Friday, January 14, 2011

Signs that Amway will soon take a back burner

The Internet is full of stories about marriages destroyed by involvement in Amway.

Most of the stories its the husband who’s the Amway keener and the wife who may be supportive at first then wants nothing to do with it, especially after she’s seeing how’s it changing her husband for the worse. Whether that’s because more men than women are involved in Amway or whether its because more wives hit the Internet to complain than husbands I don’t know. Sorry guys. This post is taking the position that the husband is the Ambot.

Its been my personal experience and from other stories I’ve read that the husband will usually leave Amway on his own inside one year due to one of several things happening:

1. He finally comes to senses after not signing up any IBO’s or finding retail customers and realizes that he’s wasting his time in this business. Amway’s bad reputation for overpriced products and abusive IBO’s is a tough obstacle to overcome. Most people he prospects have had bad experiences with Amway or know someone who has and don’t want nothing to do with it. The word is out: RUN don’t walk away from Amway!

2. He runs out of money or hits the limit on his credit cards. There’s no money left to fund his upline’s dreams. Unfortunately if he ran up thousands of dollars on his credit card the Amway nightmare might take years to pays off.

3. He stops going to Amway meetings or goes less often. That’s a good sign he’s become fed up and disenchanted with this business opportunity. Often he stops going because the speaker - usually the Platinum - insults him and mocks him for not being “man enough” to build a business.

4. He finally reads the fine print on his Amway business plan and realizes less than 1% of IBO’s actually make money and recognizes it for the shitty business opportunity it is.

5. He starts looking around on the Internet and gets answers to questions that his upline refuse to answer.

6. He stops buying shitty Amway products or less of them. Now this just might mean he’s low on money and this could only be a temporary setback but hopefully it means he saw similar products at Wal-Mart or Costco for a third to a quarter of the price and realizes Amway products are not such a good deal after all.

Now those are just a few signs to look for that he’s losing interest or has become disenchanted with the business, or had an argument with someone upline, or got tired of being mocked in meetings.

It doesn’t matter which one because he’s had enough and is on the way out. Wait it out. Don’t even mention anything about Amway.

There might be small setbacks when someone upline phones and bullies him into buying products or going to a meeting and his mind isn’t completely clear of the brainwashing and he complies.

A good counterattack is to plan fun outings on nights when Amway meetings are scheduled. If he chooses to go out and have fun with his wife instead of putting on a business suit and meeting up with the other cult followers, that means Amway is on the downslide.


  1. Anna, a wife/gf can schedule sex on the days of a amway meeting. Money n greed cant compare to a good romp with the wifey/partner.

  2. Here's a big clue Colin. We've already figured that one out!

  3. Did you schedule sex in your FranklinCovey planner?

  4. No Tex. Although Ambot bought a Franklin Covey planner about 10 years ago he never used it after the year ran out because we couldn't find refills anywhere due to the number of spirals the Covey planner uses. It is much more effective to put it into Outlook with a 2 hour reminder and also in the cell phone calendar with a 15 minute reminder. And sometimes a text message reminder a couple of minutes before 8 and they have to shut off their cell phones.

  5. Refills are easily available from FranklinCovey. Did you schedule sex using Outlook? Why do you have to shut your cell phone off a couple of minutes before 8? Can't you use the vibrate mode, which, if the phone is carried in your pocket the right way, is similar to sex, and perhaps why so many IBOs smile during the plan?

  6. Trying to save money. We never did end up getting a refill from Franklin Covey and I think Ambot finally chucked out the planner. I only put sex on the Outlook calendar during the Amway dark ages. Just before the Amway meeting starts whoever's house its at introduces the speaker and asks everyone to turn off their cell phones. Nice tip about the vibrate option on the phone!


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