Saturday, December 4, 2010

IBO’s are Free Labor

The Platinum had a canopy gazebo in his backyard, you know one of those metal and canvas roofed numbers that can be picked up at a department store for $100. Though his might have cost a bit more than that because it had mosquito netting walls.

Here's a photo I found on the web of one that looked similar to the one in the Platinum's back yard.

Obviously they didn’t have it anchored or weighed down too well because one night we had a good wind storm and his canopy ended up a few houses down the street in various pieces. So he bought one of those wooden gazebo kits from Lowes or maybe somewhere else I don’t know where he bought it, just I think I’ve seen kits there. It cost around $2000 and I’m thinking holy shit can’t you get one already made for that price but I guess I don’t know much about construction and construction materials.

So now the sack of shit Platinum needs it assembled. You’d think he would phone a carpenter or someone with experience putting boards together. Instead he sends the call out to the IBO’s for anyone with a hammer to come over and help. Ambot grabbed my hammer out of the junk drawer and was all excited about going over to serve his Platinum. So a small team of eager-to-please-their-Platinum IBO’s showed up. And to give them credit it actually looked pretty decent once they had it assembled. Not bad for free labor.

Another time the Platinum decides he’d like to take a corner of their bedroom and turn it into a master bathroom. Ambot knows someone who does renovations and gets him to come over to give a quote. I’m not sure how much the quote was for. Materials would include a bathtub, sink and cupboard, toilet, 2x4’s and drywall to frame in a room, tile or linoleum for the floor, and then the electric and plumbing. Maybe two or three thousand for materials on the low end. I suppose the sky’s the limit depending if you want one of those toilets where the lid closes automatically or a Roman tub for two. Then there’s labor on top of that. So for the sake of argument let’s say about the same price for labor, so around $5000 or higher for a bathroom. I think the sack of shit had a second quote as well from a renovator. And he's not happy. Its too expensive and he hates spending money. But he really wants a bathroom in the bedroom. So now he gets a great idea. If he gets a team of IBO’s together they can build him his bathroom. Uh, yeah, there’s a wonderful idea. Having people who don’t know what they’re doing cutting into the house’s existing plumbing and electrical wires. Probably picked up some book from the library to learn how to do it. Very wisely Ambot stayed out of this one. He never saw the finished bathroom because we stopped our association with these people before it was built but he heard about it from another IBO later on. Apparently it was the shits. Really shoddily put together and you have to wonder about the wisdom of having people reading a manual while splicing electric wires together.

So these upper levels think they can order their IBO's around and get work done for free around their houses because they suck the IBO's into its an exchange "you'll be spending valuable time with me". In other words the privilege of their time equals what they would be getting paid in labor.

Ah, the old saying comes to mind - you get what you pay for.


  1. You should go over to look at just for the good laugh!

  2. I'm sure they'd never let us in their house. Even though they proclaimed to be our real friends and they loved us and blah blah blah as soon as we stopped buying into their Amway scheme they dropped us as if we're Satan's spawn!

  3. Just pretend you're interested in Amway again. They will escort you inside and take you on a grand tour, they will be falling over themselves so much that they won't be able resist! Just think how much they will be thinking," We told them not to quit, they will live to regret it, and now they are groveling at our feet again."

  4. Tex, i've done that a few times pretending im interested. But i show up and trash the business and question everything they do.

  5. colin,

    Good, keep it up. It's called progress.

  6. This one is so true. My upline platinum or Emerald never hired "moving services" whenever they shifted to a new apartment. All their downline IBOs would come and serve and do packing and unpacking.

    These crappy uplines would then talk about this as one of the intangible benefits of Amway opportunity. They would claim that friends and family would not do this.

  7. Ha ha moving services! About the time I convinced Ambot to quit Amway someone upline needed a guy with a truck to pick up a mattress they'd just bought so they called and he did say yes even though it was in the next town and they neither offered to come help pick it up or any cash for time or gas. Total coincidence the day of the mattress pick up the truck broke down and we took it to the shop. Can you believe Ambot actually phoned rental companies to see how much it would cost him to rent a truck so he could pick up the mattress? I suggested he tell the upline to rent their own damn truck and pick it up. Why should we be out any (more!) money? Fortunately he told them we couldn't pick it up after all and they were pissed off at him. Broke my heart!

  8. All the cheapskate diamonds and emeralds would come to hawaii looking for a free hotel room or have the low pins take them around the island..
    david shores, scott harimoto, brad wolgamott, dave severn, samir attallah.. freakin cheapskates that aint makit it

    wwdb has a bunch of IBO slaves that work the functions for free... they are guilt riddled into thinking they must serve..

  9. Used to feel so sorry for wonderful husband watching him work to exhaustion to please a diamond.

    We were nobodies but b/c there was no one above us, we got the great 'privilege' of picking up diamond from airport.

    We had to foot the bill at the hotel for meeting room (to be paid back my amway later) and we took the money at the door. Do you know how many $6 checks bounced on us? The bank made me feel so foolish for trying to cash those worthless things and tried to charge me $3 each.


  10. Anonymous when we went to functions we had to write the name of the Platinum on the check so that way if it bounced they'd give it back to them and make it their problem to ride the ass of the IBO who has no money in their account. Fortunately we never got close enough to a Diamond so Ambot could lick his boots. I'm sure he would have done anything if he'd gotten close enough to one. What level were you at when you quit?

  11. 4000 pin. Just enough to be at the breaking point - 4000 is a serious stretch.

    What a crock of shit. It was just enough to try to stroke our egos so we'd work like fools with no reward. I was so onto their game.

    But it bacame an instant serious source of strife in our home so we had to agree not to talk about it.

    Can you imagine? Marriage is hard enough. Gee, let's throw in a cult. This should be fun.

    It became ever more difficult to pretend I was an ambot in front of other ambots. I put on my plastic smile and went thru the motions wishing I was dead.

  12. Amway became a serious source of strife in our home too. You tried harder than I did. I usually sat down and read my book instead of putting on a fake smile and mingling with the other ambots. That earned me the reputation of being unfriendly. Which was very true when it came to how I felt toward anyone involved in Amway.

  13. OMG! I worked like a fool. Did all the right and proper ass-kissing to up and downline at every function. C.O.R.E. out the ying-yang.

    Smiling on the outside, dying on the inside. Hating everything about amway. Not knowing how long I could continue w/o standing up in the middle of a plan and screaming my guts out.

    Oh, the freedom I enjoy today is heavenly. And money is not the only freedom people need, despite what those CASSETTE TAPES say.

    I will try to mention the CASSETTE TAPES in all of my posts so you can differentiate me from the other anon posts. Well, and to razz the shit out of the IBOF guy.

  14. Mike Woods is not even an emerald.. how come he is still on the list..hahah.. his downline said he was a prick

  15. I have no idea who Mike Woods is...

  16. I have been reading this, starting at your first post. I have to tell you, this blog is amazing. I have a close friend who got involved in this recently (and who tried to get me involved). I typed "Amway S" into Google and the first thing that came up was Amway Scam lol.

    I really want to help him, but have no idea how to convince him he's caught up in something horrible. He and his wife are going to Vegas next weekend for the "leadership seminar." I'm worried they're gonna end up losing everything (they didn't have much to start with).


    1. Hi DC. Glad you're enjoying the blog!

      You know a lot of people go to Las Vegas and lose everything and they're not even attending Amway conventions!

      Amway ambots prey on the disadvantaged. If they can find poor people who can get a credit card they'll put them in debt convincing them to buy Amway products and attend Amway functions. Its all about selling the hope not the soap. Your friends will probably have to hit bottom, lose everything, savings and go into credit card debt, before they figure out they've been scammed and quit. Hopefully before Family Reunion comes up in July. The problem is the assholes in their upline will have their hands out before they leave Las Vegas demanding they buy tickets to Family Reunion NOW. And of course they want to obey their cult leaders don't they.


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