Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amway is Creepy!

I get a few Google searches ending up on my blog for “Amway is creepy”. The last search being done by someone in Sweden?! Hmmm.....

Seeing as how my blog is about #10 on the creepy search I thought I’d try to bump it up a bit. So bad news for anyone tuning in today to listen to me curse out my former upline or hear about Ambot's adventures!

So is Amway creepy?

My upline is creepy and Amway IBO’s are creepy.

I don’t know anyone who works at the head office in Ada, Michigan nor any of the other regional offices around the states or in any other countries. My experience with Amway has to do with a couple of phone calls and speaking to an employee on the help (?) desk. A better name would be “unhelpful desk”. Or the “I don’t give a shit desk”.

What goes on inside the four walls of Amway? I can’t imagine its a whole lot more different than other companies. Inside the company moral may or may not be good, it might vary with different departments. Some managers may be nicer than others. Most companies have an executive team that figures out marketing strategies to increase sales and new product development. There are department managers, mid-level managers, supervisors, and a bunch of other employees scattered throughout the company. Nothing creepy about that. Many mid to large size companies have this kind of structure.

Like any other company Amway probably offers its employees certain perks in attempts to retain them: health package, pension plan, flex hours, gym club membership, etc. I wonder if Amway employees are given discounts if they purchase the overpriced products. I wonder if they’re given complimentary IBO registration. Even with employee retention practices in place Amway probably has the same kind of employee turnover as other companies, about 5% each month due to employees quitting, transferring, dying, or on various leaves.   

What about Amway employees? Are they creepy? I’m sure there are creepy brown nosed Amway employees. Every company harbors a few.

I read an article a few months ago that breaks down how employees fit into the corporate structure. About 20% of employees love their jobs and go out of their way to excel. About 60% of employees are average and get their work done and for the most part do a good job. The other 20% hate their jobs and don't do a good job.

So who are the dangerous employees? The 20% who hate their job? Nope. One way or the other they don’t last long and then they’re no longer a problem for the company. The dangerous employees are the 60% average. They’ll get their job done but they won’t bust their ass doing so. They don’t really care one way or the other about the company. Its just a job. Its just a paycheck. If they find another job that pays better or has better benefits they’ll quit in a second. Amway is probably like every other corporation out there and only 20% of their employees like their job. That explains why when IBO’s try to get assistance from corporate chances are high they’ll be dealing with one of the other 80% and end up on the receiving end of disinterest, disdain, contempt, etc because they’re dealing with employees who either hate their job or don’t give a shit and don’t want to be bothered.

There are a lot of names to describe Amway - unethical, creepy, uncaring, bad reputation, pyramid scheme, overpriced, etc. Amway gets labelled with these adjectives because of their own don’t-give-a-shit employees and the actions of IBO’s.

The Internet has had a lot to do with getting the word out about Amway and IBO’s. I doubt Amway can recover and fix their image.

Certainly not as long as people are searching the Internet looking for information on “Amway is creepy”.


  1. Hi! I'm the one from Sweden :)
    I've got somewhat obsessed with Amway recently. Ok, with pyramid scams and MLMs in general, but Amway is phenomenon of its own. I was involved in one MLM some 15 years ago, got away with minor scratches (not all of my friends did) and very much forget it.
    Two years ago new co-worker asked me to SEE-THE-PLAN. And it was Amway. After all I had seen years before, what I knew, and how lousy the meeting was (I had strong urge to stand up and show her, how it should be done), I suddenly heard this eerie voice inside my head:
    "Maybe you should try! Maybe it's different this time! Catch the opportunity!"
    After that, I started really investigate both, experiences of others via net, and my own mental processes. What had those few months in mid-90's done to me? Was there still some sh*t lurking in my brain?
    Good bad stories from real people are the best. So when word 'creepy' came to my mind, I gave it a try to find one story more. Wasn't disappointed :)
    Seriously: MLMs are not the best export items from the US. Doesn't matter much here in Scandinavia, but in emerging 3rd world economies people will get _creepy_ image of free entrepreneurship, if that's being an IBO sucker. American Way? I think not.

  2. Hi Jatufin. Well you're not the one we had in mind from Sweden! I don't suppose you were the guy from Sweden who recently did a Google search "david steadson idiot" and found their way to my blog too? And its OK to say shit on my blog. No need to be modest and put in ****! Good luck to you!


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