Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anything for a Buck!

Remember the show Newhart that was on in the 80’s? Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl ran a restaurant and a sideline business called "anything for a buck".

Sometimes I think Ambot and I are running a similar side business doing whatever for a buck. One of the joys of being self employed and semi retired is hat we can leave the shop in the hands of our employees and we can kind of take on impromptu opportunities. Ambot doesn’t like to lose out on a money making opportunity, therefore explains the descent into Amway hell.
Ambot came home last night after visiting a friend of ours who is a house painter and occasionally he gets large jobs and needs to hire a helper. He’s got the interior of an 8000 square foot house to paint and needs help. So Ambot volunteers that I’ll come work for him. Hunh??? Now how did that happen? Especially since every time we paint a room Ambot bitches at me for doing a shitty job and then he ends up taking over. I don’t think I do all that bad a job painting but I’m not looking to hire myself out as a painter. Oh, I guess I didn’t. Thanks Ambot.

So it takes overnight for the shock of me working for someone else to wear in and this morning I ask Ambot how much money I’m going to get paid for painting. He said that’s still to be discussed.....

Ambot doesn’t like to miss an opportunity to earn some money so he’s kind of like Larry and Darryl and Darryl. I think that’s what drew him into this whole Amway mess. Making an extra $1000/month by only working 10 to 15 hours a week is very appealing. Even more appealing when the upline Platinum and Diamond speakers up the ante and say you can earn $80K/year, $100K/year and up and up and up it goes!

So there you have it. Proof that there are better ways than Amway to make money without hardly trying.

"Anything for a buck" and we don't have to rip people off!


  1. Anna;

    Way to go. Entrepreneurship at its finest. Are you sure you don't need CASSETTE TAPES to make a buck? Gosh, I thought the whole world was thanking God for amway.

    Silly me. I learned to hustle at a very early age. Besides making chokers (be nice, it was 1970 for heaven's sake) in the 6th grade and selling them for $2 each, I was working the soy and field-corn fields every summer. Hot nasty work, but, hey, you only had to be 13 yrs. old or at least 5' 4" tall. We worked from sunup to sundown. No bathrooms. No cell-phones. If one of us had gotten lost out there, no one would have missed us. Maybe THAT'S where my little brother is. (we just acted like we didn't know when mom did a head count that night - there are 8 of us.)

    I give no quarter to this next generation with their heads bent over their phones all day. It's so sad to see them wasting their lives keeping us w/the Kardashians. They are not learning to deal with the natural world around them. Heaven help us if we're ever forced to fight real enemies street to street. As for us, boomers, we fought Vietman and still remember how to communicate w/o phones.

    We're not afraid of guns and are darn good with them (dad was a gunsmith). I'm seriously thinking of dumping my cell phone. It rings maybe once a day. I don't give a shit what the Kardashians are doing (or anyone else for that matter).

    My goal every day is to get thru my workday as efficiently as possible, stay uber organized, and make sure I've set out the hamburger to thaw for supper that night. I live by my 6 most important things to do list (no, I did NOT get tham from amway.)

    I'm up EVERY day between 3-4 am. 7 days a week. No exceptions. Would rather work than sleep. Don't drink or smoke anything ever. Can't imagine not being in total control of my life at all times.

    Yeah, I'm a real blast.

  2. Anonymous, there already is somebody online selling Amway tapes. I saw their Google ad pop up on here!

    I'm a city girl so there were no fields to harvest. Though sometimes we took a drive out to the country and picked strawberries. Not to sale to anyone else. We picked them, bought them from the farmer, and took them home where my mother promptly made jam.

    Waking up between 3 and 4am? The early bird gets the worm, isn't that a farmer's saying. Or make hay while the sun shines? I think the last time I woke up at 3am was about 15 years ago so we could make the 2 hour drive to Pasadena to catch the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's Day. You have to get there before 6am to get a decent spot on the sidewalk. The old early bird theory again.

  3. Hi, Anna;

    Strawberries, yum! They grew wild at the end of our road (I was 16 when it was finally paved!)

    We lived out in the country with no way to get to town even when we turned old enough to apply for a job. We didn't harvest the fields, we walked up one row and down the next hoeing weeds. Soy beans grow more than hip high and grow vines between the rows. Sometimes my whole body weight was not enough to break the vines (my legs would be cut to shreds every night) so my siblings would hop the rows and we'd hack away at the vines. The absolute worst was cutting down pig weed. It grows over your head and you hoes just bounce off. Whenever one of us came upon a patch of it, it was understood everyone was expected to back up and help take it out. Nasty work but nothing compared to detassling corn.

    Most people don't realize field corn (the stuff in silos) has male and female rows. We'd go in when it was about 6 ft. tall and pull out every other tassle or whatever the farmer requested. Now you are walking all day with your arms above your head in swealtering heat (no air moves between the rows) and trying to watch out for garden spiders (size of a bread plate when spread out); the garden spiders build their webs between the rows. Every so often you hear a scream as someone got one in the face. They don't hurt you, they just freak you out.

    At 16, very few kids had cars so the only job I could take inside was at a Wal-Mart with a neighbor who worked there also. WOW! Indoor toilets, air condtioning, vending machines. You didn't have to be hosed down after work either - a real plus!

    We had no phones, computers, etc. and got along just fine. I have no issue with any of those things as long as people stay connected to the real world with real faces; but we have a whole generation who cannot communiate worth a darn. We are stunned at the poor grammer and wrting skills exhibited on our applications.

    I've lived many decades in this old world, and I still don't feel the need to download anything.

    But, boy do I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work. Your writing style is unique.

    I will now condense CASSETTE TAPES to CT; unless I get a raft of crap from some IBO. Then I will double my efforts to type out CASSETTE TAPES.

    Babysitting today. Thank God for your blog.

  4. Strawberries! I got back from my massage awhile ago and when they asked me which oil I wanted I chose strawberries. Smells pretty nice!

    I've never heard of pig weed!? I know soy beans. Edamame. Yummy. Maybe we'll go for sushi tonight. That farming stuff sounds like hard work especially when you're only kids.

  5. The soy beans we worked were for silage only. You didn't find them in any store.

    Every night, the landlord would turn on the auger and the cattle would come a scootin' for soy bean and field corn din din. We would string clover along the electric wire. They can't resist clover but when they tried to get it they would get the shock of their lives. We would roll on the ground laughing.

    If the landlord had caught us, it would have been curtains. Clover can kill cattle as it bloats them up.

    O.K. so we were shit heads.

  6. Here's an interesting post entitled
    1,357 Ways to Make More Money than in MLM:

    My favorite is the last listing
    "Gamble in Las Vegas – or wage a $20 bet with typical MLM participants that none of their immediate upline showed a profit on their taxes last year from their MLM program. (Your odds of winning are at least 100 to one.)"


  7. Connie - that's a good list. I might post that link on a topic later this week because a lot of readers will miss this comment. Thanks!


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