Friday, December 3, 2010

Stick it!

We were told to stick pictures of new cars, dream homes, and other material possessions on the refrigerator.

First of all I don’t like stuff stuck on my fridge. I’ve chucked out my fair share of tacky fridge magnets over the years.

Second even if I did like shit stuck all over my fridge it would be photos of my family not pictures of things I covet.

It just stinks of greed to stick photos of sailboats, Ferraris, and Hearst Castle on the fridge. Do these photos really help IBO’s achieve these dreams or do they serve as a sad reminder that their bank accounts are diminishing while they grasp for the dreams their upline has brainwashed them into believing they’ll own one day?

I used to buy a day planner each year. At the front of the planner is a place to write down goals and a target date. Sometimes I’d have to carry them over from the previous year. Then I was supposed to slot time in my planner daily or weekly to spend time accomplishing these goals. Somewhere in my past I remember hearing that if people write their goals down they have a higher success rate of achieving them than those who don’t write them down and this is why I wrote down my goals. And sure enough as the year came to a close and I was switching off planners I’d see that I’d either accomplished my goals or was on the way to doing so.

Mostly the goals were bettering myself professionally or personally but one year I did have something on my list that was an object - a red car I wanted. It didn’t happen that year so I carried that goal over into the next year when I did buy the car. Different color - black - so I didn’t quite meet my goal. I changed my mind on the color I wanted when I was at the dealership. But I never had a picture of that car stuck on my fridge.

So why does the upline want you to play greedy Gretchen and stick photos on the fridge of the things you dream about owning?

In our case it was so we’d be reminded why we were spending all our money on tapes, (oops I better say CD’s before IBOFB shows up to say tapes haven’t been sold in years!), functions, seminars, overpriced products, etc. Maybe that was another excuse why I couldn’t stick any photos on my fridge. These were unattainable dreams that couldn’t be funded because we were throwing away our money on Amway.


  1. Do these photos really help IBO’s achieve these dreams or do they serve as a sad reminder that their bank accounts are diminishing while they grasp for the dreams their upline has brainwashed them into believing they’ll own one day? ---> Neither. They are meant to distract you while your upline is digging into your back pocket for more Amway Tool Scam profit.

  2. The upline were a bunch of rotten miserable lying bastards driven by greed. And that's the nicest thing I can say about them. It goes downhill from there.

  3. Agreed. And now they're corrupting Kurt Warner;

  4. I had no idea who Kurt Warner was until I read your piece. Guess the price was right for him for endorsing Nutrilite. You'd think if they really wanted to sell their product they'd choose a name that people recognize and is a likeable spokesman like George Clooney. That man could sell anything! Hopefully he'll never lower himself to flogging Amway.

  5. Kurt AND his wife both have heart-wrenching and incredibly inspiring comeback stories in their personal and professional lives, just the thing Amway would love to leverage in order to keep their IBOs focused on the "what if" rather than the truth.

    I doubt Clooney would ever be a spokesperson - he's too liberal.


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