Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting big hits on Google for Dream Night

I checked my keyword stats for my blog and for some oddball reason my Dream Stealers post is getting a lot of hits by people googling “Brad Duncan Dream Night Vancouver 2011”.

For the past month or so I’ve been getting lots of google hits for my posts on Dream Night - namely Dream Night Dishonesty and Dream Night is a financial orgy.

I put in the above search criteria to see what’s going on with the Dream Stealers post as opposed to one of the other Dream Night posts. Brad Duncan’s name is in the comments. January 2011 is when the post was published likewise with all the comments - over 50 at last count! - so 2011 is a huge hit attracter. Not sure if Dream Night is mentioned in any of those comments, likewise I don’t remember anyone mentioning Vancouver. Even with those last two words missing its still coming up on the Google site as number 5. Amthrax is number 4. Number 2 makes no sense at all - the official site of the Chicago Blackhawks. Number 1 and 3 appear to be personal websites belonging to IBO’s, whether or not they’re current is unknown because I didn’t click on the links and one of them posted in 2007.

I wondered if the search engine results would be any different on Google Canada because you have to figure Canadian IBOs would be checking Vancouver. The difference now is the Chicago Blackhawks page moves into number 1. Some sports page moves into number 2. And the 2007 IBO is still number 3. Dream Stealers moves into number 4 and Amthrax into number 5.

The really bizarre thing is nowhere on the first couple of search pages (because I didn’t keep looking) is no official information from Amway or WWDB websites about their Dream Night.

I have no idea when or if Dream Night 2011 is being held in Vancouver. I have no idea if Brad Duncan is going to be a speaker. It would appear that IBOs are also unable to find this information because they keep clicking the link and ending up at my blog.

This post serves no purpose other than to keep screwing up the Google searches and sending horrified IBOs to a blog they don’t want to read. I have never attended a Dream Night in Vancouver where Brad Duncan was the speaker in 2011 or any other year. No point in actually mentioning other years just in case my blog slips out of one of the top spots! Ha ha!

Whew! Hope this post messes up those Google searches even more! Feel free to load up the comments with any of the above search criteria!


  1. Hopefully this mixup in the Google prioritization will lead more IBO's to your blog, and cause snap them out of their trance. Who wants to spend money to listen to someone who is bankrupt tell me how to make money and live my life. Shoulda' stayed in Med School Greggie Boy...

  2. Bananas AND FlytrapsJanuary 11, 2011 at 11:26 AM

    Anna, how is the banana doing?

  3. David, it all depends on what stage of being "fed up" that the IBO is in to make them snap out of their trance.

  4. Bananas AND Flytraps - almost ripe!

  5. LOL, the anonymous coward has resurfaced!

  6. Yeah he left a comment yesterday too. All the porn talk got him more fired up than an Amway meeting!

  7. As a greater Vancouver resident and die hard hockey fan since I could crawl, the links between Vancouver and the Chicago Blackhawks likely refer to the fact that Chicago has bounced the Canucks out of the NHL playoffs each of the last two years. Since Hockey is only slightly behind God here in Canada, and the Canucks and Blackhawks are mortal enemies, it's not surprising if you're googling Vancouver that the blackhawks come up somehow.

  8. Oh, and Duncan Keith is an excellent defenseman for the Blackhawks, a Norris trophy candidate from last year, and part of the Canadian Olympic men's hockey team that won the gold medal in Vancouver 2010.

  9. Hi Graham, thanks for the connection. I don't follow hockey so I never would have got it. For some reason I thought maybe the diamond Duncans had a piece of the Blackhawks. Or seasons tickets.

  10. I love hockey. Don't care if I never see a live basketball or football or soccer game; but, give a live hockey game and I go nuts.

  11. The only thing more boring than watching a hockey game on TV would be hearing one described over the radio.

  12. I would take hockey on TV over golf, bowling, or suicide, but not by much.

  13. And there's Tex, being his typical non-judgemental self. But, that's the wonderful thing about living in a free society, everyone can pick the things that they enjoy being entertained by.

  14. O.K., Tex, you made me giggle.

    Back in the 60's, there were only three things to watch on Sunday: bowling (snore), religion, or the news.

    I played outside.

    Went to a hocky game by default. I was prepared to have a miserable time as I don't care to go watch big boys act like piss ants; but I gotta admit, it was da' bomb. I screamed like loon. I don't know what made me look around, but when I did, everyone was staring at me.

    I wanted to crawl out of that place.

    My husband said, "Dang. You like sports."

    Well, that was before amway beat the hell out of anything I might have like with those freaking CASSETTE TAPES.

    btw, WE WERE STILL BUYING CASSETTE TAPES IN 2002, so CDs have not been around amway for very long. Crap, I'm surprised wwdb doesn't still use cave drawings.


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