Thursday, December 23, 2010

My AWESOME, Delicious Amway Scam!!!

Ambot and I are staying home this Christmas, enjoying Christmas dinner with nearby relatives. Shopping pretty much done, so many cashiers so impressed that we use cash for our purchases. How many IBO's can say that??!! But we are busy. So many people WANT us, fortunately that list does not include anyone involved in Amway! We have a lot of visiting to do over the next few days so I'll be taking a break from writing new posts. I am around and will respond to comments as soon as I can.

I want to take this time to wish my readers Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas to everyone!

I will be enjoying an awesome, delicious Christmas dinner in a couple of days. And I'm very grateful that this year I'm not part of any awesome, delicious Amway scam! For now enjoy this little show on Youtube about launching a new IBO into "the business". Once you get past the fellow's annoying voice its actually pretty funny and some of the stuff I've already covered in past blogs such as a name list and sniping people in a grocery store is on here.


  1. lol the mans voice is so irritating. I felt like punching the screen. Have a merry xmas Anna:)

  2. Amway IBO's are irritating so he played it up with the irritating voice to really push home his point!

    Merry Christmas to you too Colin!

  3. It's sad to see a wife knock her own husband and have nothing better to do than blog about him instead of supporting him... Who are you to judge?? What are you doing to make ur life better?? What is Amway hurting you?? Why don't you mind your own business instead of being consumed with others who are pursuing something better?? Who is the robot now who finds a following to knock business owners because you are too lazy to pursue it yourself.

  4. Hi Jennifer! Always nice to have a brainwashed IBO stop by! Doesn't it suck when you go to Google and type in "Amway is Awesome" and find this post near the top right behind another link to this video! I realize this is the only post you read but had you looked a little further your questions would have been answered. You've been too brainwashed to understand that there are actually other business ventures out there besides Amway where people can earn decent incomes working for themselves. Amway hurt me emotionally and financially. I am consumed by getting the truth out there about my upline which pretty closely follow the paths of most other uplines lying to people and scamming them out of their money. I am a business owner and encourage others to do so as long as they're not lying and scamming others. So that would be pretty much any business other than Amway! Hope to see you again the next time you're bored and doing searches on your iPhone!

  5. Anna, It's a 10 billion dollar company.
    Backed by credible companies and business owners. You are an idiot! Stay broke at that J.O.B. LOL

    1. I's a reputable company and if you have any issues it's with the person or people you've come across who mis-represent the company and what a true entrepreneur and business owner stands for.

    2. Anonymous from Madison, Wisconsin - aka the same Amway asshole who left a bunch of brainwashed ambot comments a couple of days ago on my post about Amway products are a good reason not to get involved in Amway - you must be seriously fucked in the head if you think Amway is a reputable company. Reputable companies treat their employees well, give them benefits and give them an extra day off on Monday if Christmas Day falls on the weekend. Amway does not do these things. A reputable company strives to keep a good reputation and acts promptly and fairly on customer complaints. Amway does not. The only thing Amway does is rip people off.

      Why don't you run along and find another blog to play on? Amway assholes only show up here if they want Anna Banana style punishment.

    3. There is nothing reputable about Amway. Why do you think at meetings that are prospecting new suckers they work hard to avoid bringing up the Amway name? Because they know their reputation for scamming people out of thousands, destroying relationships and aliening friends is well known. So many horror stories out there when less than 1% of people are successful at the "self-consume overpriced products while recruiting others to wreak their lives, too".

      Below is my comparison to a brainwashed Ambot waiting for the magic (and fantasy) riches promised by his upline and Linus in the pumpkin patch.


    4. Dave - he's just your typical fucking moron ambot. I can't tell you how many I reel in every week searching for "Amway is awesome" like totally gag me!!!! And they end up at this post. Newbie or some son of a bitch lifer losing a thousand every month. Why do these ambots think so many people have the exact same story of being robbed financially and emotionally by the Amway pyramid scheme? We're all wrong? A reputable company would be trying to clean up their act.

  6. Anonymous from Fairport New York - where the fuck is that anyway? - thanks for stopping by. Interesting that you found your way to my blog by going to and asking “why is Amway awesome”. Are you not paying attention at board plan meetings and Amway functions? Apparently your upline has not done a good enough job of brainwashing the answer to that question into your head so that you had to come to my blog and seek this knowledge.

    So what if Amway is a 10 billion dollar company. The only people who care about that are the owners. I have no knowledge about how much the company is worth. I heard similar figures thrown about from our sack of shit Platinum but I don’t believe anything that lying son of a bitch says. How do you think Amway made their billions? By ripping off IBO’s selling them overpriced products. Why do you care how much the company is worth? Its not like the owners plan to leave you some of that 10 billion in their wills. The bigger question is how much regular IBO’s are worth. You're an idiot if you think some of those billions are coming your way!

    Why do you fucking IBO’s always accuse me of staying broke at my job???? I haven’t had a job in years. Maybe that’s why I’m not broke?

    Maybe I should go out and get a job to better understand what you assholes are referring to by J.O.B. and broke? Why do they have to go hand in hand? life is too busy to take time out of my day to work a job for somebody else.

  7. Of course Anonymous from Fairport has to bring up the $10 billion that Amway as a company has. If he is like 99.9% of IBO's out there, he can hardly brag about his own finances after Amway has fleeced him to contribute to their 10 billion.

    Typical Amspeak. Being a good little parrot, squawking back the brainwashing taught by his bosses (oops, they call them upline). "Everyone in Amway will be rich, everybody not in Amway will be poor". Uhhhhhh yeah. Don't let reality get in the way of your argument, right?

    Anonymous in Fairport reminds me of Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch, so damn sure that the Great Pumpkin will be rising soon to bestow candy and gifts upon the "believers". He feels sorry for all the other kids who will "miss out" and feels superior to them. And yet, year after year, the other kids do just fine and get their share of candy and gifts and have fun with life and each other, and Linus sits alone, empty-handed. But to give up on the Great Pumpkin would make him a "quitter" and a "loser", so next year there he will be again, sitting in the Pumpkin Patch, believing this will be the year that the Great Pumpkin finally rewards him for his blind faith.

    You know, I do believe Linus is still sitting in that patch to this day... waiting. Perhaps Anonymous from Fairport can sit with him and keep him company as he himself waits for the Great Amway to rise up, as well.

    Neither of them should hold their breath.


  8. Dave - It is incredible that IBO's brag about other's finances but not their own.

    As long as Fairport stays out of my pumpkin patch! Maybe he's already been here because so far all my patch has produced are 2 marble sized pumpkins.


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