. Im still waiting for ibofb/insider to come on and tell us all amway sells prestige towels and they have the best products out there:P

  3. I wonder how many IBO's actually kept those shedding towels just so they wouldn't lose their bonus. Judging by Rocket's latest blog looks like he's engaged in battle with IBOFB so that's probably keeping him busy from telling us about the presigious towels that Amway sells.

  4. Whether Amway products are the "best" or not is subjective. Also, it might be interesting to note how one's opinion of the best depends on whether or not one is still in Amway or not.

  5. Joecool, you're right. Taste is subjective. That's why I am scared to try any energy drinks. Our Platinum always said that XS was the best energy drink out there. This might be way out in left field, but what if he is right and there is actually an energy drink out there that tastes worse than that nasty piss water XS. I'll never buy XS but that threat about XS being better tasting than any other energy drink has got me too scared to actually test that theory.

  6. I tried XS and it's a decent product but there are cheaper and products similiar to it. But im never into any of the energy drinks out there. Also not very conveniant buying from a ambot or the corp. Not sure id be like your ambot hubby buy a bunch of stuff i dont normally consume. Just to boost their own volume and their uplines. But that seems to be the norm over consume products you dont usually buy in amway.

  7. I tried some XS energy drinks and they're not bad in taste, but there are many other energy drinks out there that taste just as good but is a better value (more drink for less cost than XS).

  8. OK maybe enjoying the taste of energy drinks is a guy thing....

  9. I baught 3 towels at the local 1.00 store and after a month they are still sheading. Not so bad when they are white. But cant imagine having a bunch of read lint all over my body.

  10. Ha ha, that's too funny Colin. Now we all know what happened to the Amway towels. Ended up at the dollar store!


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