Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have a little coffee with your makeup?

Someone in Ambot’s upline decided he had to hold a coffee klatch at our house and then whip out the Artistry cosmetics.

Ambotta, one of the women in our upline - I think she was Eagle or had been at one time - was planning to come over with her makeup kit and assist our coffee klatchers with their makeup applications.

Ambot got busy inviting all women he came across in his daily activities visiting stores, filling up the gas tank, etc. He actually had a fair amount of women - like about 6 or 7 - agree to come over for coffee and makeup.

We picked up some gourmet coffee beans, bought biscotti and cookies and were ready to go. Ambotta said she’d be over at 6:30 to set up, half an hour before our guests were scheduled to arrive.

At 6:30 Ambotta hadn’t arrived. Ambot phoned her. Her cell phone went to voice mail and he left her a message asking where she was and if her car had broken down again and if she needed a ride. She lived in a nearby apartment and Ambot started panicking that she was out in the parking lot and her car wouldn’t start and her husband wasn’t home and unable to drive her. Ambot phoned 3 times all going to voice mail. It looks like Ambot’s blood pressure is about to go through the roof!

A couple of things happened at 7pm. First no one showed up. Now there’s a big surprise. Deja vu. Just like what always happens whenever we host an Amway event. Second Ambotta finally phones back and asks if anyone had shown up. Answer is no. Surprise, surprise. Ambotta is relieved because she didn’t really want to come out to our coffee klatch anyway and so she cancelled.

Ambot is freaking out. All his guests - every single one of them! - is running late. They’ll all be here any minute and he won’t have any makeup for them to try on. I don’t wear Artistry makeup so its not like I had anything in the makeup drawer. Well I had Avon products but that’s probably not what Ambot had in mind.

I tell him not to sweat it. If anyone shows up we’ll enjoy coffee and conversation with our guests. About ten after seven Ambot is starting to accept that no one is going to show up and after another ten minutes passed he started cleaning up the kitchen.

Fortunately our losses were rather minimal this time probably less than $20. The coffee we’d be able to consume ourselves, likewise with the cookies and biscotti.


  1. Wait, you didn't buy Amway coffee???? I told my husband that there was no way in hell I was giving up my Trader Joe's espresso blend.

    On the bright side, he isn't pushing me lately to agree to buy as many shitty energy bars and other crap we don't need or want.

  2. Nope. Didn't buy their tea either.

    Those energy bars are horrible and expensive. I can't believe the money Ambot spent on that.

    Yes that is the bright side. Is it possible your husband is running out of money or available credit? Or is he just shifting the spending to other products that have better PV/BV? If he's starting to get disenchanted he'll still spend but not as much and he'll stop going to some meetings unless he's nagged by his upline. That means the end is in sight!

  3. I bet ambot didnt curse at his upline and asked where the fuck she was lol. I would have quit the business that day.

  4. I was the one asking where the fuck she was in the 30 minutes between when she was supposed to be there and the phone call where she said she wasn't coming. This was typical of the support we got from our upline - not just her in particular. Ambot hung in there for another 4 or 5 months after this happened. Talk about blind devotion and dedication to his beloved upline. I'd given up on them long before this night.

  5. should have told ambotta that there are 4 people there and for her to get her ass over. I know she's freak but she wasted your time so who cares. Your hubby is too nice with these people.

  6. Anna;

    Wow. It would have been fun to tell her there was a houseful of hopeful women, and several are showing an interest in the amway biz.

    Then, when she arrives all flustered and excited, and sees there's no one there, just say, oops, my bad.

  7. In hindsight he probably should have done that but you're right he was too nice with these jerks. A month later Ambot was unable to attend an Artistry night and Ambotta was the bitch who phoned at 11:30 at night to scold him for not being there. Fortunately for her we were still awake. If she'd woken me up I'd have grabbed the phone and given her shit supreme like she's never heard before! But can you imagine the nerve? She doesn't show up for the Artistry at our house but bitches Ambot out a month later for not showing up at someone else's Artistry night.

  8. Anonymous - or we could have said there were 10 women there and by the time she showed up we'd say they all got tired of waiting for her and left.

  9. Your post made me think their products are impossible to retail.

  10. She's just a good business woman - the money is in the functions, especially the training. She would have made FAR less on the product sales.

  11. Colin - Amway's reputation precedes itself. Their products are nearly impossible to retail to people who are not current IBOs.

  12. Tex, she probably is a good business woman. In fact she probably would do really well in another field if she'd get her ass out of Amway and could figure out how to motivate people without scolding them.

  13. She is also a corrupt business woman. She would probably rip off others if she was in another field.

  14. She's also selfish and greedy. But those are requirements of being an Amway IBO.

  15. Actually, most IBOs are not self or greedy. The upline is.


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