Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Your Significant Other Can’t Stand Your Upline

I thought I’d cover some reasons why significant others can’t tolerate their upline and ultimately Amway based on my experiences but I see too many similar stories all over the Internet. I am not unique!

1. The sponsor is an asshole! Our sponsor, aka Captain Fuck Up aka the arrogant prick, is someone Ambot has known for years. He is the most useless piece of shit I’ve ever met. Besides being arrogant some of his other finer points are he’s unreliable, irresponsible, stomps off in temper tantrums, and is asshole ugly. From there it goes downhill! If the sponsor is someone that the significant other has nothing to do with then it is a really bad idea to let this fucker sign you up to Amway. Any existing problems with this jerk ass will only worsen. Bad bad idea getting involved in anything - whether it be Amway or anything else - with a person your significant other doesn’t want anything to do with. The resentment only grows.

2. Loss of money. We had already tried the Amway thing. I knew exactly what would happen again. We’d throw a lot of money away buying expensive products that I don’t like and don’t use. We’d throw away even more money on various tools to “grow your business” and all the various expenses that go along with travelling to out of state functions several times a year. If I was lucky our losses would be a few thousand dollars until Ambot ran out of money or became disenchanted again. My estimates show to budget at least $700/month for Amway related expenses. How many people have that kind of disposable cash lying around? If not, see number 3.

3. Going into debt. This could be credit card debt as in Ambot’s case. Other people take out second mortgages on their homes or lines of credit. Any way you look at it IBO’s are borrowing money to fund their upline’s dreams and many former IBO’s have lost their homes and declared bankruptcy when they can’t repay the money they borrowed for Amway.

4. Loss of time. Forget the often touted 10 to 15 hours a week - your spouse will waste way more time than that! They have to prospect every person they run into telling them about this kick ass home based opportunity where you can make $70,000/year in your spare time and beg them to come to a board plan meeting all the while denying it has anything to do with Amway. Hours spent on the phone and text messages with upline. Two or three board plans each week at various downline/crossline houses or it might be a larger function where a Diamond comes to town once or twice a month. Lowball estimate 5 hours a night for these meetings. Weekend rallies happen about once a month where a Diamond comes to town and new pins are awarded. Depends if its a one or 2 day event. Say at least 10 hours but that could be doubled. Family Reunion, Free Enterprise Days, and Spring Leadership always seem to be held hundreds of miles away. Several hours driving each way and then at least 30 hours tied up for weekend events. And that’s a conservative estimate. All that time spent with Amway related events takes the IBO out of the picture for birthdays, weddings, spending time with family and friends, outings, vacations, shopping, etc. How many pissed off spouses have sat alone home on their birthdays while their significant other rushed off to an Amway meeting? Not to mention not getting any support with household chores.

5. Can’t stand the upline. This is closely connected to the general dislike of the sponsor and people they associate with. Dislike of the upline might take awhile at least until it becomes obvious that the upline are monopolizing the spouse’s time. And money. But usually the Amway disinterested spouse just gets pissed off at all the bullshit spouting out of the upline’s mouths and then refuses to have anything to do with them.

6. Brainwashing. This is part of the upline’s strategy to separate the new IBO from “negative” forces in their life which includes any spouses not interested in Amway. The crazy thing is the upline themselves are the most negative bastards around spreading their predictions of doom and gloom and misery and the only way to escape this horrible existence is belonging to the Amway cult. Although some IBO’s say they’re not in a line of sponsorship that abuses IBO’s or uses cult-like brainwashing techniques, I was in a line that did. You’ll know its happening when the spouse stops thinking for himself and parrots everything the upline says. The spouse accepts everything the upline says as the truth until he becomes conditioned to think that there is no way in hell this information could be wrong. He denies what is happening to himself and his life, separating himself from reality.

7. Deception. Call it whatever you want - all IBO’s are guilty of lying. They lie about their affiliation with Amway, their success, and any abuses that might be happening in their group. The big lie is the tool scam and how the greedy upline leaders are obsessed with making money at the expense of their downline. Ambot wasn’t too good at prospecting because he’d break down quickly and tell prospects that this was Amway and then he’d lie and say everything’s going really good. All IBO’s are conditioned to say that even though none of them are making money at their Amway business. Its really annoying to listen to the spouse not being truthful when you know damn well they’re not making any money at the Amway scheme.

Add them up and this is why the spouse can’t stand the upline and/or Amway and why this causes trouble in a partnership. Brainwashed IBO’s will parrot their upline and claim “That’s because there is already something wrong with their marriage/relationship”. The standard answer whenever a spouse doesn’t want anything to do with Amway.

But not one of those fucking IBO’s can explain why there were no existing marital problems before Amway entered the picture.


  1. Anna, you answered in point #1....Because they're assholes. Females are smart enough to see assholes for what they are. Males will try to justify anything when they should just listen to their wives. I got a "Yes, dear" mug for Xmas as a joke from a family member, but in my house, it's a very sound strategy for financial success.

  2. Thanks Graham! Our sponsor was an asshole many years before he got involved in Amway! So it was a natural transgression for him I guess to get into "the business"! Ambot has many friends who I like and aren't assholes. This is the only friend of his I've never liked. He has a really bad history with us of being a troublemaker. I don't see why my husband keeps putting up with him other than he says he likes to give people second chances. And third, and fourth.....

    I recall being at a venue and the entertainer was asking couples in the audience who'd been married the longest and then asking for their secrets to a happy marriage. One man said its because he learned early on how to say "yes dear"!


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