Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Platinum screws Amway!

This is a big shout out to my readers from Alticor in Ada and Grand Rapids, Michigan (including the one using a Blackberry in the evening), Buena Park, California, and Missouri City, Texas. Have no idea where the last city is. Perhaps Tex can give me a geography lesson!

I hope they like this post on how my upline Platinum instructed the IBO’s to fuck over Amway! And now any active IBO’s who read my blog will also have the secret! Ha ha!

So here’s the secret as given to us during an Amway meeting by the Platinum sack of shit. You order a case of XS Energy Drinks. This is the product used in his example though it could be any other Amway product. You consume the product and then you phone Amway and say “That case of Amway I put on my order last month I ended up selling to a customer who hated it. Said it tasted like piss so I gave him back his money. Can you send me another sample case?” And then just keep doing this over and over and over and you never have to buy another case of XS again because Amway will keep sending you free sample packs to replace the one that made the customer puke.

Gotta love listening to the dishonest and deceptive business practices at Amway meetings and while the Platinum is telling us this all of a sudden it jogs his memory and he calls to his wife who’s in the next room and tells her he gave out a case of XS as a sample and she needs to call Amway and get it replaced. Got to watch them in action! Whoo hoo!

Too bad Ambot didn’t use this scam to get free cases of XS. He bought case after case after case of that nasty piss water. It would have been easier on his credit card if he’d conned Amway into some freebies.

Anyway just thought I’d share this little secret. Its not too often that IBO’s get revenge against Amway! 


  1. More IBOs don't do this because you don't get PV for replacement XS drinks. LOL

  2. What the Michigan AG says about pyramid schemes:,1607,7-164-34739_20942-208400--,00.html

  3. That's why your ambot wasnt ever a platinum or above. Takes a real scumbag to come out with these scams lol. Im sure amway isnt hurtin for $ even after this platinum scammed them.

  4. Ha ha Joecool that makes sense. I'd rather have the free product than the PV.

    Colin - I'm sure a few hundred or thousand cases of XS Energy isn't going to shut down Amway. If it did there's a bunch of us who would probably invest!

  5. Joe that's a good article from the Michigan AG.

    I encourage others to read it even though its warning is probably similar to other AG departments its message is even more powerful because Amway headquarters is in Michigan and so much of what was written could be directed at Amway. Especially interesting was the description about how 1 person finds 2 people and so on and so on, in 28 steps they'll have signed up almost everyone in America. Product saturation at its finest and IBO's refuse to accept this.

  6. My upline Platinum taught their entire group how to fake out the computer into thinking you had retail volume, when you didn't. When I told Amway, they shrugged. Amway will do virtually ANYTHING to show retail volume. The new trick is to send the product to a nearby relative or friend, even put it on their credit card, then pay them back by check. This way, the IBO gets free shipping AND retail volume credit. I doubt Amway cares about this either, because they will do virtually ANYTHING to show retail volume.

  7. The Michigan AG doesn't care, either. When I complained to the Michigan BBB, they said to contact the AG, and the AG ignored my complaint. It's all on my web site.

  8. Tex I guess those friends/relatives better hope the check doesn't bounce. Almost all IBO's put Amway related purchases onto a credit card because they don't have disposable cash on hand or in their bank accounts.

  9. Earlier there was this concept of MCVR(member client volume reporting). If you had a downline, you had to atleast have 50PV retail volume reported, to get a PV cheque.

    My upline platinum taught me to report 50 PV retail volume even if I did not do retail. His logic was "I am my own customer."

    After a few years, Amway started giving 20% PV/BV uplift on reported retail volume. My upline platinum(Indian platinum in Albany,NY) was trying to qualify as Q12 and his upline was trying to qualify as Founders Emerald (Ramesh Raghavan). They come up with brilliant plan of reporting all our personal purchases as retail volume(so that they get free 20% uplift). They get our username and password and go online and report all our personal purchases as report volume.

    If you are a Amway IBO, you have to lie, cheat, fake, steal(in an indirect way from ur downline). The irony is while you are doing this, you have to keep repeating "We dont lie,cheat, steal", "This is the most honest oppurtunity", blah blah blah.

  10. I heard of a big wig in another mlm scheme who baught 8,000.00 of product and returned it all for a refund. This mlm company later sent him a cheque for 8 grand. This guy then went around showing prospects how much he's making. He had a couple of these big cheques and people where signing up like crazy.

  11. Anna,

    That's not the main points I was making....

  12. Ex-Eagle - "If you are a Amway IBO, you have to lie, cheat, fake, steal(in an indirect way from ur downline). The irony is while you are doing this, you have to keep repeating "We dont lie,cheat, steal", "This is the most honest oppurtunity", blah blah blah. "

    I think that pretty much sums up the Amway business opportunity!

    You can Colin have both made some good points about upline trying to get around the system.

  13. Ex Eagle,

    Did you report these individuals to Amway?

  14. This sounds completely like something they would do... Only having been exposed to my soon-to-be Amway brother-in-law over Thanksgiving, I have seen plenty of XS-bs being consumed/hyped... Your experience doesn't surprise me at all. (btw, I was "Anonymous" #1 in your "XS Gear" post)

  15. Cake - what level is your soon to be brother in law at? Has he told you what he nets a month or is he in the hole? Ask your sister if she's seen his profit and loss statement or past tax returns. Does she go with him to meetings and functions?


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