Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Rich Quick in Amway?

At Amway meetings I attended the speaker was very careful not to use the words “get rich quick”. Those particular words make most people wary. The old saying about how if it sounds too good to be true comes to mind.

The Platinum or Diamond speaker avoids saying the actual words “get rich quick” but everything else they say implies that a person will get rich in Amway fairly quickly.

Take a popular phrase at Amway meetings “two to five years”. What can happen in two to five years? Why - you can go Diamond of course! The Diamonds show all these videos at Amway functions with mansions, sports cars, private jets, and exotic vacations. The message is that in two to five years that’s the lifestyle all the IBO’s in the audience will be living. Anyone remember that TV show called “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? That’s the perception we’re getting with the Diamond’s videos. That type of lifestyle. The people that Robin Leach was interviewing were earning millions of dollars a year to sustain that lifestyle. The same lifestyle that Amway Diamonds show that they’re living even though Amway literature says average Diamond income is about $150K/year. Here the skeptic in me comes out. Its a lot cheaper to rent a house, cars, airplane, etc for a few days for a movie shoot than to actually own the stuff. I have no way of verifying one way or the other that the things the Diamonds are jumping all over in their videos are actually owned and fully paid for by them or staged for the video.

Is two to five years a long time? Or is that a reasonably quick time to be earning millions of dollars a year?

OK I’m going to pick on Nicolas Cage here. And not in a mean way. Only because he’s been in the news. I like him as an actor. I’ve seen a lot of his movies. “Gone in Sixty Seconds” he made $20 million dollars. The “National Treasure” movies he made $20 million each. Here’s a guy who works lets say maybe a year on a movie and he earns millions of dollars. That sounds pretty “get rich quick” to me. On the other hand this man has lost 2 homes - probably mansions - in New Orleans to foreclosure and his Las Vegas home to foreclosure. He’s having all kinds of money problems. He can’t even sustain an Amway Diamond lifestyle and he earns millions of dollars a year more than those Diamonds. I think Nicolas Cage better make another National Treasure sequel before he gets prospected by some Amway IBO!

Our Platinum says if you are CORE then in 6 months you’ll be earning $80,000/year. Although that might not be “rich”, 6 months is still a reasonably “quick” time to make $80k. Our Platinum also said if you get 20 friends to buy $25/ month from Amway you’d be earning $1000/month. Hunh? Let’s do the math. Amway is earning $500 from those 20 friends spending $25 each. How the hell can the IBO earn $1000/month from that??? That sounds pretty good to me too. Earning double what Amway takes in. Our Platinum claims he works 8 hours a week and earns $100K a year. To a person working a cash register for minimum wage 40 hours a week, I would say working 8 hours a week to earn $100 thousand a year sounds like “get rich quick”.

I realize its all about perception. Some people out there will think $80 or $100 thousand a year is dog chow while someone else will think they’ve hit pay dirt.

Perception. Illusions. Its all part of the Amway scheme.


  1. You're right. They avoid the get rich quick to avoid the "too good to be true" claim. But 2-5 years to financial freedom while you walk the beaches forever certainly sounds like get rich quick to me.

    And you are right about possibly renting mansions and jets to give the appearance of being uber wealthy. I would guess an average diamond lives a very middle class lifestyle.

  2. Its possible the average Diamond leads a lower middle class lifestyle than either of us too. I bet we walked more beaches of the world last year than many Diamonds did.

  3. It's not only possible, but actually confirmed that some of these diamonds' house/mansion are mortgaged to the hilt. That's why we heard about these houses being foreclosed. You normally don't foreclose a house (wiping the owner's equity) unless ... the owner's equity is non-existent a.k.a. it's mortgaged at almost 100% of value.

  4. Banks don't want to foreclose. They'd rather get their money.

    Most people don't want to lose their homes. They'd rather try to work out a catch up payment program with the bank, sell stuff, take another job. Do whatever it takes not to get foreclosed on.

    Just shows most banks don't take too kindly to working with people in MLM's as their main source of income. Pyramid can collapse any time.

  5. Banks aren't impressed with MLMs. Their income fluctuates wildly.

    I personally know diamonds who were living in a 4000 sq. ft. home. That's not a mansion. They did not want to portray anything more than what they really were. They are no longer diamond. They became fed up with the crap.

    I can't name names b/c I live too close-by. They don't need or want the harrassment.

    Even the ever-coveted CASSETTE TAPES couldn't save them.

    Off topic: Anna, dino has sent out another ambot on amthrax's site. This one's a riot. You're missin' it.

  6. LOL, I live in Hawaii. I often walk the greatest beaches. My friend Rlaurens walked those same beaches on a Hawaii vacation last year.

  7. Off-topic: Yes, Hawaii beaches are one of the best!

    You definitely can walk on some of the best beaches in the world without being Amway diamonds.

    BTW, just wondering, does anybody knows where the diamonds are during these freezing winter times? Are they freezing their butt off giving functions or are they 'walking the beaches of the world'?

  8. I haven't been to Hawaii in awhile. Kind of sucks that my friends sold their condo in Kihei!

    Aren't those Diamonds freezing their asses off in places like Idaho and Montana where winters aren't as nice as they are in Hawaii?

  9. 2-5. Sounds like a stint in the 'big house.'

    By the time you're done with amway, the stint may have been the better option.

    But what am I saying? Nothing that a good ole' CASSETTE TAPE can't fix.

  10. Doing your Amway time = jail sentence!

  11. The good thing about an Amway jail sentence is that you get time off for bad behavior! My stretch lasted only 6 months...After that...Freedom!!

  12. No time off. Released early.

    That may or may not have to do with good behavior!

  13. A mentor once told me "DO THE MATH AND THE MATH WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO".
    Great advice in many situations, but especially when considering 'business opportunities".

    For those still seriously considering 'a business in Amway" use this handy resource to evaluate it:

  14. Connie - I did the math and told my husband that it looked good on paper but the reality would be nearly impossible to achieve. It took my husband a lot longer to do the math and figure out achieving any level of success would be highly unlikely. He asked his Platinum and was brushed off with "don't question upline. Just do what we tell you and be CORE and you will succeed."

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