Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hiring IBO’s a bad idea?

I’ve been to enough Amway meetings where the Platinum or Diamond speaker shows contempt to anyone who has a job.

They sneer at people who have jobs. They put down people who have jobs. They criticize people who have jobs. They demand to know why IBO’s are working for other people.

The brainwashing just goes on and on and on.

Soon the IBO’s duplicate their upline and sneer at people who have jobs and show contempt for people who work for someone else. These same IBO’s hold down jobs themselves. When we were in Amway no one in our line other than ourselves were self-employed and very few crossline were self-employed.

Most IBO’s are employed by others and armed with the hateful things they have to say about people with J.O.B.s it doesn’t take long for their shitty attitude to infiltrate the workplace. They criticize their co-workers and probably their boss because they’re all fucking morons for having a J.O.B. and working for someone else instead of themselves. They probably start complaining about how much they hate their job and they can’t wait until they’re finally free, thanks to Amway. Better keep your mouths shut or that day might come sooner than you think! And you won’t be financially free when it does!

Employees that complain about how much they hate their job usually don’t last too long in the workplace. They either quit or they’re fired. No workplace needs that kind of negativity bringing the moral down or irritating the other employees who have to listen to the Amway drunken IBO spout off their brainwashed bullshit.

I was amazed at the number of IBO’s in our line or crossline who became unemployed in a period of several months. I could certainly understand why their employers didn’t want to keep them around because they all had this brainwashed “J.O.B.’s Suck” attitude. I never saw any of them find another J.O.B. while we were still in Amway and most of them resorted to taking odd jobs wherever they could find them.

Being the nice guy that he is my Ambot tried to help a few of them out whenever he heard of someone who needed casual labor help doing maintenance around the house.

I talked about our friend who’s a painter in a previous post who occasionally hires helpers for large jobs. Ambot managed to get an unemployed IBO on as his helper. It wasn’t a particularly large job either. About a 1600 square foot house, 2 stories, 3 bedrooms but it needed painting inside and out. Shouldn’t take 2 men too long especially since it was empty and being repainted prior to the new owners moving in. Getting the inside painted first was obviously the priority.

Our painter friend will never hire that IBO again because he was slower than shit. He did a good job but according to our friend, the IBO was S..L..O..W..... For $15/hour I could see why he wanted to drag the job on as long as he could especially since he had no other work lined up. In addition to being a too slow painter, the IBO further annoyed our friend by spending huge amounts of time on his cell phone, calls and texts. If that wasn’t bad enough he brought a boom box and blasted out the latest Amway CD from his tools order.

Yeah I wouldn’t hire that bastard again either!

Ambot actually found another day job for him. Some friends of ours decided to turn their shed in the back yard into a clubhouse for their teenage son. The interior, about 10’ x 15’, needed to be sanded down in preparation for painting. There was some tool they were able to rent for sanding but neither of them wanted to sand so Ambot recommended the bastard but cautioned he was really S..L..O..W..... They didn’t care as long as he was conscientious and did a good job. Ambot suggests rather than paying him by the hour that they pay the bastard $150 for the job whether it takes him 5 hours or 10 hours. So they all agree on that. For some reason we ended up getting involved in picking up the sander from the rental place. I guess our friends couldn’t get there before going to work. I picked up the tool and brought it over to their shed. Ambot phoned slow-as-shit to tell him to get it back to the tool rental place before they closed at 5pm. The bastard arrived around 9 or 10am and started work. At 2:30 he phoned Ambot to say he was nearly done and ready to start cleaning up. I’m not sure how long it takes to sweep up or vacuum the sawdust but I’m sure my friends or their son could have done it when they got home probably take them no more than 10 minutes. Around 5:10 the bastard phones Ambot to double check the address of the tool rental place. Ambot is pissed! What part of “they’re closed at 5pm” did he have trouble understanding? The bastard decides to drive over there anyway and see if someone is still at work. No luck. He eventually brings the sander back to our house. The rental place opens at 7am and if we can get it back by 7:30 our friends won’t be charged an extra day. So now I’m inconvenienced because I have to haul my ass out of bed early the next morning to return the damned sander.

We never recommended that bastard for any other odd jobs. I mean instead of getting the tool back to the shop - about 10 minute drive away - he stayed inside the shed fucking around on his phone for 2 hours!

Our friends needed more help with their shed renos into teen clubhouse. They wanted to get a phone line and cablevision line out there so they could put in a TV and phone. Another friend of theirs was going to wire it from their house to the shed and said they should dig a trench so he could feed the wires through plastic pipes and bury it. They needed a trench dug and I’m not sure why they didn’t get their teenager and some of his friends to dig it but they didn’t. Ambot knows another out of work IBO a young fellow who looks pretty strong. He’s offered $100 to dig a trench about a foot deep and 25 feet from the house to the shed. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours because its really nice soft soil, easy digging. It takes him 4 hours because of all the time he spends on his cell phone. But he got the job done.

I would never hire an IBO for any job for the reasons I’ve already listed. They’re negative toward work, they waste too much time on the phone, they want to crank the volume on Amway CD’s, and they have a bad attitude. You pay somebody to get a job done you want them to do the work and not fuck around with texting, phone calls, recruiting prospects, selling Amway shit, blasting Amway motivational CD’s, and otherwise being annoying.

Yes I discriminate! Lazy ass Amway IBO’s need not apply!


  1. I've always said if we hired people who were making personal phone calls and texting during the time I was paying them to pay attention to the job, I'd fire their ass.

    How dare anyone do personal stuff at the expense of their employer.

    They're out and they can take their infernal CASSETTE TAPES with them!!!!

  2. I don't have a problem with working for the sake of working but a I do have a fundamental problem working for an hourly wage. Trade hours for dollars? Bad way of earning money. Instead learn to trade dollars for hours and you'll make fortunes that way. Anyone with common sense understands the power behind the concept. Amway employs the concept, Amway is not the founder of the concept. So, it's your choice; trade hours for dollars or dollars for hours. My choice has been made and I do not regret it.

  3. I think a lot of employers do allow employees to make personal calls and emails in moderation. I wouldn't think anything of it if my co-worker phoned her husband and asked him to pick up pototoes on his way home but if she was on the phone for 30+ minutes on a personal call I'd be annoyed. Its stealing time from the employer and a lot of people who are not IBO's do that too. Its just that IBO's seem to think they've earned the privilege to do it because they're really "business owners" and are only showing up on the job site as a really huge personal favor to their employer.

  4. Is Bill your real name? I much preferred Bananas & Flytraps! Why don't you tell us what really happened with your job at the bank? Too many phone calls and texts with your upline? No hours and no dollars.

    "Trading hours for dollars" is totally Amway speak when sneering at people who have J.O.B.s. So what do you think all those Diamonds on the stage are doing? They're giving up their free time out of the goodness of their hearts to talk to the IBO's in the audience? Or are they trading 3 or 4 hours for $10,000 in speaking fees? Sounds like to me that they're trading a few hours of their time for dollars.

    Have you really ever thought about that phrase? Everyone trades hours for dollars. Or they pay someone dollars and get their hours in return.

  5. When I entered the workforce as an adult (not including the years I worked the fields before I got old enough to get an inside job - thank God) we would not have dreamed of calling anyone personally during work hours.

    If we had calls to make, we made them on our lunch hour or after work - period.

    I expect the same from my employees today. Get your shit together and figure out supper before you head out the door.

    We get clients who will call us and refuse to pay part of a bill because they claim our employees were on the phone making personal calls instead of working.

    That is stealing, I don't care how you spin it. Being O.K. with a co-worker??? Seriously? I am not their coworker. I own the thing. You work for me, you do not steal from me.

    I can tell you, the heads roll. They're out. Fired. Histwah!

  6. Ah, Billy Boy;

    I bet if I offered you $1000/hr. to keep your amway platitudes to youself, you'd jump at it.

  7. Anonymous at 11:24. Wow! You are tough!

    You need to go have some fun on my Residual Income post.

    A fellow has showed there with lots to say and he's at work right now. On the Internet. And spending awhile on my blog. Its not like he just went online for a couple of minutes to check something. You can figure out by the times at the end of the post how long he spent here. Maybe I'll hear from him later today too when he goes home for the night!

    Last week I saw on the news a segment about employees using the Internet at work instead of actually working. A couple of employers came online and said nope, not acceptable unless its company business. A couple of employers said its OK for employees to spend a couple of minutes checking their Facebook or Twitter and they don't see it as anything different than going to the water cooler or stepping outside for a smoke.

  8. Anonymous at 11:27 - Hell if Amway offered me $1000 an hour to keep my thoughts to myself I'd accept it! On a minimum 5 year, one hour daily contract that is!

  9. Anna;

    Yes, I'm tough. Hubby and I are the only ones sweating payroll each week. It is human nature to take care of only what you earn, not what is given to you.

    If a client refuses to pay, it just cost us for them to be talking bull on their phones.

    Not gonna happen. We live in a retirement town and these folks are astonished at how employees don't regard their jobs anymore.

    They remember the Great Depression and WWII. They are no-nonsense wonderful hardworking people.

    But, boy, oh, boy, they don't tolerate someone taking advantage of thm and they let us know about cell phone use, texting, etc.

    If you think we're tough, you should hear them.

    They would laugh at CASSETTE TAPES.

  10. Hey Anonymous, make sure you click on those Google ads before you leave my blog. That's my sideline payroll and I don't have to yell at Adsense to get it. Gonna invest in some of those penny stock ads that keep showing up! Then I'm going to use it to buy a house in Sun City Arizona. Now there's a retirement town! Next best thing to the Lawrence Welk Village in California!

  11. LOL, I bet Anna's making more money sleeping than IBOs are making selling Amway. On my blog, there are times when I sleep and find out I made $7.00 when i wake up the next monring. And I don't need cds and functions to teach me this. LOL

  12. Come to think of it, you might be able to make more money taking a crap in the morning than IBOs make all month peddling Amway. Hey, this might be a good blog topic. LOL

  13. Alrighty, then. CASSETTE TAPES rule.


    O.K. no snickering. I don't see where to click on the ads. I'd sure like to help you out.

    Keep in mind, I still live in a cave with no I- phones (or whatever they are called),skype?, don't tweet or twitter or text. But, Buddy, I can type the bejeebers out of a manual typewriter and write a check like nobody's business. You should see me fly!!!

  14. Joecool - didn't you already tackle that subject a long time ago on your blog? I think I'll let you run with that topic!

  15. Anonymous, the Google ads are usually small. They are on my blog in the top right hand corner just above my blog list. They also appear between the first post and second post on my blog. Or if you're only looking at one post then its beneath it. Right now below this comment box I have an ad promoting a ski hill and fantastic investment opportunities lie there. Its not like you can block them from showing up.

  16. What you have to say about IBO's and jobs, based on my experiences, is completely untrue. It is true that people on my team do not like their jobs, and that they desire to have freedom, but in my line of sponsorship, we have always been taught to be as big of a blessing as we can possibly be to everyone in our lives. That includes employers. I have always been advised to work hard at my job and to have a good attitude towards it and to even be thankful for it. My upline has mentioned to me on numerous occasions that he is thankful for his job. I'm not saying that you are lying about your experiences, but they totally contradict my experiences.

  17. Hi Greg, well its just my opinion based on what I've observed - cell phone activity instead of working - within our own line of sponsorship. Those IBOs might be a whole lot more productive if they left their phones at home. Also I was in an abusive LOS, lots of brainwashing, and lots of contempt towards the working stiff and their bosses. That is what was taught to our group but I recognize that this may not be the teachings in other lines just as I also recognize that some people say they have upline who are nice decent people. Though whether or not they change their minds about that after they leave Amway may be another story! Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Not a problem. What was your LOS? I'm with Leadership Team Development (LTD).

  19. I'm beginning to wonder if amway kingpins are beginning to realize they have been serously remiss for damning jobs and bosses for decades.

    After all, that's what pays for those infernal books, tapes, and functions. You know, those things you have to do to prove you are C.O.R.E. on steroids.

    Let the backpeddling begin.

    Anna, this is proof positive sites like yours could be having an affect. But I'm nowhere near ready to declare that amway has cleaned up it's act. My guess, it's political. Say what they need to for a while (until you know it is now very difficult to extract yourself from amway for all the chest-beating and blathering you've been doing to any and all for years - sort 'a makes a comeback into the real world difficutl) then when things settle down a bit, jump on bosses. It's so easy. 'Does you boss piss you off just a little bit?' Well, whose doesn't? Get a grip. It's life. Zip your pants up in the front, and get your ass back to work.

    Crap, you can't just get pissed off at a teacher and delclare, at age 7, you're not going back to school! Your parents (if they care about you at all) will drag you butt up every day and get you to school.

    If we quit our jobs every time a boss pissed us off, we'd have chaos.

    To all the little ambots walking around zombie-like and repeating CASSETTE TAPES at every turn, we still care and we'll leave the lignt on for 'ya.

  20. Greg - we were with World Wide Dream Builders and if you've seen other comments around the Internet from former IBO's who were in WWDB this line appears to be one of the most abusive in the Amway system.

    Joecool also was in WWDB and has a recent post about how someone quit their job in order to attend an Amway function. This would appear to be part of the WWEB teaching because I heard our upline coach people at Amway meetings to do whatever it takes to get to Amway functions and if their boss won't give them the time off then they should quit because Amway is their future to financial freedom not their stinking J.O.B.

    There is a young lady who shows up here from time to time who is in LTD. She is trying to finish her university degree and her husband is telling her its a waste of time and money. I'm sure that idea was put in his brain from his upline because we have to assume at one time he was supportive of his wife's continuing education. As I recall her husband is self employed and owns a business separate from Amway but is letting it slide so he can be more devoted to Amway. He's getting that advice from somewhere.

  21. Anonymous - I don't think blog like mine are having an effect on the king pins cleaning up their act. Instead they serve as more of a support system for former IBO's and also as information to people thinking of joining Amway or being reassured that they are doing the right thing by quitting Amway.

    Back in my working days if I quit a job everytime I got pissed off at a boss I'd be changing jobs every week! Maybe even daily!

  22. Just to clarify, my uplines were abso-freakinglutely ruthless when it came to promoting functions and selling tools. My upline diamond Scott Harimoto told the story of how he quit his job when he was a Ruby because his boss denied his request for time off to attend a major function. If you were short of cash to attend a function, you would be encouraged to make loans, pawn off valuables. Practically everything was fair game. I'm surpised they didn't have to sell your kids too.

  23. I'm surprised that some IBO's didn't just willingly offer up their kids!

  24. Actually, you do sell your kids.

    When you are told to do whatever it takes to make it to a function and you leave your kids in questionable care, or no care, you just them out to the amway god.

    Sickening. CT


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