Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Is it any coincidence that World Wide Dream Builders uses those numbers as part of their business plan?

And I’m going out on a limb here because I have no proof one way or the other, but I think it would be logical that WWDB would have to get their business plan concept approved by someone at Amway corporate office before turning it loose on the IBO’s. If I’ve guessed correctly then Amway is in agreement that WWDB’s 666 business plan is reasonable and acceptable to put into action.

“All you have to do is eat one Amway meal bar a day and drink one Amway beverage a day. And then you find 6 people who do what you do and eat one and drink one daily. And then they find 6 people.”

I heard that 666 philosophy several times a week at business plans.

The sign of the beast. Our sponsor. Our Platinum. WWDB. Amway.

They are all beasts. Take your pick.

Coincidence or perfectly planned execution?


  1. Tex, i hope you dont take any of this personally. I think you're a good guy and sometimes I enjoy bugging you. As for annas 666 post....i always thought their plan was 6-4-2? If it is 666 it's kidna weird.

  2. Colin so far Tex hasn't seen this post and showed up to say my logic is flawed and to quote all his facts and statistics!

    The WWDB board plan shows these 6 half figures. Roly poly people with no legs. By the time you get to the 3rd level of 6 people you will be Platinum. The 666 plan to Platinum.

  3. Tex, would probably be more interested in this post cause he's religious and im sure 666 means something to him. I think you're a very logical person. Especially the fact you where never sucked into the business and we where.

  4. Colin here's how it went. Find 6 people to become Eagle. And so on. I don’t know all the levels but you could be Platinum in 6 months! They liked 6’s!

    I have a transcript from a seminar with a Diamond speaker. To paraphrase he says to find 6 people who want to "save" money. Interesting that he puts it that way. Save money indeed! If you “help those 6 save money” that should be 1500PV/month. If 6 of them can find 6 people you make $1600/month. Then in 6 months if everyone is finding 6 people you’ll be earning $7600/month or $53,000/year, plus annual bonus of $20,000 = $78,000/year by working 10 hours a week! Then there was a whole other dimension of finding 6 people who buy wholesale and 6 people who build a business. Keep up those 6’s and make $250,000/year.

    You should have heard the crowd screeching with this good news. He sort of glossed over how difficult it is to fine one person let alone 6!

  5. Anna, What has your hubby done to occupy his time since leaving this scam? I use to get annoyed when my upline told me im not allowed to watch seinfeld,hobbies or any other show on tv.

  6. Colin I'm assuming you mean in our spare time because he's busy with our business. He does a lot of schmoozing with it too!

    Probably the same as many other former IBO's. We picked up the same active lifestyles we enjoyed prior to Amway for example already today we've been at the Y where we swim a few times a week. I'm sure our lifestyle and hobbies and social lives aren't too different than everyone elses.

  7. I was not involved with WWDB, but this is the first time I've heard the "666" plan.

    colin, you don't "bug" me at all. Just remember your (lack of) intelligence is permanently recorded on the internet.

    As far as being "religious," I am, but I'm not a big "666" guy as a literal number, as it is more of a symbolic number in the book of Revelation. The number 7 is considered a perfect number in the Bible, as is 3. So the 666 is a number that represents perfect imperfection - or the devil. In other words, I'm a believer in Amillennialism. You can google that word if you want to know what it means.

    colin, if you don't jump off a cliff because you don't like the color green, and there is green at the bottom of the cliff, that doesn't make you right regarding the REASON for not jumping, it merely makes the RESULT correct for survival.

  8. However, I did note there were 6 comments prior to my first comment on this thread!

  9. Im trying not to choke on my dinner after reading your comment lol. I can tell Tex & ibofb are fun people to hang out with;). I'll try not to lose sleep knowing that my comments are permanately recorded on Annas blog LMAO. Anna please promise me that you'll keep this blog up so it'll be recorded on the internet forever.

    Tex said:colin, you don't "bug" me at all. Just remember your (lack of) intelligence is permanently recorded on the internet.

  10. so annas fouled mouth comments would also be permanently recorded on the internet. I guess she can go around wearing a paper bag over her head lol. Sometimes life is more enjoyable when we're not perfect.

  11. Colin I'll keep the blog up long after I stop blogging so there will always be a permanent record of me cursing out my upline! There needs to be a permanent record of what a spouse goes through while married to an Ambot. The stuff I went through wives from 10 years ago went through. Probably 20 years ago and 30 years ago. No change to the abuse over the years.

    I thought IBOFB was the only one wearing a paper bag over his head!

  12. Anna, the stuff you & your hubby gone through seemed a bit more hardcore than when i was in. Maybe the expenses doubled since the tape days. It's awesome we have websites we can trash our uplines. Nice to tell my upline Greg duncan to go f-ck himself or go to hell and have it on permanent record:P

  13. I never heard of this plan. My guess is that it was devised in order to satisfy the requirement to have so much of your monthly PV (I think it was 50) be retail sales to non-IBO's. Of course we all know that rule was never enforced!
    I think Tex is on the right track in that he is an Amillenealist. I don't know of anywhere in The Bible where 666 is specifically used, but know that 7 is considered a perfect number and 3 represents The Triune God. Three persons, yet one God. Don't try to wrap your mind around that, just accept it! Another word that might be of interest is Dispensation and Dispensationolist. Sorry, I've gotten of track. This is not a religion thread. This thread is one where we expose the hypocrisy of our former uplines when we were in Amway! BTW: I heard that Greg Duncan was once a plastic surgeon. I recently read that Brad talked him into quitting med school. Can someone give me the real skinny on this?

  14. It doesn't matter what the structure below an IBO is with respect to the 50 PV personal retailing rule.

    666 shows up here:

    It's amazing you don't do a simple google search to find out, but then ignorance is the most common item in society.

    My understanding is Greg was studying to become a doctor (don't know the type or how far along he got), but quit to be an Amway Tool Scammer.

  15. Tex;

    You are a walking CASSETTE TAPE. Always spouting ethereal crap that makes one pause, but after reflection, one realizes it's ehereal crap.

    To reply to that you'll probably have to listen to another CASSETTE TAPE.

  16. I didn't have to do a Google Search to find 666. I found it in my English Standard Version Bible. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Now I will do some thinking about what that means, remembering the three Cardinal rules of Biblical interpretation: Context, Context and Context!
    Ya' still sore at me for tellin' ya' that ya' got a big ego Tex? Then get over it!

  17. Anon,

    You make broad, general accusations, but don't indicate what SPECIFIC point you take issue with. What part of my post is a "walking CASSETTE TAPE?" What part is "ethereal crap?"


    You're the one who said you didn't know where 666 occurred in the Bible. I'll bet I found it MUCH faster with a quick google search than you did flipping through the pages! LOL

    No, I'm not "sore" with you at all, I hardly give you a second thought! LOL

  18. Tex;

    It's so typical of the elitist types to use a thesaurus when they speak to the sorry people.

    But the joke's on the thesaurus elitists. We're not impressed. I always have to wonder if those types can change a tire, load a gun (actually use that gun, if necessary), plant and reap an edible crop, etc. You get the drift.

    When the sorry people are not bowing to the thesarus people, the thesaurus people resort to cutting down our often lack of a 'college boy' education.

    Give me a southern redneck anyday. At least I'd know I'd be safe.

    Tape speak? You. I went to hundreds of meetings - I can spot it a mile away.

    O.K. This is where you ask another ehteral question. Go

  19. Tex: One can usually find a passage or key words in The Bible by the use of a Concordance. This is something that is found in back of every Bible I have owned since 1960. This was long before the advent of the internet, Google and one year shy of Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's homerun record of 60 in a regular season.

  20. Anon,

    I never mentioned a thesaurus. What are you smoking? LOL


    I am familiar with a Concordance, but I can probably still find something quicker and easier using google. The point remains you said, "I don't know of anywhere in The Bible where 666 is specifically used,...." and I merely pointed out how easy it is to find this information while you are sitting at your computer, without having to get up, open your Bible, search the Concordance, and find the reference to "666." QED

  21. Thanks for the info and education Tex about "Googling" on the internet.

  22. The story that they were spreading around WWDB when I was in was that Greg had finished medical school and was in his residency. Apparently, he saw the magical plan during his last term of medical school, then worked as a resident until he had enough people to steal from to walk away from being a doctor and actually doing some good.


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